Surrogacy Wife/C11 Chapter 11
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Surrogacy Wife/C11 Chapter 11
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C11 Chapter 11

Uncle Liu purposely patted his shoulder and fiercely yawned. "Aiya, I'm getting old, and I'm already sleepy when the time comes."

Uncle Liu, you have been taking care of Mr. Zhou for the whole day. Zhang Yimin's heart ached for this loyal old servant. He had been busy all day afraid that the sick young master would not be served. How could a 60-odd man bear it?

Uncle Liu heaved a fake sigh. How could he sleep? I'm afraid that young master needs something when he wakes up, and no one is around to take care of me. " Secretly taking a peek at Zhang Yiming's soft-hearted appearance, the elder wrinkled his brows and secretly laughed in his heart.

"You should go to sleep. I'll take care of Mr. Zhou. I won't be able to sleep right now anyway." Zhang Yi suggested guiltily, afraid that Uncle Liu would see through her thoughts.

"Is that okay?"

"It's alright, go to sleep!" She patted the old man's arm to reassure him.

"Then... "I'll be troubling you then." Uncle Liu yawned again, then slowly walked up the stairs. He didn't forget to turn around and give the order, "Call me again if you need anything."

In fact, he couldn't wait for something to happen!

"Don't worry!" "It's fine." Zhang Yiqing waved to Uncle Liu, causing the elder to turn around and go downstairs with a proud smile on his face.

After his wife passed away, Zhou Hao moved to the guest room to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Zhang Yiqing walked into the room quietly. The curtains were already closed, leaving only the small light on the bedside table. It was so quiet that only the clock on the wall ticking could be heard.

She held her breath as she stood beside the bed, afraid that she would wake Zhou Hao. Staring at the unguarded sleeping face, she was both worried and distressed by his fragility.

She hadn't been able to sleep well last night. Joy and unease were churning through her mind.

When Zhou Hao held her hand, he could see a hint of affection in her expression. Did this mean that he liked her too? If so, was it her he liked, or was it any of the other women who now lived in the Zhou household and could fill the void?

As Wang Tan had feared, she was also afraid that Zhou Hao's actions were due to a moment of amnesia, or perhaps the act of transference caused by her mistaking her for a deceased wife. Although her heart had already begun to sink, she did not want such feelings.

"Mm …" Zhou Hao suddenly moved and kicked the blanket away. It was obvious that he was having a restless sleep.

Seeing that he seemed to be sweating a lot, Zhang Yimin picked up a wet towel beside him and lightly wiped his face and neck, which was exposed outside his pajamas.

Is there a fever? Her cheeks look red...

Putting down the towel, she placed her fair hand on his forehead. With her other hand, she pressed down on her forehead. It seems a little feverish.

Zhang Yiming was about to withdraw her hand, but her hand was held tightly.

Zhou Hao opened his eyes, looking at her in a daze. "He was mumbling, soft as a prayer, more like a spoiled child." Join me... "Don't go …"

Zhang Yimin thought that he was once again treating her as a child, or as a dreamer. She tried to hide her disappointment and tried to wake him up, "I am not Mrs. Zhou …" "I am …"

"Zhou Hao smiled weakly and interrupted her." I know... "You're in a good mood …" At this moment, he couldn't be more clear-headed, only feeling a little dizzy.

"You …" She was so shocked that she couldn't speak.

"Stay with me, will you?" He patted the bed beside him. The pleading look in his eyes made Zhang Yimin give up all of a sudden.

She let him hold her hand and went to bed. Before she could even lie down, her body was hugged by Zhou Hao. She was stunned and did not know what to do.

Zhou Hao's entire face was buried into Zhang Yimin's neck as he smelled the fragrance that came out of the bath. "Don't move, just a moment is enough …" "Last night, we lay together on Huanhuan's bed. He vaguely smelled her elegant and gentle fragrance, so he began to imagine this scene." "It smells so good …"

"You …" Zhang Yiming really did not dare to move. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the man who was plastered on her body. She thought that her heart was about to jump out of her mouth.

Zhou Hao's thigh possessively grabbed onto her, as he held the petite and slender her in his arms. "You're not allowed to leave!" After finding a comfortable seat in her arms, Zhou Hao closed his eyes again.

"Zhou Hao?" It was only when she was breathing evenly on her neck that she knew he was asleep again.

The sweetness in her heart slowly replaced the excessive nervousness. She turned around to face him and whispered emotionally, "Hao …" She smiled sweetly, knowing that he could not hear her in his sleep.

He thought that he could only live in the shadows of the past, and it was impossible for him to be tempted by men. Who knew that he would meet someone who had the same fragile heart as him, and he fell into it all of a sudden …

Perhaps it was just as Prince Tan had said, he was a circle without a corner, and he himself just so happened to be a lonely corner. The two of them naturally needed each other, fate allowed them to meet and achieve the perfect life.

She put her arm around his waist and patted his body with her palm, as if she was coaxing a huge child into slumber.

As soon as Zhou Hao woke up, he immediately went to look for the soft jade fragrance beside him, only to find nothing.

Didn't I tell her not to leave?

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