Supreme world god/C27 Start of second clan assembly and Wu Wei's hatred
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Supreme world god/C27 Start of second clan assembly and Wu Wei's hatred
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C27 Start of second clan assembly and Wu Wei's hatred

“Then you definitely must come and see me.” Xiao Lu said as tears ran down her face.

Wu Shen could only nod.

By evening, Wu shen’s group of five reached Wu Clan Manor.

Once back at Wu Clan Manor, Wu shen took out the jade bed, sat down, and started practicing Heavenly devil technique as the spiritual Qi was absorbed into his body with absolutely fast rate.

Time passed quickly and ten months went by.

Wu Peng noticed that his son had increased his effort in training ever since he came back from Xiao Residence.

After ten months,Wu shen successfully managed to breakthrough to the sixth Order warrior

As for the essence body spell , he had reached the fifth stage , which further strengthen his body and amount of immortal essence in his body increased much more.

As for his martial spirit after hunting numerous demonic beasts and devouring them it has reached the peak of tenth rank almost broke through higher realm, it's aura ,size and scales on its body has also increased much more.

And due to him providing devoured energy to his martial spirit it also increased his teleportation ability , the range of teleportation increased to fifteen metres and it can be used two times maximum.

This morning At the back mountain, Wu shen swung his blade and many sword light appeared as they move forward unpredictable and powerful . There was also mixed devil cries in this blade lights and it last for almost ten breaths.

“Hells wave skill has reached major completion realm!” Wu shen mumbled to himself as he was satisfied with this comprehensive ability wich was stimulated by black pearl . And as his realm continue to increase, the power of hells wave will also increase with it.

“There are only twenty more days to the next Clan Assembly.” Wu shen thought to himself as he recalled devil blade and they flew back into his arms.

Wu shen stopped and returned to Wu Clan Manor.

When he reach the small courtyard,Yi Fei was standing there, waiting for him.

“Young master!” Yi Fei saw Wu shen returned and quickly saluted.

Wu shen nodded as he walked into the courtyard, six months ago, Yi Fei serious injuries fully recovered and In these four months, his cultivation even advanced after he recovered.

Very quickly, twenty days passed.

It was now the end of the year.

Just like last year, inside the Wu Clan Manor were decorations of festive trinkets and colorful lanterns. Everywhere, the guards, maids, and servants were busy, full of festive cheer.

“Tomorrow is the annual Clan Assembly!” Wu shen stood in the middle of the small yard watching pure white snow float down. His hand reached out to catch a snowflake, feeling the cold as a snowflake lands on his palm.

Yi Fei stood two meters away from Wu shen , guarding silently.

“Wonder what Xiao Lu’s doing now?” Wu shen thought inside his heart.

From the time they returned from the Xiao Residence, Wu shen and Wu Peng visited the Xiao Residence twice. Ever since that banquet incident, Xiao Lu became determined and immersed herself in practice.

Snow continued to fall, and just moments later, Wu shen was entirely covered in snow.he turned around and left the small yard, heading towards Eastern Courtyard together with Yi Fei.

As he entered the Eastern Courtyard, he heard his mother, Su Yan, sobbing. He walked faster and went into the hall. He saw Su Yan hugging his sister, Wu Min, and his brother, Wu Xiaohai, with her eyes red from crying. And his father sat on the side, his face full of anger.

On his sister’s face, there were two clear, red palm marks and the corner of his little brother’s lips was split, with blood trickling down and both of his eyes were swollen and black. Evidently, he was beaten.

“Who hit you both?” Wu shen’s anger rose as he looked towards his little sister and brother.

“Who else but that Wu Wei!” Su Yan cried.

“Wu Wei!” An chill flashed across Wu shen’s eyes. Sure enough, apart from Wu Wei, within the Wu Clan Manor, who else would dare to beat Second Manor Lord’s children!

“Today, Xiaohai and I went to play in the west yard. On the way back, we ran into Wu Wei and group; they said we blocked his path and hit us!” Wu Min cried.

Su Yan continued. “After he hit Wu Min and Xiaohai, he even stripped off their clothes!”

“What?!” Wu Shen raised his voice as killing intent seeded in his heart.

In such cold weather with snow falling, since both of them possessed don't have any cultivation, if both his sister and brother were stripped of their clothes, they could have frozen to death!

“Big Brother, Wu Wei wanted me to pass a message to you: he said tomorrow at the Clan Assembly, he’ll cripple you!” Wu Min conveyed the message to Wu shen.

“Wants to cripple me?” Wu shen suppressed the killing intent in his heart. Since tomorrow’s the assembly, then he’ll let Wu Wei enjoy one more day.

One night passed.

Snow had stopped falling.

The sky brightened in the absence of sunlight. Wu shen stopped his training and left the small courtyard with Yi Fei , heading towards Eastern Courtyard.

When they reached the Main courtyard, most of the elders, housekeepers and disciples had already arrived. Wu shen’s eyes scanned the Main Hall and saw that both father and son, Wu Ming and Wu Wei were already there.

At this moment, Wu Wei looked over and his gaze met Wu shen’s. The corner of Wu Wei’s mouth stretched into a disdainful sneer, and his eyes were brimming with hatred.

Ever since they came back from the Xiao Residence, Wu Wei's hatred towards Wu shen increased every day. Every time he recalled the scene of Xiao Lu holding Wu shen’s hands right in front of him,he wished he could eat Wu shen’s flesh and drink his blood.

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