Supreme world god/C4 Cultivation (1)
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Supreme world god/C4 Cultivation (1)
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C4 Cultivation (1)

Night approached slowly. Moonlight came shining in from the small courtyard window.

A short while later, Wu shen opened his eyes. His face was full of smile and his body was brimming with energy . Earlier, he followed the instructions from the cultivation technique his father gave him to condense his spiritual qi by running spiritual energy along the meridians in his dantian He managed to direct the flow of spiritual energy for one complete turn without obstacles or difficulties.

Within these few hours, not only did he successfully gathered spiritual energy in his dantian he also broke through to mid- First Order Warrior!

Wu shen’s heart was filled with a sense of disbelief. If he remembered correctly, his father mentioned that his grandfather spent nearly three months before successfully breaking through to First Order Warrior!

His grandfather’s martial spirit was one of the grade eight martial spirits, the winged golden eagle.

If others discovered that Wu shen not only managed to condense spiritual qi in his dantian, but also broke through to become a middle First Order Warrior in just a few hours’ time, it would probably scare them half to death.

Even Wu shen himself found it hard to believe, much less the others.

Although from early on Wu shen knew that his silver snake martial spirit was not ordinary and that black pearl was even mysterious but he didn't thought that it will allow him to become first order warrior in just few hours. this result was too heaven-defying.

According to his father, the higher the grade of a martial spirit, the higher the cultivation talent and the faster one’s cultivation speed. His grandfather, Wu Qide, possessed a grade eight winged Golden eagle martial spirit and yet it took him three months to breakthrough to First Order warrior, whereas he had only spent a few hours.

In other words, his martial spirit’s cultivation speed was comparable to his grandfather or it could be even higher even though it's grade was only sixth grade and not to mention the black pearl that increased his speed of cultivation by horrific amount, with combined both factors his cultivation broke through first order warrior in just few hours.

And when he thought about how his martial spirit will evolve and transform into true primordial space dragon martial spirit and how it's grade will increase like grade 10 martial spirit or even superb martial spirit!!!!!!

Superb martial spirits existed only in myths and legends.

Above grade ten there was said to exist grade eleven and even twelve! Although people were unsure about the highest grade a martial spirit could reach, it was certain that Wu shen's martial spirit was definitely reach above grade ten.

adding to mysterious black pearl ,

He couldn't even think about how much cultivation speed it would be and how much stronger he will become .

Moments later, Wu shen managed to calm the excitement in his heart and continued running cultivation technique. The silver snake once again emerged behind him also the black pearl started to buzz then silver snake with its mouths wide open, devouring the world’s spiritual energy while qi circulated along his meridians and storing in dantian.

This time around, the spiritual qi’s circulation speed was a lot faster than before and Wu shen clearly noticed the spiritual qi within his meridians had grown thicker and it was becoming much more pure and dense with each circulation .

By the time Wu shen opened his eyes, the gentle moonlight was replaced by a ray of sunlight streaming in through the window onto his small body.

Under the warm morning sun, Wu shen stretched lazily and got out of bed. During last night’s practice, not only did he experience a breakthrough and became a First Order Warrior, he actually reached late-First Order warrior from mis-first order warrior .

Wu shen’s deep eyes watched the rising sun. According to this practice speed, within three days he would be able to reach peak-First Order, or perhaps become a Second Order warrior!

Wu shen walked out from the room to the yard, his hands clenched into a fist. Gathering spiritual qi in his fist, he punched towards a half-meter big rock at the corner of the small yard.


The sound of an explosion rang out and the half-meter big rock flew back and fell, rolling a few meters away. A corner of the rock crumbled into pieces and scattered on the ground.

Wu shen looked at the result and nodded his head in satisfaction. In general, even though he was only at late-first order warrior his attack power was comparable to peak-First order warrior, perhaps it was due to he cultivated essence body spell.

Wu shen also noticed after one night of Cultivating spiritual qi the muscles in his body were much stronger.

At this moment, sounds of l footsteps came from outside the yard. Wu shen was startled for a moment and looked over realized the visitor was his little sister, Wu Min.

Wu shen turned around and saw Wu Min running into the yard. When she reached wu shen, Wu Min said: "Big brother, Mom and Dad are arguing.”

“Mom and Dad are arguing? What’s the matter?” Wu shen was confused for a moment.

"I don’t know the reason, but it seems it’s related to Eldest Uncle.” Wu Min said.

"Eldest Uncle?" Wu frowned slightly, saying: "We’ll go and see."

After that they hurried to the Eastern Courtyard. However, even before they reached the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, from some distance away, the sound of their parents quarreling echoed out.

"Big Brother is too much!" Su Yan’s anger filled voice exclaimed. “After the martial spirit awakening ceremony, all the children received a spiritual qi pills except for our shen'er ”

Wu shen’s heard this .

Spiritual qi pill was a type of a second-grade pill.

After awakening a martial spirit, if one could get a spiritual qi pills, it would speed up the cultivation of martial warrior in initial stages.

It was very effective for breakthrough.

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