Surrogacy Wife/C1 Chapter 1
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Surrogacy Wife/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

"Has Huanhuan fallen asleep?"

At 11 PM, Zhou Hao finally got home early. As soon as he entered the room, he asked his only son about Zhou Huan's condition. He had not seen his son for a week.

"Not yet, young master, he …" The old butler, Uncle Liu, received the briefcase and jacket as he stammered in response, seemingly unable to say anything.

Zhou Hao loosened his tie and sat down on the leather sofa. He took a sip of the hot tea Uncle Liu had served him, and a heavy, powerless look appeared on his face. Speak if you have something to say. "

"Young master …" They're arguing that they're not going to school tomorrow. " Uncle Liu sighed, knowing that after he said it, the young master would be angry again.

Indeed, Zhou Hao placed the cup down heavily, and without saying anything, he went upstairs.

Uncle Liu looked at the young master who had served him since he was young, and shook his head helplessly.

A year ago, after Zhou Hao's sickly wife, Ye Qin, passed away, he and his son, Huanhuan, had both changed. A year ago, after Zhou Hao's sickly wife, Ye Qin, passed away, he and his son, Huanhuan, had both changed.

Recently, the young master had been arguing about not going to kindergarten. Every time, Uncle Liu would talk for a long time before the little guy would cry and ask the driver, Ah Fa, to take him to school.

Zhou Hao went out every day before his son got out of bed, only returning home in the middle of the night. Every time he reported this matter to him, he would only threaten to punish his son. In the end, Uncle Liu could only bear with it and didn't say anything.

However, the situation became more and more serious. Huanhuan had not attended school for three days already, so Uncle Liu had no other choice but to report to Zhou Hao, hoping that he would be back soon.

This time, the young master was unavoidably beaten up. The poor child was so young and had no mother to protect him. He had to hurry and prevent the young master from losing his temper!

Uncle Liu quickly dragged Long Zhong's steps to save the young mistress.

"Mommy …" Woo woo … * I miss you so much... "Ma Ke …"

Zhou Hao did not see anyone in his son's room. As he passed by the room where his wife had lived, he heard mournful cries. Gently pushing open the door, a small figure leaned against the pillow and sobbed.

The furnishings of this room were exactly the same as when Ye Qin was alive. Although he had not stepped in for more than a year, Zhou Hao's heartache had not diminished in the slightest. Now, looking at the familiar object and smelling the smell that she once had, her thoughts flooded in like floodwaters.

He dabbed at the tears at the corners of his eyes, and the breath of his breath disturbed the mournful merriment. Suddenly, she raised her head. Her face that resembled her father's was covered in tears.

"Father …" The serious expression on her father's face made Huanhuan lower her head and sit upright on the bed.

His son's fear and sorrow had caused Zhou Hao's original anger to dissipate. He wanted to hug the child to comfort him, but this action was unfamiliar to him. He approached the edge of the bed, but the hand he raised could not reach out.

"Do you miss Mommy?" In the end he sat beside his son, his concerned words as stiff as a question.

"Yes." Huanhuan did not raise her head. She merely nodded her head in response. He had always been afraid of his father because his father was difficult to get close to. Unlike his mother, who would look at him with eyes of love, he dotingly called him "my little Huanhuan" … Thinking of the loving mother, Huanhuan's tears started to fall again.

Zhou Hao looked at his son, who had never been close to him before, and found it hard to break through that knot in his heart. When his wife was still alive, her love had made up for his inadequacy; now that it was gone, he, as a father, could no longer avoid responsibility.

Zhou Hao put his arm around his son's shoulders and shared his feelings.

"Dad misses Mommy too."

"Because of her father's unusual warmth, Huanhuan raised her head in surprise. He could not help but throw himself into her father's embrace." "Father …"

"It's been hard on you, Huanhuan …" Zhou Hao's voice was choked with sobs. This was the first time he had experienced the pain of losing his wife, and it was even harder for a six year old son to bear.

Who said that the child would soon forget the pain of bereavement? They only hid the sorrow in their hearts and did not put it on their faces.

He could work without sleep to divert attention, but the child could not escape. It was all his fault for ignoring the child's mood.

Before his wife left, she was the most worried about her child. She had tightly held his hand and asked him to promise to take good care of Huanhuan. How could he forget his wife's words?

Holding his son tightly in his arms, Zhou Hao swore to himself: "From now on, I will never let my child lose his fatherly love …"

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