Supreme world god/C3 Martial spirit awakening (2)
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Supreme world god/C3 Martial spirit awakening (2)
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C3 Martial spirit awakening (2)

The surrounding people exchanged glances with each other.

Within their knowledge of beast type martial spirits, a serpent type martial spirit was either red or black or green in color, but serpent was silver in colour , they have never seen silver coloured serpent martial spirit before and it also has two small legs, it has never happened before!

Wu Qide looked at the martial spirit behind Wu shen , his puzzled eyes were tinted with a trace of disappointment.

In his opinion, this grandson’s martial spirit was nothing but a variation of the serpent martial spirit. Some Wu Clan Manor disciples also possess variation types of martial spirits.

The aura emitted by silver snake was much less compared to earth bear , it was almost at level of sixth grade martial spirit.

Therefore, the emergence of a variation martial spirit was not uncommon. Even though a grade six serpent was considered a high-grade martial spirit, compared to Wu Wei’s Earth bear martial spirit , the difference was like heaven and earth.

Wu Peng and Su Yan looked at the martial spirit hovering behind their son, Wu Peng’s expression differed not from Wu Qide. Although compared to the majority of the clan people a grade six martial spirit’s talent was considered high, Wu Peng was still a little disappointed with the outcome. Which parent doesn’t wish the best for their children?

"Old Manor Lord, what do you think?" Chief Steward Chen lu couldn’t help but refer to Wu Qide.

Wu Qide declared: "A variation of the snake martial spirit, a grade six martial spirit."

To identify rank of martial spirit there was not a special instrument or method, it can only be guessed by its aura or martial spirit information passed down from ancient times, there were also some cases in which people with low rank martial spirit showed cultivation speed compared to High grade martial spirit genius but those people were very few.

Right now in case of wu shen people didn't thought about that.

All Elders and stewards present in the temple hall nodded their heads, apparently agreeing with the Old Manor Lord’s judgement.

Grade six martial spirit, a snake martial spirit? Wu shen stepped out from the hexagonal patterned light beam, his face calm. Only he knew his martial spirit wasn’t as simple as a sixth grade.

Seeing Wu shen’s martial spirit was only a grade six , Wu Wei’s mouth curved into a mocking sneer, his eyes provoking as directed them at Wu shen.

Wu shen naturally noticed Wu Wei’s provoking eyes, but he didn’t mind in the least, for he was too lazy to play a staring game with a little kid.

Very quickly,One by one, more than a dozen of the Wu Clan Manor’s children stepped into the light beam and had their martial spirits awakened. Most of them possessed grade three martial spirits, some four, and even a few grade five martial spirits. There were a number of waste martial spirits , varient martial spirit and low-level ones as well.

After the awakening ceremony ended, Wu Qide smiled and said to Wu Ming, Wu Peng, and the other present elders:

"I will personally be advising Wu Wei’s practice from now on.”

Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.

"Yes, Dad!" Wu Ming’s face bloomed, agreeing immediately.

Looking at his own son, Wu Peng sighed regretfully in his heart after hearing his father’s plan to oversee Wu Wei’s cultivation personally.

After a while, the crowd dispersed and the Martial Hall was closed.

After returning to the Eastern Courtyard, Su Yan’s heart was brimming with dissatisfaction,

"How could Dad show such favoritism? He wants to oversee Wu Wei’s practice personally. What about our Shen? Is Shen not his grandson?”

Wu Peng frowned and waved his hand, his voice heavy as he said: “Don’t mention this anymore. No one is allowed to bring this matter up in the future.”

However in his heart he too felt aggrieved, but with Wu Wei’s grade nine martial spirit it was granted that his father would want to do so.

"Shen'er, your talent is also good. Put more effort into your practice, achieving late Warrior will not be difficult for you.” Wu Peng turned towards Wu shen and attempted to comfort him.

"I understand, Dad." Wu shen opened his mouth and nobbed.

Before Wu shen left, Wu Peng gave him a cultivation technique for training spiritual qi and explained the important points Wu shen should focus on during practice.

After leaving the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, Wu returned to his own small courtyard . He sat down on the bed and started to observe the black pearl present in his dantian.


This was the black pearl Wu shen touched in his previous life before dying and now this black pearl was present in his dantian.

Previously when he awakened his martial spirit , this black pearl suddenly vibrated and it suddenly formed connection with martial spirit, dantian and mind of Wu shen .

At that time Wu shen discovered that this black pearl has been reborn with him in this world or it could be that this black pearl is reason behind his rebirth.

After that black pearl formed connection with wu shen mind a strange information appeared in his mind . From that information wu shen found out that his martial spirit was embryonic form of very rare space attributed primordial dragon and with his cultivation dragon martial spirit will mature and become true adult primordial dragon.

That was the reason why Wu shen was so calm even after knowing his martial spirit is only sixth grade martial spirit.

After adjusting his state of mind Wu shen started cultivation of spiritual energy.

Wu shen utilized the cultivation technique, his martial spirit emerged from his body; the silver coloured snake with two small legs manifested behind Wu shen. The silver snake suddenly stretched its jaw wide and devoured the surrounding spiritual energy , at the same time a black pearl in his dantian which has formed connection with silver snake also started to vibrate and the speed of devouring spiritual energy increased by large amount at least 20 to 30 times more that previous speed , this phenomenon shocked Wu shen and he was immediately delighted and was wondering about mysterious of black pearl.

The spiritual energy devoured by silver snake flowed into Wu shen’s body, traveling along the meridians and started to Store in his dantian .

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