Supreme world god/C26 Blood coffin
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Supreme world god/C26 Blood coffin
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C26 Blood coffin

Everyone’s heart tightened watching this weird scene.

Xiao Mu walked up to the coffin. His expression was cold as he shouted: “Which basterd dares to look for trouble with Xiao Residence? Get out here!”

Everyone was surprised and a look of awe apparent in their expression.

“Hey hey!” A faint sound sounded in the air, from all direction confusing everyone as to the source of the voice. “Old Man Xiao, today is your eightieth birthday thus we prepared this big gift for you, you should be happy. Why are you angry? ”

Xiao Mu flew up, with a loud shout his palm struck out; releasing many palm prints which rotated to form an enormous wind storm, swirling up as clouds became faintly visible.

“cloud Palm.”

The massive storm created by the palm prints fell on building in front, and suddenly a fist print pierced through the air and collided head-on with Xiao Mu’s palm print. A loud deafening explosion resounded as the two energies collided. Two silhouettes appeared above the building as they stood on top of building. Wu shen and everyone else looked at the two figures; their bodies were actually covered in scaled like a snake, with black eyes, their faces covered with red stripes and a long snake-like tail attached to their backs.

“Spirit body fusion!” Wu shens eyes narrowed.

When a warrior reaches the Seventh Order warrior , their martial spirits experience a second evolution which allows the warrior's body to integrate with their martial spirits. This ability is called Spirit body fusion. After fusion the warrior possesses the innate ability of his martial spirits. For instance, if a person’s martial spirit is a poisonous snake, then after fusion the spiritual qi in the warrior’s body will contain a certain amount of poison.

Clearly, the martial spirits of these two were some type of snake, and from the looks of it, most probably poisonous red snakes.

“Hey Hey, Old Man , your Palm strike is only so-so!”

“We won’t be killing you now; but within three years, we’ll definitely take your dog-life!”

“Open the coffin and see our birthday present to you!”

Both of them smirked, and their bodies became shrouded in a muted red glow, then disappeared in a flash right in front of everybody.

Xiao Mu didn’t expect the other party to flee the moment they appeared, so by the time he regained his senses and wanted to pursue, it was already too late.

“Dad!” Xiao Cheng walked up to Xiao Mu moments later. He then looked at the sealed coffin and asked, “Should we open it?”

Xiao Mu turned around and said: “Open it!”

After Xiao Mu had spoken, Xiao Cheng went towards the blood-soaked coffin. His palm hit the coffin cover, and it flew away revealing the dead body of a sixteen to seventeen-year-old boy!

The color of the boy’s skin had turned so dark that it looked almost black.

When Xiao Cheng got a clear look at the youth’s face, his entire body trembled and his eyes became red as tears fell from his face. “Yu’er! My Yu’er!” Xiao Cheng carried the boy’s body out of the coffin and hugged him tightly.

And when Xiao Mu saw the young boy’s face, tears fell from his face. He stood there and cried.

“Brother, Brother!” At this moment, Xiao Lu who was standing beside Wu shen dashed out to reach the young boy, sobbing pitifully as both of her hands shook the young boy’s shoulder. “Brother, what’s wrong with you? Brother, please wake up! I don’t want you to die, I don’t want to you to die!”

“Brother, please wake up!”

At this time, the guards, maids, and experts of the Xiao Residence all knelt down and cries filled the area. The young boy who died was Xiao Lu’s brother, Xiao Yu and Xiao Cheng’s only son. Xiao Yu was very talented , he possessed top grade nine martial spirits. Two years ago, he was accepted by Cloud Sect , one of the most prominent sects of Wulong Kingdom. No one could have imagined that he would be killed and sent back to Xiao Residence as Xiao Mu’s birthday gift!

All the patriarchs of the other families and experts who were present shook their heads. They came to congratulate Old Patriarch Xiao on his eightieth birthday, but instead this happened.

“Yu’er, this is Grandfather’s fault. Grandfather harmed you!” Xiao Mu knelt down, both of his hands trembled as he touched his grandson’s face.

“Rest assured, Grandfather definitely will avenge you! Absolutely!” Determination showed in Xiao Mu’s eyes.

From afar, Wu shen ’s eyes were red as he watched the scene before him.

All around was silence.

After a long time has passed, Xiao Mu carried his grandson’s body into Xiao Residence, and everyone followed.

The birthday banquet did not happen.

And not long after, the patriarchs and experts who came to convey congratulatory wishes left. The initially festive and lively Xiao Residence became gloomy and deadly silent.

In the end, only Wu shens group of five were the last to remain in Xiao Residence.

“Brother Xiao, I’m sorry for your grief.” Wu Qide came beside Xiao Mu and said . “If there’s anything, all you need is to send a message, our Wu Clan Manor will be the first to assist!”

Even Wu Qide didn’t imagine such a thing would happen; given the circumstances, it no longer made sense for them to stay any longer at Xiao Residence.

“Brother Wu, thank you!” Xiao Mu said in a sorrowful voice.

Wh Qide nodded turned around and was about to leave with Wu shen and the rest, Xiao Lu suddenly ran over to Wu shen, sobbing, ”Wu shen, don’t go, okay?”

All present turned to look at Wu shen.

Wu shen blanked. He hesitated for a moment, and then he patted Xiao Lu’s shoulder gently, and said, “Don’t worry. I will come and visit you often.”

“Then you definitely must come and see me.” Xiao Lu said as tears ran down her face.

Wu Shen could only nob his head.

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