Supreme world god/C25 Unexpected event at birthday banquet.
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Supreme world god/C25 Unexpected event at birthday banquet.
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C25 Unexpected event at birthday banquet.

“Not very clear?” Wu shen was startled.

“Yes.”Yi Fei nodded, he then explained to Wu shen .

Yi Fei entered heavenly devil sect thirty years ago. After that he met an Elder of brach sect and was taken in as a disciple, and that was . His Master never talked to him about sect’s matter.

“But Master did mention that after previous sect leader had disappeared seventy years ago, there was an internal struggle for the sect leader position resulting in heavenly devil sect splitting into two factions.” Yi Fei said.

Wu shen asked: “Where is your Master now?”

“four years ago we separated, and since then I haven’t seen Master. Back then, Master said he had something to do in Lan Kingdom’s Imperial City.” Yi Fei said.

The Lan Kingdom? Wu shen had heard about the Lan Kingdom, but the distance from there to Wulong kingdom where Wu shen located was too far.

If it’s like this, getting a clear picture of the internal situation at Heavenly devil sect is currently impossible.

At this moment, Xiao Lu ran over from afar smiling and said, “Wu shen , I knew you were here. Let’s go, the banquet is starting soon, let’s head over there now.”

Wu shen saw Xiao Lu, then he turned towards Yi Fei and said: “Come with me.”

“Yes, Young Master!”Yi Fei replied respectfully.

Although Xiao Lu was surprised to hear Yi Fei refer to Wu shen as Young Master, she did not think too much about it. She walked up to Wu shen and pulled his hand, running out from the yard.

As they arrived at the banquet, they ran into Wu Peng’s group who just came.

When Wu Wei saw Xiao Lu was holding Wu shen’s hand, his expression turned hideous.

Everyone took their seat after they entered the main hall, and Wu Qide’s group seat is actually on the main table, seated together with Xiao Mu. Wu Shen was about to sit when Xiao Lu came over and pulled him to a seat next to her and Yi Fei automatically stood behind Wu shen.

Wu Peng, Wu Qide, and the others had noticed Yi Fei .They thought Wu shen bought Yi Fei yesterday at the slave’s market when he was going around the city so, nobody asked anything.

“Yi Fei find a place to seat on the sides.” Seeing Yi Fei standing behind him, when the seat beside was empty didn't feel right.

Just as he spoke, Wu Wei's spoke in loudly voice: “Sit? Wu shen , today is Patriarch Xiao's birthday banquet; is a slave you bought qualified to sit in here?”

Wu shen turned around to look at Wu Wei, then said in a cold tone, “If he’s not qualified to sit here, then you are even less qualified than he is!”

“What?! Wu shen , you!” Wu Wei was truly offended; rage filled his heart.

At this moment, Wu Qide spoke: “Enough! We are in Xiao Residence, Patriarch Xiao’s celebration banquet!”

Because his grandfather had spoken Wu Wei could only glare at Wu shen with a vengeance.

Wu Qide then turned Wu shen and said, “Wu shen, is this person your newly purchased slave? He’s not qualified to sit here!”

Wu shen’s brow wrinkled, no matter what; in the end, his grandfather was still partial to Wu Wei. Ever since both of their martial spirits awakened, this has been Wu Qide’s attitude.

Wu Qide spoke again. “Tell you slave servant to leave the hall, and wait in the yard.”

Leave? Wu shen’s anger started to rise, grandfather’s meaning is Yi Fei not qualified to even stand here?

“Wu shen didn’t you hear what your grandfather said. Quickly tell you slave servant to scram! We are at Patriarch Xiao celebration banquet, you bringing over a slave servant, are you trying exhibit yourself?” Wu Ming added in an admonishing tone.

Wu shen anger continued to rise, sneered: “Although my servant is new, but it’s not for you order him around!”

“You!” Wu Ming didn’t expect an event like this where Wu shen would actually contradict him; his eyes bulged in anger.

“That’s enough, Wu shen.” Wu Peng said. “Obey your grandfather’s instruction, let him return to the yard.”

Even though Wu Peng agreed with his father, Wu Qide and Wu Ming’s words were excessive, but he also felt that his son bringing a slave servant on such an occasion was not appropriate.

Wu shen suppressing the anger, he nodded and said to Yi Fei behind him: “Yi Fei , go back and wait for me.”

Wu Wei was feeling proud seeing that Fei Hou was ordered to leave.

Suddenly, laughter erupted from outside the hall; it was Patriarch Xiao. Everyone in the Main Hall looked out and saw Xiao Mu, Xiao Cheng and their other guests walking towards the Main Hall under the protection of experts.

Seeing them, everyone got up.

However, suddenly an anxious cry was heard: “Old Patriarch, it’s bad! Something bad happened!”

Xiao Mu was startled as he turned around to look, others did the same.

A residential guard ran in looking frightened; the guard reached Xiao Mu and Xiao Cheng, his finger pointed towards the main entrance and with a shaky voice said, “Old Patriarch, outside, outside!”

“Outside? What happened outside?” Xiao Mu’s asked.

“Outside, there is a huge coffin placed outside!” The Residence’s guard said.

“What? A coffin!”

“What is the matter?!”

Inside the Main Hall, all the Patriarch and experts that came to congratulate Patriarch Xiao were shocked.

Xiao Mu’s expression became solemn, and he said: “lets Go!” After speaking, Xiao Mu and Xiao Cheng walked towards the main entrance of Residence’s with quickly, while others followed closely behind them.

Wu shen followed to the main entrance, looked out and saw that a huge red-colored coffin was placed directly facing the main entrance of the Xiao Residence.

The of the coffin was dyed red with human blood and a strong scent of blood drift through the air assaulting their nose.

Everyone’s heart tightened watching this weird scene.

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