Supreme world god/C24 Heavenly devil sect disciple
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Supreme world god/C24 Heavenly devil sect disciple
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C24 Heavenly devil sect disciple

“You wouldn't understand even if I told you.” Wu shen replied without turning his head.

On the way, Wu shen asked Xiao Lu for the location of the Xiao Residence’s back door and went in through the back door carrying the fainted middle-aged man, placing him in a remote room.

Watching the middle-aged man on the bed, Wu shen circulated spiritual qi then activated black pearl and pointed at the middle-aged man’s chest, his finger going lower. In total Wu shen jabbed a few more times with his finger; by the time he was done he sighed relief , that he extended so much energy , if he didn't active black pearl and replenish his energy he would have sucked dry.

“Ask someone to bring over a set of clothes, and clean him up.” Wu shen said to Xiao Lu after he had recovered his breath.

“Oh, okay.” Coming out from her daze, Xiao Lu nodded.

A short while later, an attendant of Xiao Residence brought over a set of clothes and bathed the middle-aged man, but he remained unconscious.

“You can go now.” He said to Xiao Lu since the patient hasn’t awakened.

She was about to say that she will stay here to keep him company but looking at Wu shen’s stern gaze, she could only nod and say: “Yes.”

Not long after Xiao Lu left, on the wooden bed middle aged man slowly opened his eyes finally awake. He got up slowly supporting his own weight; observing his surroundings his gaze fell on Wu shen in the end, with a surprised look on his face, asked: “Little Brother, you are the one who saved me?”

“That’s right.” Wu shen nodded his head.

“Where am I?”

“We are at Canglan County’s Xiao Residence.”

“Little Brother, thank you very much for saving me; I have some matters to attend to, so I need to leave first.” Just when middle-aged man wanted to walk out from the room, suddenly a pain erupted inside his body and with a “waaa” blood spurts out from his mouth. And he fell to the floor.

Wu shen quickly helped him back to the bed and said: “You were heavily injured. I temporarily used acupuncture points to releif the pain. If you move recklessly...” When he got to this point,Wu shen stopped explaining, for the consequences are clear.

Wu shen did not bother to explain, changing the topic, he asked: “You are a disciple of heavenly devil sect, right?” While on the street, Wu shen had noticed an Devil tattoo on middle aged man left arm; a sign of heavenly devil sect disciples, which was why Wu shen brought him back.

“What? Who are you? How do you know I’m a disciple of heavenly devil sect?” middle-aged man was greatly shocked.

Again Wu shen did not answer, under middle-aged man watchful eyes he raised his left hand, and a dark black ring appeared on his left ring finger.

“A, Devil’s Ring!” Looking at the dark black ring, middle-aged man’s body trembled with excitement , finding it hard to believe.

Wu shen quietly observed middle-aged man ’s reaction; according to the piece of paper, this Devil’s Ring is the symbol and proof of heavenly devil sect Sovereign and any disciples who see the ring will kneel and bow down .

After middle aged man’s shock and excitement passed, recovering his senses instantly knelt down and kowtowed before Wu shen: “Yi fei ,the Disciple of heavenly devil sect greets Sovereign”

Wu shen silently breathed out in relief after seeing at Yi Fei ’s reaction, that's right the name of middle-aged man is Yi fei ; he was prepared to call out the devil blade without hesitation and kill Yi Fei if something was wrong with him. At this moment, Yi Fei was heavily injured. He definitely couldn't dodge Wu shens Devil blade.

“Yi Fei… you can stand up.” Wu shen nodded.

“Yes, thank you Sovereign!”Yi Fei stands up, his attitude respectful to the extreme.

“How did you get hurt?” Wu shen asked after thinking for a moment.

“Replying Sovereign, disciples went into Dark Forest wanting to hunt for a tenth stage warrior Demonic Spider, to refine medicinal pill with its core; but didn’t expect that Demonic Spider was much more powerful, so…” Yi Fei said feeling a little embarrassed.

“So, he was counter-attacked? Wu shen thought, but since Yi fei was able to escape from the counter-attack of demonic beasts, it looks like he is very strong.

After that Wu shen watched Yi Fei circulating internal energy to heal himself for a little while, and then he left the room and returned to his yard.

When Wu Peng saw his son returning he said ”Miss Xiao lu is back?“

Wu shen nodded his head then after chatting for while said

”If there is nothing else, I’ll be going back to my room,”

Wu Peng nodded. “Okay, go and rest.”

After Wu shen got into his room, he took out the cold jade bed , sat on it then began to practice heavenly devil technique. The night passed and morning came. Wu shen stopped his training.

Leaving his room, Wu shen walked towards Yi Fei room; as he got there, coincidentally Yi Fei came out.

“Seen Sovereign!” Yi Fei saw Wu shen immediately knelt down on one knee in salute.

“You can stand.” Wu shen nodded.

Only then Yi Fei did stand up respectfully.

“Yi Fei , when others are around, address me as young master.” Wu shen said.

Yi Fei Immediately responded: “As Sovereign ordered!”

“How’s your recovery?” Wu shen asked.

“Replying Sovereign; your subordinate’s injury has recovered about seventy percent, in three days my wounds should fully recover, ” Yi Fei said.

“ tell me about the current situation in Heavenly devil sect.”

When Yi Fei heard that, his expression became complicated.

“What is it?” Wu shen frowned.

Seeing Wu shens expression he knew Wu shen had misunderstood, and quickly said: “Sovereign, it’s not that your subordinate is unwilling to report. Honestly, it's just that subordinate is not very clear.”

“Not very clear?” Wu shen was startled.

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