Supreme world god/C7 Wu wei's threat(1)
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Supreme world god/C7 Wu wei's threat(1)
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C7 Wu wei's threat(1)

Although Wu shen said that, worry deepened on their faces as they thought about the of Wu shen’s word's. Wu Peng then replied to his son, saying: “Shen, the day before yesterday, Wu Wei announced that he would cripple both of your arms during the Annual Clan Assembly!”

Wu shen finally understood the look of worry on his parents’ faces.

Others might not dare to do so, but since Wu Wei dared say as much, then he probably will cripple his arms during the clan assembly and claim that it was accidental. At that time, even Grandfather Wu Qide would not penalize him..

“Cripple both of my arms?” Wu shen smiled, and trace of viciousness flashed in his heart.

Seeing Wu shen’s look of unconcern, Su Yan was afraid that Wu shen did not know the severity of the matter: “Shen , Wu Wei has successfully condensed spiritual qi and by the end of the year, he will be able to achieve late-First Order warrior. He’ll do what he said, at that time, he will definitely cripple both of your arms.” As Su Yan said this.

Su Yan broke down in tears.

Wu Peng looked at his wife that was drowning in tears and was extremely and said: “Woman, why are you crying? Can crying be of any help?”

Su Yan turned over with a face full of tears: “If Shen is disabled, what will you do then? If both of Wu Shen’s hands are wasted, how will he continue to live? Wu Peng, why don’t you seek Big Brother out, let him ask Wu Wei to let our Wu shen off!”

“I know this will cause you to lose face, but do you prefer to see Wu shen’s hands crippled?” Su Yan said, crying even louder.

Just when Wu shen wanted to say something, Wu Peng suddenly stood up while gritting his teeth: “Okay, I‘ll go!”

After saying that, holding Wu shen’s hand, he led him towards the direction of the Northern Courtyard.

“Father, I--”

Coming out from the Eastern Courtyard main hall, Wu shen opened his mouth wanting to say it was not necessary to look for Wu Ming, but he was interrupted by Wu Peng

“Shen, in front of your Eldest Uncle, you must behave, understand?”

After saying that, without waiting for Wu shen’s reply, they headed towards the Northern Courtyard.

When they reached the Northern Courtyard, Wu Ming and Wu Wei, this father and son, were in the main hall.

As he sat in the hall, although Wu Ming found Wu Peng and Wu shen’s visit a little sudden, he remained seated and did not rise when Wu Peng entered the hall.

Wu peng turned to Wu Ming and said "Big brother.”

Wu shen followed and said

"Eldest uncle."

Wu Ming’s face was expressionless as usual and said: "Second Brother, you’re here. Sit."

Wu Peng and Wu shen sat down on the chairs to the side. As Wu peng was sitting down, he was contemplating how he should word his request to Wu Ming.

"Second Brother, what brings you over here?" At this moment, Wu Ming asked.

WU Peng hesitated for a moment before honestly saying: "Big brother, I heard Wh Wei had said that at the end of the year annual Clan Assembly, he will cripple both of Shen’s arms, so...” Wu Peng’s words trailed off here.

"Oh, is there such a matter?" Wu Ming looked astonished.

Wu shen looking at his Uncle Wu Ming’s expression and snickered inwardly. Even his father, Wu Peng, has heard about the matter, which means the news had already spread to the entire Wu Clan Manorㅡthere is no way that Wu Ming did not know about it.

“Wu Wei, is there such a matter?" Wu Ming turned over and asked his son, Wu Wei.

Wu Wei answered with unblinking eyes and an unchanging facial expression: “There is no such thing.”

Glancing at Wu Peng and Wu shen, Wu Wei continued: “In my opinion, there are people who are deliberately using this as an excuse to cause trouble for our Northern Courtyard.”

Wu Peng’s face turned red from anger when he heard this. Did this mean that he and his son were people with nothing better to do so instead would run over to cause trouble for Wu Ming and his son?

“Big brother, what do you say about this matter?!" Holding back his anger, Wu Peng turned to Wu Ming.

Wu Ming waved, still maintaining his expression: "Well, Second brother since there is no such thing, you can go back now."

No such thing! The meaning behind Wu Ming’s words was extremely clearㅡthat Wu Peng came over to look for trouble.

Supressing his rising anger, Wu Peng said: "Big brother, you mean to say that us, father and son, have nothing better to do, so we came over here to make trouble for you?!”

Wu Ming frowned as his face turned cold: "Even if the matter is true, what about it? Sparring between same age peers during the Clan Assembly is a common event.”

Wu Ming said this but he did not mention anything about Wu Wei wanting to cripple both of Wu shen’s arms.

WU Peng stood up in a rage, staring at Wu Ming: "Are you saying even if Wu Wei wasted both of Wu shen’s arms, this is normal?!"

With indifference on his face, Wu Ming said, "Then, are you implying that I should ban the peer sparring event during the annual Clan Assembly? The peer sparring event is a rule set by Father. Do you mean to say the rules set by Father are wrong?”

A light glinted in Wu shen’s eyes. His father’s intention was just to have Wu Ming advise his son to let Wu shen off. But Wu Ming twisted the facts, claiming that Wu Peng was requesting him, Wu Ming, to ban an event set by their Father to make things difficult for him.

Wu Peng’s face flushed red with anger. Clenching both of his fists and taking a deep breath, he said to Wu Ming: "Wu shen is your nephew!”

Wu Ming raised his eyes said to Wu Peng, "Do I need you to remind me about this? Don’t I know he is my nephew? Even if he is my nephew, it is useless for you to beg me!"

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