Surrogacy Wife/C10 Chapter 10
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Surrogacy Wife/C10 Chapter 10
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C10 Chapter 10

"I don't know either …" Zhou Hao told the story of what happened after he met Zhang Yimin with a blank look on his face. He couldn't tell his feelings apart, as if everything had happened so naturally.

After listening to Zhou Hao's story, Wang Tan thought for a moment and then bluntly gave him advice, "I think it's because you miss Ye Qin too much. It's normal for a woman to suddenly appear in your family and you think of her as Ye Qin. However, I think it's only a matter of empathy. "What if she succumbs to it very quickly …"

"I initially thought the same. That's why I stayed at the company and didn't dare return home …" Zhou Hao also wanted to clarify his own thoughts, so he did not hide it.

"However, when I saw her today and held her hand in Huanhuan's room, Ye Qin wasn't in my mind. She was the only one …"

Zhou Hao helplessly ruffled his hair, looking a little uneasy, "I don't know why, but I do miss Ye Qin so much. At the same time, I also have feelings for another woman. This is too unfair to Ye Qin!"

Prince Tan remembered that Zhou Hao had previously said that he would not fall in love with a woman other than Ye Qin. Perhaps at that time, he had already been moved, so he said this because he did not want to face this sudden emotion.

However, the reason for the relationship is often unclear. Sometimes it can be a moment of infatuation, or a flash of inspiration, and then it's gone.

"Don't think like that. It's hard to say what you're feeling. You don't like being in a good mood and not betraying Ye Qin. After all, Ye Qin is no longer here … However, I don't want you to start a new relationship because you're lonely or looking for someone to take care of Huanhuan. The point is, you have to really like this woman and be happy with her. "

"I know." Zhou Hao sighed lightly, "I will think it through."

"Yiyi is a good woman. She was hurt emotionally. I don't want her to be hurt again." Prince Tan Tan had solemnly declared that he had never been so serious before.

"Heavily injured? Who hurt her? " Zhou Hao looked at his friend eagerly, his face full of concern.

"Sigh!" It's her private matter, and she'll tell you when she wants to. " Wang Tan felt it was necessary to remind his good friend, "In short, everyone has a past. If you two end up together, even if you get married, I hope that you can accept everything about her, including her past."

"I know." Zhou Hao did not pursue the matter. He himself had hidden some secret that even his friends were unaware of.

He gazed down the hill, his mind like a distant scene in the night, its rules in the chaos.

With a headache, Zhou Hao stayed up all night. When he came downstairs, Zhang Yimin and Huanhuan had almost finished their breakfast.

"Daddy, you woke up later than me today!" After last night, Huanhuan's attitude towards her father became very intimate.

However, Zhang Yimin noticed that Zhou Hao didn't seem to be comfortable. Zhou Hao, are you okay? You look so bad. "

"I have a headache." Last night, after Prince Tan Li left, he stayed in the courtyard alone for a long time, and finally fell asleep while leaning back in the rocking chair. Although it was already summer, the mountain still felt a little chilly at night. It should be cold now.

"Uncle Liu served breakfast, but Zhou Hao appeared to be disgusted." I won't eat anymore. "

"Didn't you sleep well last night? Would you like a cup of hot tea? " Zhang Yimin appeared to be very concerned.

Zhou Hao forced a smile at her. " I'll have a drink at the company. " As soon as he left his seat, he lost his balance and managed to hold on to the back of the chair in time.

"Zhou Hao!" Without thinking, Zhang Yiming rushed forward to support him, "Are you okay? If you're not feeling well, then don't go to the company. "

Uncle Liu also agreed, "Yes! Rest at home for the day is good. Young master has been busy all day and hasn't come home yet … Do you want to call Physician Wang over to take a look? "

"No need, I'll just go lie down for a while." Zhou Hao felt dizzy, and slowly walked up the stairs while holding onto a chair. Uncle Liu quickly supported him from the side.

Zhang Yiming worriedly looked at Zhou Hao's weak figure, until Huanhuan's teary voice sounded.

"Auntie, is Daddy sick like Mommy?"

"She quickly revealed a smile to comfort Huanhuan, who was equally worried." It's okay, Daddy just had a cold, he didn't have any strength left in him, so he could rest a bit. Don't worry, it's just a walk! You're going to be late for school. "

"Yes." After receiving Zhang Yiming's guarantee, Huanhuan could finally relax and go to school.

After the entire day, even though Zhang Yiming was nervous about Zhou Hao, she did not dare to enter his room. Only when Huanhuan started to salivate did she finally, unable to control herself, quietly walk towards Zhou Hao's room.

Just as Uncle Liu was coming out with his cup, Zhang Yimin couldn't hide her concern and asked, "How is it? How is Zhou Hao? "

"I'm sleeping. I might have taken some pills, so it's easier to sleep."

In the morning, Uncle Liu invited a family doctor who lived nearby to see him. He said he had a cold and prescribed some medicine.

"That's good …" Zhang Yiqing looked into the room. She wanted to see Zhou Hao, but she was afraid that Uncle Liu would find it strange. After all, she was just a home tutor, so randomly entering the master's room was not appropriate.

However, with her restless look, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to see that she was very concerned about Zhou Hao.

Uncle Liu secretly rejoiced, even though he was old, his eyes and brain were still useful. Yesterday, he observed the interaction between the young master and Zhang Yiming, as if some kind of electric current was soaring in the air. He had also been young before, so he knew what kind of gaze a man and woman would have when they had feelings for each other.

This girl, Zhang Yiming, was very pretty and gentle. Her personality was a bit like that of a dead lady. Most importantly, she was very good to her young master.

If she could be the young master's new mother, the family would be full of joy again.

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