Supreme world god/C30 Wu Quide vs Yi Fei
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Supreme world god/C30 Wu Quide vs Yi Fei
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C30 Wu Quide vs Yi Fei

Since he was able to counter Wu Ming’s attack with just one move, this man definitely had the strength of an Eighth Order warrior!

Yi Fei turned towards Wu shen and respectfully asked, ‘Young Master, are you alright?”

Wu shen nodded. “I'm alright.” When he said that, he looked at Wu Ming who was struggling to get up using a chair . His eyes burned with hatred but there's also fear.

“Dad!” Wu Ming called out, his voice sounded hoarse, and without warning, coughed up another mouthful of blood.

Wu Qide jolted out of his shock and flew onto the stage, his was voice calm, as his eyes bored into Yi Fei “I didn’t expect that you were a hidden master, but your actions are an insult, not putting our Wu Clan Manor in your eyes, you injured my child right in front of me!"

Wu Qide conveniently overlooked the truth! If wasn't for Wu Ming breaking clan’s rules, and then insisted to cripple Wu shen’s arms and legs, why would Yi Fei have acted? And yet he stood there and made it seem that it was all Yi Fei fault.

Wu Qide, seeing that Yi Fei ignored him, became angry and he shouted, “Speak? What is your purpose lurking for within my Wu Clan Manor? If you speak up now, I will have mercy, and spare your life. Otherwise, it will be hard even to wish for death to come!"

Even though Yo Fei had injured Wu Ming with a single palm strike, Wu Qide; he felt that although Yi Fei was not weak, at most, he’d only be a late-Eighth Order warrior.

”Can't even wish for death?” Yi Fei looked at the angry Wu Qide ,there was a hint of disdain in his expression.

Seeing that Yi Fei looked at him with disdain, Wu Qide’s heart boiled with fury, and a murderous aura burst out as Spiritual qi surged violently around his body covering it with golden-colored patterns. On Wu Qide’s hands a eagle like claws grew out and golden-colored feather grew on his body .

Spirit body fusion!

Wu Qide’s martial spirit was the Winged Golden eagle; as Wu Qide merged with his martial spirit. His eyes turned a golden-red, and the atmosphere around him became violent and tyrannical.

Apparently, Yi Fei repeatedly ignoring him in the presence of Wu Clan Manor’s residents had truly angered him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have transformed first before dealing with Yi Fei .

“Absolute eagle claw!” Wu Qide’s roar came out . His body lunged towards Yi Fei with his claws extended outwards;

Absolute eagle claw is a high-grade Mysterious Rank battle skill; that was compatible with Wu Qide martial spirit.

Because Yi Fei was standing behind Wu shen, Wu Qide’s aggressive attack would affect even Wu shen. Seeing that his Grandfather chose to ignore his safety just to kill Yi Fei , he became furious.

Initially Yi Fei hesitated to attack because of Wu Qide status as Wu shen’s Grandfather; however, suddenly he heard Wu shen’s cold voice say, “Full power attack!”

Yi Fei understood Wu shen’s intention thus no longer held back-- his oppressive spiritual qi of a peak Tenth Order warrior gushed out, causing everyone to tremble where they stood. This level of oppression is not something Wu Qide, an initial Tenth Order warrior had.

“Bone Shattering Fist!”

The Fist attack cut across the distance and collided with Wu Qide’s claws.

The terrifying aftershock energy from the impact spread outwards in all directions and the force shook the pillars of the hall.

Wu Qide was pushed back for more than a dozen steps before he managed to steady himself at the edge of the stage.

“Wa!” blood flowed up his throat and blood spewed from Wu Qide’s mouth.

Wu Clan Manor’s number one expert, Wu Qide lost! Thoroughly lost!

Everyone was stunned!


“Old Manor Lord!”

some people quickly rushed towards Wu Qide while others exclaimed out loud.

Wu Qide waved his hand to indicate that he was okay then he turned to look at Yi Fei -- it was hard to hide the horror in his eyes as he slowly uttered each word: “Peak Tenth Order warrior!”

“Peak Tenth Order warrior?!” The elders, housekeepers, and disciples looked at Yi Fei with shock, fear; however, Wu Ming's body stiffened as he became overwhelmed with fear.

Although Wu Qide was a Tenth Order warrior, he was an early Tenth Order; there was a huge difference in power between an early Tenth Order and a peak Tenth Order. Which is why, although Yi Fei did not release his martial spirit nor did he undergo a spirit body fusion, he could still easily defeat Wu Qide.

Yi Fei stopped attacking after he repelled Wu Qide and he retreated behind Wu shen.

Seeing You Fei action, everyone turned to look at Wu shen.

Evidently, Yi Fei wasn’t a slave servant bought by Wu shen but, why would a peak Tenth Order warrior refer to an eight-year-old child as Young Master?

Did Wu shen run into some dog-shit luck again,to breakthrough to Fourth Order warrior?!

If it wasn't some unbelievable dog-shit luck, then how horrible must Wu shen 's talent to be to go beyond Fourth Order warrior in less than two years?!

“Wu shen you actually ordered an outsider to injure Grandfather, how unfilial!” roared, Wu Wei who had just woken up after being treated by some of the elders “Is the Wu Clan Manor in your eyes? Do you still acknowledge your Grandfather?”

Wu Ming, so anxious that Wu Wei’s words would worsen the situation immediately turned around and scolded his son: “Wu Wei shut your mouth!”

But instead, Wu Wei’s voice grew even louder. “Dad, what’re you afraid of? So what if he’s a peak Tenth Order? Our Wu Clan Manor has several thousand people, why should we be afraid of one person?” Wu Wei hollered, and said to Wu Qide, “Grandfather, this unfilial descendant Wu shen should have his cultivation destroyed and driven out of Wu Clan Manor!”

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