Supreme world god/C31 Confrontation and end of clan assembly
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Supreme world god/C31 Confrontation and end of clan assembly
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C31 Confrontation and end of clan assembly

Wu Wei sneered, and said to Wu Qide, “Grandfather, this unfilial descendant Wu shen should have his cultivation destroyed and driven out of Wu Clan Manor!”

Wu Qide had yet to say anything, but Wu Ming shouted angrily, “Shut up!” and pushed him back, anxious to stop his son from talking.

Listening to Wu Wei's gripe in anger, a cold smile appeared on Wu shen’s face. “I didn’t treat him as my Grandfather? Did he treat me as his grandson?” His finger pointed at Wu Qide.

“I won first place at last year’s competition, yet contrary to the rules, when the spiritual Pool opened he allowed you to practice in the pool instead of me!”

“At this year’s competition, when Wu Ming broke the rules and intended to cripple my hands and feet, he turned a blind eye to it!”

“And just now, without caring about me he attached if it weren’t for Yi Fei strength, both Yi Fei and I would have suffered serious injuries, and probably died under his attack.

When he heard Wu shens words, Wu Qide lowered his head.

The hall became so silent even a pin drop would be heard.

Wu Wei was relentless, “Wu shen, what qualification do you have to complain about Grandfather? I possess a ninth grade martial spirit . Therefore, it makes sense that he would prefer me, and train me because I am Wu Clan Manor’s future! What is wrong with that? You’re just jealous of me! Jealous!”

“Shut up!” Wu Qide’s palm fiercely struck Wu Wei’s face.

Earlier his father had hit him, and now Wu Wei couldn’t believe that even his Grandfather Wu Qide slapped him. Tears rolled down his face, and he felt wronged.

The elders and housekeepers shook their heads secretly after hearing Wu Wei’s delusional logic.

“Dad, Mom, let’s leave.” At this point, Wu shem spoke up. He then turned around and walked away with Yi Fei , Huang Pend, and Su Yan, ignoring the looks directed at them followed. There was no longer any point to their staying.

Wu Qide had a complicated expression on his face.

For a long while, after Wu shen left the hall, no one dared to speak.

“Dad, you see…?” A while later, Wu Ming asked in a small voice as he looked at his father's expression.

Wu Qide sighed heavily as he raised his head, and then waved his hand. “Everyone disperse, this year’s Assembly ends here.”

It ends here!

This is the first time since Wu Clan Manor's established that a Clan Assembly ended midway.

After leaving the hall, Wu shen returned to his courtyard. After that Seeing his parents arrive, he knew that they would have many questions, so without waiting for them to speak, he said, “Dad, Mom, I know you have many questions, but there are some things that I can’t explain to you right now.”

Wu Peng and Su Yan exchanged a look when they heard this.

“Wu shen, who is senior Yi Fei ?” Wu Peng asked after.

Wu shen replied after he pondered for a moment. Then said, “I became the disciple of an extraordinary person, and Yo Fei is his subordinate, so he calls me Young Master.”

Wu Peng and Su Yan finally understood, and were overjoyed that their son was able to become the disciple of such a great Master; if You Fei is a peak Tenth Order expert, what of his Master?

“Wu shen has your current strength gotten to the mid-Fourth Order warrior?” Su Yan asked some moments later.

“Mid-Fourth Order warrior?” Wu shen was startled for a moment, in the end, he nodded, confirming their suspicion. It was better that they thought of him as being at mid-Fourth Order if they knew he was actually at the Sixth Order they would be frightened.

“Dad, Mom, two days after the New Year celebration, I have decided to leave Wu Clan Manor, to gain experience outside!” Wu shen said firmly..

“What? Gain experience?” Wu Peng and Su Yan were surprised and shouted in unison, “No!”

Wu shen opened his mouth and said, “I know that you are worried, but with Yi Fei coming along with I won’t be in any danger.”

“Wu shen, I know you want to leave Wu Clan Manor because of your Grandfather's actions, but no matter what, he still is your Grandfather. Don’t hate him. Besides you’re still too young, why don’t you wait another two years before leaving?” Wu Peng said he tried to pursued Wu shen.

Even though there is a Tenth Order warrior with Wu shen he is still too young – a nine years old ; Wu Peng and Su Yan wouldn’t be able to stop worrying if they allowed Wu shen to leave!

“Dad, Mom, I have decided. And I will leave after the New Year.”Wu shen shook his head; his eyes were resolute. his wanting to go out and gain experience was not entirely due to his grandfather but even so what about grandfather? If he doesn't treat me as grandson then I will not treat him as my grandfather.

He wanted to hone himself so that he would become stronger and also explore the world outside of Wu Clan Manor.

Seeing their son’s expression, Wu Peng and Su Yan’s sighed-- they both knew it was useless to continue trying to persuade him.

Thinking about how her son was going to leave home, Su Yan’s heart ached as she asked “Wu shen when will you return?”

Wu shen smiled and said, “Mom, rest assured, before next year’s Clan Assembly, I will definitely come back to see you.”

“Next year’s Clan Assembly?” Only then did Su Yan feel better. Su Yan continued explain many things later.

Wu shen nodded throughout, unable to refuse her.

Three hours later, his parents finally left.

“Yi Fei we will be leaving two days later after the New Year. Prepare the necessary things that we need to take with us.” Wu shen ordered Yi Fei after his parents left.

“Yes, Young master!”

The night passed.

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