Supreme world god/C32 Devil Sword Skill second move
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Supreme world god/C32 Devil Sword Skill second move
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C32 Devil Sword Skill second move

The night passed.

On jade bed,Wu shen stopped practicing and . He walked out to the small yard and started practicing Hell's wave skill.

“ Hells wave has already reached major completion, so. The next step is to practice devil sword Skill's second move.” An hour later Wu shen stopped practicing sword skill.

He retrieved a book from the ring and studied the of the second move of devil sword skill , he also activated the black pearl comprehensive ability to increase his comprehension.

Devil Sword Skill, Second move: rays of devil.

Wu shen circulated his spiritual qi according to the style, the devil blade had already been called out. He leaped into midair and launched an attack, and from midair, a ray of light fell to the ground , it was like compressed spiritual energy in form of niddle like rays with highly penetrating ability , it very hard to gaurd against because of its High speed and small size .

Rays of devil was undoubtedly a killing move specialy used for killing or seriously injuring the enemy.

Wu shen’s body floated to the ground after his first attempt. He stood still on the ground, remembering the movements and how it felt when he launched the attack. He stood there for an hour analysing the rays of devil skill under the effect of black pearl comprehensive ability, then made his second attempt.

This time, the ray of light from the blades was much more condensed , long and slender like niddles, with slightly increased power.

Another half an hour had passed before Wu shen made the third attempt.

And just like when after each attempt, he would stand still for some time before trying again.

As Wu shen immersed himself in practice, the sky gradually turned dark.

He shook his head as his body floated down from midair; although with one day’s worth of practice the power of the attack had increased quite a bit compared to the first time, but he had yet to reach minor completion ,

one has to know that this devil blade skill was at least earth grade technique , even some extraordinary genius in martial arts needs at least half a month to reach a level at which wu shen has practice the Rays of devil skill. So it could be seen that how much His comprehensive was boosted by mysterious black pearl.

According to the book, when Rays of devil produces the sound of devil cries, then it would be considered as having reached minor completion.

Just as Wu shen finished his practice, the sounds of footsteps echoed outside of the courtyard. When he turned to look, he saw that the people approaching were his Grandfather , Eldest Uncle Wu Ming, and they were accompanied by his father, Wu Peng.

As Wu Qide and Wu Ming arrived at the entrance of the small courtyard, Yi Fei extended his hand to block their path; only Wu Peng was allowed in.

This put Wu Qide and Wu Ming in an awkward position. Both of them wanted to get angry but dared not show any anger.

Yi Fei had a deadpan expression on, despite the forced smile on Wu Ming’s face, Yi Fei continued to block their path.

At this moment, Wu Peng went up to Wu shen and said, “Wu shen, would you let …?”

Wu shen nodded at Yi Fei , and when Yi Fei saw this , then he put his hand down, allowing Wu Qide and Wu Ming to enter the yard.

Only then did Wu Qide and Wu Ming feel relieved and they nodded in thanks, with broad smiles on their faces. as they walked into Wu shen’s small yard.

“What did you come for?” Wu shen asked with indifference. “If I remember correctly, this your first time coming to this little courtyard of mine, right?”

As far back as Wu shen could remember, his Grandfather and his uncle had never come to visit him in his courtyard.

Both Wu Qide and Wu Ming’s face became red with embarrassment.

“Wu shen, your Grandfather and Eldest Uncle came to invite you to join the New Year feast.” Wu Peng stepped up and said.

Every year during the annual Clan Assembly, after the disciples sparring event on the first day, a banquet would be held on the following day. Wu Clan Manor would hold a big feast to celebrate the new year. Other than the elders, only the best of generations most talented disciples could attend the feast.

Wu shen should have attended last year feast when he defeated Wu Wei and won the event, but no one came to invite Wu shen, and just like the Spiritual Pool, both privileges were given to Wu Wei.

“Right, right, Wu shen, we came to invite you to the feast.” Wu Ming quickly followed up with a smiling face.

Although Wu Qide did not speak, he still wore a smile on his face.

Being invited personally by these two to join the end of the year feast was a first since Wu Clan Manor was established. In so many years, only Wu shen had the honor.

But, Wu shen answered coldly, “No thanks, I still need to practice and cultivate.”

The smiles on Wu Qide and Wu Ming’s faces stiffened.

“Wu shen , you!” Beside him, Wu Peng panicked and said.

“Dad, you know my temper!” Wu shen replied.

In this situation, Wu Peng don’t know what to say, this son of his sometimes could be very stubborn.

But, Wu Qide waved his hand at Wu Peng and with a sincere expression looking at Wu shen he said: “Wu shen, what I did in the past was wrong and biased. But I hope that you won’t hate me. From now on, no matter what you want, as long as you request it, I will agree.”

Wu shen remained expressionless, Of course, he knew why his Grandfather lowered himself to come over and invite him, acting polite; it was all because of the talent he had exposed, and the fact that there was a peak Tenth Order warrior behind him. Why else would his Grandfather humble himself like this?

Wu shen kept quiet and didn't reply.

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