Supreme world god/C6 Breakthrough second order warrior
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Supreme world god/C6 Breakthrough second order warrior
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C6 Breakthrough second order warrior

On the fourth day.

The silvery moonlight shined in the dead silence of the night.

Like the past three nights, Wu shen sat on his bed and practiced according to the Spiritual qi cultivation technique. The silver snake martial spirit emerged behind him along with activation of black pearl, devouring heaven and earth’s spiritual energy at horrifying speed and channeled it into Wu shen’s body, Compared to last three days , the thickness of Wu shen’s spiritual qi inside his body had increased by ten-fold.

He has also gained small control over activation and deactivation of mysterious black pearl in his dantian which aided in his cultivation.

Running the cultivation technique, spiritual qi rapidly surged along his meridians.

After three days of non-stop practice, Wu shen reached the peak of late-First Order; he had a Guess that he would have a successful breakthrough to the Second Order warrior tonight.

About one hour later, as Spiritual qi surged within Wu shen’s meridians, its speed grew faster like stormy waves, inducing pain as it crashed against his meridians, but to Wu shen this level of pain was nothing.he knew that this was pain due to he was close to his breakthrough.

Wu shen was not discouraged. He knew it was important to remain calm and continued to run the cultivation technique, circulating spiritual qi along his meridians.

After an hour later Suddenly, a sound emitted his body that only he could hear: and the second order warrior barrier finally broke!

The first layer meridian broke like a popped corn, spiritual qi instantly gushed into the second layer’s meridians.

Wu shen was delighted. He finally broke through to initial-Second Order Warrior after a few days of hard work.

Second Order Warrior!

From the first day of cultivation up to reaching Second Order warrior, Wu shen spent little more than four days! This was an unprecedented event.

In general, a grade nine martial spirit would require at least one years time to breakthrough to Second Order. According to legend Even if one possesses a superb talent martial spirit, one needs at least six months to achieve this result.

However, Wu shen only spent four days!

He was only able to achieve this due to he cultivated essence body spell and that mysterious black pearl in his dantian which increased his cultivation speed so much.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he continued running the Qi cultivation technique so that the second layer’s Spiritual qi that was flowing into his meridians became smoother and calmer, circulating slowly.

If first layer Spiritual qi meridians are akin to a small stream, then the second layer Spiritual qi meridians are comparable to a small river, wider and larger, accommodating more spiritual qi.

The night passed.

When the morning sun’s rose . Wu shen stopped his practice and opened his eyes. After one night’s practice, he had stabilized his Second Order warrior cultivation base.

Leaving his room, in the little yard Wu shen caught sight of the very same half meter sized big rock in the corner that he hit several days prior. He couldn’t resist himself so he walked up to the big rock while lifting his right hand-- spiritual qi wrapped around his palm as he landed a strike on the rock. The big rock trembled violently as small pieces of rubble crumbled down, scattering all over the place.

On the surface of the big rock, one could see crack lines. Retrieving his right hand while observing the power of his palm, Wu shen nodded with satisfaction. As per his expectation, after advancing to initial-Second Order warrior, his strength was actually comparable to a late-Second Order warrior and this power was enough to crush boulder like stone .

As for his strength far more than his cultivation realm , it was because the spiritual energy is his body was much more pure and dense compared to that of other martial warrior at same level and it was all thanks to his martial spirit and mysterious black pearl which helped him.

Aslo due to practicing Essence body spell his body was much more strong.

From the little courtyard, Wu shen headed towards the Eastern Courtyard.

Not far from his little courtyard he heard several manor guards’ gossiping.

“I heard that Young master Wu Wei successfully condensed his spiritual qi in just four days . At this rate, Young Lord Wu Wei will be able to break through to First Order warrior in less than two months!”

“I wonder how Young master Wu shen’s practice is going?”

“Although Young master Wu shen’s talent is not bad, to successfully condense spiritual qi would require at least a month’s time. That is simply incomparable to Young master Wu Wei. To break through to the First Order warrior would be a minimum of one year’s time!”

“so Wu Wei was already successful in condensing his spiritual qi? ”

Wu shen stood there with his hand behind his back, as he watched the several manor guards walk away.

Looking at the disappearing backs of the manor guards, Wu shen headed towards the Eastern Courtyard’s hall. Moments later after reaching the Eastern Courtyard and entering the main hall, other than his father and mother, there was also his little sister, Wu Min, and his four-year-old little brother, Wu hai.

“Dad, Mom.” Wu shen called out as he entered the main hall.

“Sit.” Wu Peng raised his head indicating to Wu shen that he sit at a particular chair inside the main hall.

“How is your practice these few days?” Wu Peng asked moments later, . These past few days, Wu shen had been training day and night, regardless of the time. Wu Peng and Su Yan had of course noticed this, and they felt comforted that Wu shen was putting effort into his cultivation.

Hearing his father’s question about his practice, Wu shen hesitated for a moment.

Seeing his son’s look of hesitation, Wu Peng comforted him: “It’s only been a few days, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t condensed out spiritual qi. I spent a whole month before I successfully condensed out spiritual qi.”

“That’s right. Shen, your talent is higher than your Dad’s. You’ll definitely be able to condense spiritual qi after a month.” Su Yan said.

In truth, the two of them seeing the look of hesitation on Wu shen’s face made them think that Wu shen was embarrassed to answer that he had yet to condense spiritual qi.

Wu shen blanked for a moment listening to his parent’s words. However, after a little thinking, he went along his parent’s line of thought, saying: “Dad, Mom, rest assured that one month later I will surely be able to condense spiritual qi.”

Listening to their son’s words, both Wu Peng and Su Ya were very pleased.

Although Wu shen said that, worry deepened on their faces as they thought about the of Wu shen’s word's. Wu Peng then replied to his son, saying: “Shen, the day before yesterday, Wu Wei announced that he would cripple both of your arms during the Annual Clan Assembly!”

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