Supreme world god/C9 Gaining experience in forest
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Supreme world god/C9 Gaining experience in forest
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C9 Gaining experience in forest

After thinking for while Wu shen has thought that until now he was only cultivating , he doesn't have any fighting experience , so he decided to go to forest outside mountain where there are many low level beasts in outer perimeter.he can fight with those beast to increase his fighting experience , only by real fighting would he be able to become true warrior.

After while he climbed down the mountain and entered the fierce beast forest .It was filled with trees , chirping of birds could be heard, there were insect on grounds it was beautiful,

But there was hidden danger in this beauty that can cost a Live.

Wu Chen was right now in outer perimeter of forest , there were not many beast at entrance of forest but as he enter deeper into forest powerful beast will appear slowly.

To gain fighting experience he wanted to fight fierce beast so for that wu shen continue to walk deeper in forest he was also vigilant because this beast forest was filled with dangers.

After walking for half a an hour, until now he didn't encounter any fierce beast he was wondering why .

Right at the moment ,

A terrifying beast roar entered wu shens ear, right after that,

Ground trembled,and a huge black bear suddenly dashed out from bushes in front of wu shen and pounched towards him.

The giant bear was three metres tall, it looked clumsy but in fact it's speed was not slow, in addition to surprise attack any ordinary peak first order warrior would have fallen to the ground.

This black bear was at peak first order warrior stage and any beast was stronger compared to human martial warrior at same levels.

In Nick of time Wu shen dodged the fatal attack.

“Its the Vajra giant bear!”

Looking at black bear that was three metres tall there was no expression change on Wu shen's face because even though vajra bear was at peak first order warrior , right now he was initial-Second order warrior not to mention his strength which was far more that his realm , it was not problem for him to deal with this vajra bear.

But it will take some time to break it's defence because vajra bear was famous for its strong defence.

Right at the moment.

The vajra giant bear that failed to hit Wu shen roared once again.Its clumsy bear body twisted and huge palm moved it struck towards Wu shen's head.

“What a beast !Do you think I'm afraid of you?”

Wu shen sneered , he did not dodge or evade. A strong spiritual qi surged from his body and condensed on his fist as he threw out fist.Wu shen didn't use essence palm martial skill because he wants to test his strength without martial skill.

Huge bear claw and fist collided, a terrifying force swept across huge bears claw to its body

Causing Vajra bear to take five or six steps back only then did it stop retreating.

Wu shens body also staggered back but he immediately stabilized himself .Wu shen was also astonished because even with his strong initial second order warrior strength it was not enough to break vajra bear defence.

But in his attack right now he didn't used his full strength but he was sure that In maximum 5 moves he will be able to kill vajra bear.

But he didn't want to kill vajra bear so quickly because he was hear to train and gain combat experience.

Wu shen has upper hand in one strike, he stomped on ground and shot out like arrow leaving now appearing in front of Vajra giant bear. Both of his fists moved at same time continuously beating it up,

Vajra bear kept roaring and it's huge palm was waving like fan , resisting wu shen's attacks ,

Wu shen was also attacking and defending as well as dodging vajra bear attacks , he was becoming more and more proficient in combat.

After ten minutes of fighting vajra bear was on verge of breakdown with no way of resisting, finally wu shen got bored and used martial skill “essense palm”.

A spiritual energy surged through his body and gathered in his palm.

Wu shen struck out his palm, a clear etherial palm print could be seen on his palm as his palm struck towards vajra bear chest where vajra bears heart was located.

A strong sense of danger rose from bottom of Vajra giant bear heart he wanted to dodge but his battle with wu shen ,the spiritual qi in his body was depleted , vajra bear was not able to dodge in time as essence palm struck it's chest and powerful palm spiritual force instantly shattered vajra bear heart and after that

A peak first order warrior stage vajra bear died.

Wu shen was happy as he was able to kill vajra bear so easily and even after such long battle he was not much exhausted and still has spare spiritual energy in his body.

Just as he killed the vajra bear the mysterious black pearl in his dantian vibrated slowly and an unknown information appeared in wu shen's mind,

Wu shen was slightly stunned due to such sudden change , when he read this information he was shoked!

And almost spoke

“What the......!”

After a while Wu shen bursts into wild laughter for long time and then stabilize himself.

The information appeared in his mind was send by black pearl it saying that - master of black pearl can devour and refine any creature , any metal ore , any valuable treasure to increase his strength.

It was simply a cheat to increase own strength exponentially!

that's why Wu shen was so much exited and was also wondering about abilities of mysterious black pearl, because he haven't heard about any treasure or ability that can devour anything to increase one's own strength.

After calming himself down Wu shen looked towards vajra bear and walked towards it , then he extended his both hands and placed it on body of Vajra bear, and used his mind to activate black pearl devouring ability .

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