Surrogacy Wife/C12 Chapter 12
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Surrogacy Wife/C12 Chapter 12
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C12 Chapter 12

Last night, even though he was drowsy, his body still secretly reacted to the person in his embrace. His helplessness was unable to enter his heart, and the effects of the medicine quickly caused him to fall asleep.

Originally, Zhou Hao thought that he would wake up and see her, but he suppressed the disappointment in his heart and prepared to get up. His whole body reeked of sweat. He wanted to take a shower first.

After lying in bed for an entire day, no matter how strong one was, they would feel their legs go soft. Zhou Hao hurriedly held onto the wall to stabilize his body.

Zhang Yiming had just pushed open the door and thought that he had not recovered yet. She took a big step forward and supported her muscular body. She did not have the time to hide her concern. Hao, why did you get out of bed? Seeing that you can't even stand steadily, hurry up and lie down. "

She had just returned from sending Huanhuan to school when she rushed up to the second floor, afraid that Zhou Hao would not be able to see her again. She was even more afraid that the intimacy from last night and the deep feelings in his eyes were all just a dream.

Zhou Hao was secretly delighted by Zhang Yimin's intimate way of addressing him. Her love had directly hit his heart without any concealment. Although he was in good spirits to run a marathon, he did not intend to recover so quickly.

"You said you wanted to accompany me, but when I woke up, I couldn't see you …" His weak voice was a source of concern to her.

"I just sent Huanhuan to school, he's very uneasy." She tried to placate him, afraid to disappoint him, "What would you like to eat if I'm free to accompany you? Or do you want to sleep a little more? "

"Mm …" After lying down for an entire day, his entire body reeked of sweat and he wanted to take a shower. "

"Alright, I'll help you." "Let him put his hand on her shoulder. Zhang Yimin's hand went through his armpit and wrapped around his thick waist." "Relying on me to slowly walk …"

She straightened her body. At this moment, Zhang Yiming was so strong that she seemed to be able to support the sky.

Zhou Hao leaned on Zhang Yimin with restraint and slowly stepped forward. As he moved, his head was always lowered, his eyes never leaving the petite figure that reached only his shoulders and desperately supported him.

In that instant, he finally noticed the reason for his heart beating.

At first she had mistaken him for Ye, but her gentleness seeped into his empty soul like a sponge quickly drawing moisture; and the way she treated Huanhuan was naturally like a loving mother, which was also the main factor that moved him.

These days of illness, her concern and meticulous care had become a formless catalyst, making him want to rely on her and seek comfort in her body.

Men also needed shoulders to lean on, especially when they were at their weakest. At this moment, Zhang Yiming was supporting his weakness. She was as strong as a giant.

"Come, we're almost there …" Zhang Yiran opened the door to the washroom. After entering the bathroom, she was already panting and sweating profusely.

"First, she let Zhou Hao sit on the toilet." You... Can I? " she asked breathlessly, her cheeks flushed with heat.

Zhou Hao held her hand, and once again revealed the look of a lost puppy. "Help me take off my clothes …" Don't forget to pretend to be weak and get more benefits.

She was the hardest to resist, licking her lips nervously and crouching to pull up the hem of his T-shirt while he obediently lifted his arm and allowed her to take off her jacket.

"And below that …" The helpless voice sounded again.

Zhang Yimin looked at the lower half of Zhou Hao's body in astonishment, nervously gulping down her saliva. She told herself that this was nothing, that she had a weak patient in front of her, and that she could only think of herself as a nurse.

"Come, place your hand on my shoulder …" She crouched down and wrapped her arms around Zhou Hao's waist, trying to pull him up to take off his pants.

When her cheek was close to her firm chest, she felt her face as hot as a sconce pressed to the hearth.

Zhou Hao was also feverish, and almost went crazy — mad because of the little girl who stuck to his body.

Ignoring the weakness of the patient, he suddenly stood up and pushed his petite body back against the sink, his lips working eagerly against her lips, which had not had time to react.

Zhou Hao resisted the urge to explode within him. He grabbed Zhang Yimin by the waist and carried her back to the bedroom. Then, both of them fell onto the bed. Two naked bodies intertwined with each other, forgetting heaven and earth, forgetting each other, and even forgetting themselves. Just like two lonely souls, they could only rely on their fiery passion to prove their existence.

"Ah …" "Don't..." "Her body was shaking so much that tears streamed down her shaking face. Finally, she couldn't help but cover her face and cry." Don't... Please... "Sob, sob …"

Zhou Hao was defeated by the intense reaction. He thought she was ready.

"Alright …" I don't want it anymore... "Don't cry …" Her frightened and weak appearance made his heart ache, so he could only forcefully suppress the desire that was about to burst out from his heart.

Holding her in his arms, Zhou Hao continued to coax her until the crying stopped.

Zhang Yimin stuck her head out of Zhou Hao's arms with tears in her eyes, apologizing unspeakably. Sorry... I really... "There's nothing we can do …"

"Zhou Hao once again dried his tears. He could only blame himself for being too impatient." It's my fault, I shouldn't have been in such a hurry … For a girl, it's hard to avoid being nervous for the first time. I'll wait until you're ready … "

The gentle caress made Zhang Yimin even more sad. She screamed in her heart, "No!" It's not like this...

She felt an indescribable bitterness in her heart. This was also the most unbearable memory that was hidden in her heart. She didn't expect it to become an obstacle that was difficult to overcome at this moment.

Because passion came too suddenly, so beautiful that she forgot everything and thought she could face it...

"Alright, stop crying. I feel so sorry for you like this …"

Zhou Hao couldn't see the painful struggle in Zhang Yiming's heart. Just her tears alone were enough to make his heart clench. Don't cry, okay? "

"En!" Zhang Yiqing shyly nodded. Her shy and tearful appearance almost made Zhou Hao unable to resist.

"Wait a moment."

He got up quickly and rushed into the bathroom, taking out her clothes. "You put on your clothes first, I'm going to take a shower." Then she hurried back to the bathroom.

If she did not dodge, he would really appear in front of her.

Zhang Yiming put on her clothes with a heavy heart. The past was like a black fog, gradually enveloping her —

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