Supreme world god/C8 Wu Wei's threat (2)
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Supreme world god/C8 Wu Wei's threat (2)
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C8 Wu Wei's threat (2)

Wu Ming raised his eyes said to Wu Peng, "Do I need you to remind me about this? Don’t I know he is my nephew? Even if he is my nephew, it is useless for you to beg me!"

Wu Peng laughed despite his anger. "Good, good."

Now, he finally sees his big brother’s true face.

Wu shen couldn’t resist saying in a cold voice: "Wu Ming, do you truly think that your son is capable of crippling me during the Clan Assembly?“

”Impudent!” Seeing a little brat like Wu shen daring to refer to him by his name , he furiously stood up and he raised his palm to strike at Wu shen. An overbearing Spiritual qi was aimed towards Wu shen’s chest. Suddenly, a silhouette flashed and blocked the spiritual qi for Wu shen.


An explosion resounded.

"Dad, are you okay?!" Wu shen was anxious as he asked to his father.

Wu Peng waved his hand, shaking his head: "I’m fine.”

In the end, Wu shen was still Wu Ming’s nephew. Although he was angered, Wu Ming struck with control. Otherwise, with Wu Peng’s initial-seventh Order warrior strength, it would be insufficient to block a palm from Wu Ming, a late-Seventh Order warrior.

Wu shen seeing that his father was not injured breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, Wu Wei who was quietly standing on the side came up and said: "Second uncle if you want me to let Wu shen off, it is not impossible as long as Wu shen kneels down, kowtows three times and lets me slap him at the end of the year Clan Assembly. Then I will let him off!”

Kowtow three times and slaps? Wu Peng’s brows creased tightly and he looked at his son.

Wu shen looked at Wu Wei and said with a cold voice, " I don't need to kneel before trash like you , let's see who will cripple who in clan assembly !”

Then, turning to Wu Peng he said, "Father, let’s go!”

Wu Peng was startled but he smiled : "Good, son! Let’s go!" Saying that, Wu Peng and Wu shen turned around and left.

After a while, Wu shen and his father, returned to the Eastern Courtyard. Su Yan quickly walked up to them and asked in a worried voice: “How was it?”

Wu Peng did not know how to explain. Instead, it was Wu shen who said: "Mom, you don’t have to worry about the Clan Assembly, I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me.”

After hearing this, Su Yan thought Wu Wei had promised to let Wu shen off during the Clan Assembly‘s sparring event and her worried heart was finally eased. Smiling, she said, "That’s wonderful, then all is good!"

Wu Peng opened his mouth wanting to say something, but looking at his wife’s happy smile, he said nothing in the end.

Within the Eastern Courtyard, Wu shen sat on the wooden bed thinking back to the scene in the Northern Courtyard. Both Wu Wei and his father’s arrogant, cold, and hypocritical performance caused a trace of malice to emerge in his heart.

Initially, he had some scruples when he planned to beat Wu Wei miserably during the end of the year’s Clan Assembly. But now, it had completely evaporated.

“Presumably, Wu Ming thinks the position of the Main Manor Lord will not slip from his fingers!” Wu shen snickered.

Ever since Wu Wei’s martial spirit awakened, the majority of elders were trying to get closer to Wu Ming which brought about the previous incident regarding the spiritual qi pills, along with the Northern Courtyard scene today.

A short while later, calming himself down Wu shen started running the qi cultivation technique to train his spiritual qi.

The silver snake martial spirit emerged, hovering behind Wu shen , he used his mind to control black pearl and activated it, and started devouring the surrounding world’s spiritual energy. Wu shen noticed that after his advancement to Second Order warrior, his speed of absorbing spiritual energy had increased.

Aside from that, his silver snake martial spirit’s had also grown in size, its radiant silver was becoming thicker and brighter.

Multiple strands of spiritual energy were being absorbed into Wu shen’s meridians, converting into spiritual qi continuously, flowing along the second layer meridians over and over again.

few days passed by.

These past few days, Wu shen once again practiced like a madman regardless of the time.

The result from these days of practice was that Wu shen was now about to break through middle-second order warrior stage, only hair breathe away.

Half a month passed.

In this half a month, Wu shen was either training his spiritual qi in his small courtyard or training in his essence body spell in the back mountain. As the essence body spell was a secret, he could only sneak out to practice at the back mountain at night also the efficiency of essence body spell was greater when practice in moonlight.

The night gradually faded as light overtook the darkness .Wu shen stopped running through the Essence body spell before opening his eyes.

Suddenly, Wu shen gave a low shout. Waving both of his palms, he leaped high above the ground as shadows of a palm strike fell heavily onto the grass patch below

This superior martial skill was something inherited from Wu shen’s family in his previous life, the Essence Palm.

As Wu shen’s palms struck out, a palm print condensed of vapor imprinted in mid-air, each palm strike not dissipating even after a long period of time.

Essence Palm’s highest level of mastery, condensing essence without dissipating.

an hour later, Wu shen gradually stopped.

On trees in the surrounding area , a palm print visible on each tree trunk.

Looking at the palm prints on the tree trunks, Wu shen’s looked satisfied with this power.

“ I wonder, what is the power of this Martial World’s fighting skills?” Wu shen thought to himself.

Common clans’ regulations only allowed children who have achieved at least third Order warrior to practice in a clan’s martial technique because only by achieving this level of foundation would they be able to display the power of the martial technique. In the initial warrior stages, they are of little use.

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