Supreme world god/C5 Cultivation (2)
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Supreme world god/C5 Cultivation (2)
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C5 Cultivation (2)

After that wu shen heard his father's voice.

“Didn’t Big Brother already say the Manor’s supply of spiritual qi pills just ran out? He will compensate wu shen next time.” Wu Peng’s said to Say Yan.

“There was a total of twenty children during the martial spirit awakening ceremony and even those with low-level and waste martial spirits children received a spiritual qi pills. All others received except for our shen'er who has a grade six martial spirit!” Su Yan raised her voice in anger.

“Shen'er is also his nephew, how can he do that!”

After Listening to his parents’ quarrel Wu shen understood clearly – other than him, all other children were given a Battle Qi Dan to aid their cultivation.

Then he thought of something,

Two years ago, when Wu shen seriously beat up Wu Wei, Wu Ming did not say anything at the time. It seems Eldest Uncle Wu Ming’s resentment towards him had been stewing for a long while.

Also from very young Wu shen's father was previously stronger than his uncle ,so many times in sparring his uncle was defeated by wu shens father but right now in recent years due to some reason his father's cultivation has been slower and his uncle's cultivation has almost become stronger than his father,

His uncle would have held this grudge in his heart for long time.

Although his grandfather Wu Qide had yet to deside the Manor Lord position to his father or uncle Wu Ming, but as for now it was irrefutable that most matters of the manor were handled by him, especially in recent years. Just as his mother Su Yan said, even those with waste and low-level martial spirits were given a Spiritual qi pills. Only Wu shen, his nephew, did not get any. This was blatant bullying!

Wu Ming’s action not only proved he resented Wu shen, it also equivalent to slapping face for Wu shen’s parents.

Outside the hall, when Wu shen heard this, he silently turned to leave. A glint flashed across his eyes. His Uncle Wu Ming has yet to obtain the Manor Lord’s position, but once he has officially taken over, these types of small things will become much bigger!

Wu shen with wu min left the Eastern Courtyard. Coincidentally, just as he stepped out they came face-to-face with Wu Wei. Trailing behind him was his usual gang of brothers, the same group that bullied Wu Min.

Seeing both Wu shen and his sister exiting the Eastern Courtyard, Wu Wei was startled for a moment before he stepped towards Wu shen with the group.

Seeing Wu Wei and the several boys behind him walking their way, Wu Min swiftly hid behind Wu shen.

Wu shen stood there, his expression indifferent towards Wu Wei and the others who were approaching.

Wu Wei walked over and stood in front of Wu shen looked at him with then said: "Wu shen, do you think you can protect your sister for an entire lifetime?”

Hearing this, Wu shen revealed a sinister, evil smile as he retorted lightly: "So what, do you want to fight?"

His heart was already fuming while leaving the Eastern Courtyard.

Wu Wei did not dare to look directly at Wu sh’s eyes and instead declared weakly : "You... just you wait until the end of the year’s annual assembly. I will let you look good!"

Then, Wu Wei left with the boys trailing behind him .

“The end of the year’s Clan Assembly...” Wu shen muttered to himself after Wu Wei and his group disappeared from view, his eyes glinting with a sharp light.

At the end of every year, the Wu Clan Manor holds a clan assembly where young people from the Wu Clan Manor of similar ages were allowed to spar with one another as a learning experience.

It seems Wu Wei was planning to oppose him during the Clan Assembly at the end of the year. By doing so, Wu Wei would not only display his strength and talent in front of everyone, but also settle his grudge with Wu shen in public.

There was still five months until the Clan Assembly, and with Wu Wei’s talent, five months was enough time to reach late-First Order. Moreover, Wu Wei has Grandfather support and advice in cultivation there was chance that he could become second order warrior.

Wu shen could not help but to laugh-- in that case, five months later he would beat up Wu Ming’s son right in front of his face until even he couldn’t recognize Wu Wei.

"During the Annual Clan Assembly, Grandfather would probably come to watch." In Wu shen’s opinion, since Wu Wei was his valued grandson , he would certainly make an appearance.

After short while later, Wu shen sent his sister along before heading to the back mountain.

At the back of the mountain, Wu shen practiced the Essence body spell before returning to his small courtyard.

The Essence body spell was secret martial art from his previous life. Even if Wu shen did not cultivate spiritual qi, he would continue to train in the Essence body spell . Essence body spell was immortal essence body technique which After practice will produce immortal essence in body and it will also strengthen warrior body further to its limits.

During last night’s Spiritual qi practice, Wu shen noticed that immortal essence inside his body circulated along his meridians at the same time as the spiritual qi, complementing each other. Wu shen reaching mid-First Order warrior was due to his training in the essence body spell for four years. Otherwise, even it was impossible for him to reach mid-First Order warrior in just one night with just spiritual qi cultivation.

Three days passed quickly.

Apart from eating and doing natural things , wu shens every minute was spent practicing, trading between practicing spiritual qi in his yard and running to the back mountain to train the essence body spell.

On the fourth day.

The silvery moonlight shined in the dead silence of the night.

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