Surrogacy Wife/C2 Chapter 2
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Surrogacy Wife/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Uncle Liu, who was panting heavily from the door, thought he would see the young master getting beaten up, but was moved to tears by the warm scene in front of him.

The Young Master is beginning to know how to care for the Young Master. The Lady must be feeling comforted by the Spirit of Heaven, right?

Zhongzheng Airport welcomed visitors to and from all over the world, as well as countless expectant tourists and weary home travelers.

The flight from M Nation had arrived a while ago, and people in the entry hall began to turn their heads in anticipation of the arrival of the plane. The automatic doors opened one by one, and passengers appeared pushing their luggage. Everyone was looking around, except for a dazed traveler.

Zhang Yiran pushed two suitcases out of the automatic door. She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, with her long black hair tied into a simple bun. Her small oval face was elegant and gentle, and her pair of beautiful eyes appeared lost, without a trace of the joy of returning home.

"Phew …" Her delicate lips could not help but let out a sigh as she looked at the unfamiliar faces.

Back again, back to this place where no one would ever remember her or miss her. Even so, after six years in M Country, her heart had been lost here, and she had never left …

Friends advised her that people had to face the past before they could see the future, so she resolutely returned to this once runaway hometown.

She already had a job waiting for her, but she didn't feel at ease at all. She felt like a duckweed without its roots, floating along with the waves.

Although Luoyang City was small, where was she supposed to start looking for it?

Sigh, let's first find the person to meet up with before anything else! Thus, her eyes began to search the crowd, and for now, she could only take one step at a time.

"I don't want to go to school! "Sob, sob …"

"Why not go to school? You have to tell Daddy why! "

On this day, Zhou Hao came out late just to find out why his son didn't want to go to school. However, Huanhuan did not say anything and only cried.

Seeing that it was too late for the ten o'clock meeting, he could not help but feel annoyed at his son's impatience.

"Stop crying. If you don't say anything, how would dad know what you are thinking?"

Huanhuan didn't answer but just shook her head and cried, "I don't want to go to school …"

Zhou Hao was annoyed by his son's attitude, and lost all patience. Thousands of employees in the management company were not as hard to deal with as this son!

"He was both angry and anxious, so he could only drag his son out of the house." If you can't learn, you don't have to? This child is too willful! "

Huanhuan who was being dragged by her father cried and made a ruckus. Her other hand was still holding onto the door frame, unwilling to move forward. The father and son duo were in a stalemate in the hallway — this was the scene that Zhang Yimin saw when she walked into the Zhou household.

"Master, Miss Zhang is back." Uncle Liu quickly broke the deadlock.

"Miss Zhang?" Angry, Zhou Hao turned his attention to the lady in front of him. His expression was definitely not kind.

"It's the Ms. Zhang whom I mentioned to you earlier, the one Young Master Lu introduced to accompany the young master!" Uncle Liu knew that the Young Master must have forgotten this matter.

Zhou Hao looked at Zhang Yiming and frowned. "Mhmm, I remember now …"

Previously, he had revealed his confusion about his son's discipline to his best friend, Prince Tan, who had grown up together with him. Prince Tan of M Nation had suggested that they find a woman to accompany Huanhuan in order to comfort the loss of her mother. But neither he nor his dead wife had any brothers or sisters, and there were no women in the family to help him, so he had to look for someone else.

A few days ago, Wang Tan had mentioned on the phone that he had found him a great candidate. He was a good friend of his, and a student of the child's mind, and coincidentally wanted to go back to Luoyang to settle down.

However, in the past few days, Huanhuan had been causing Zhou Hao so much trouble that he had completely forgotten about it.

Looking at the big boss who was famous in the mall, Zhang Yimin suddenly became nervous due to the impatience on his face. Huanhuan, who was standing to the side, raised her reddened eyes and looked at her curiously. Her pitiful appearance only served to make her feel that she had come at the wrong time.

This Mr. Zhou obviously didn't have much patience for children and seemed to have a bad temper … Why didn't Brother Wang warn her beforehand?

She took a breath and smiled as she introduced herself. "Hello, my name is Zhang Yimin. Please give me your guidance." She put on a black suit and tied up her hair to make herself look more professional.

However, such hard work did not reach Zhou Hao's mind. He only felt that this home tutor looked to be too young, and that she was like a child herself. How could she be able to deal with his stubborn son?

Even though he had his doubts, he really needed someone to take the hot potato for him. Since it was recommended by Prince Tan, he would give it a try first!

"I'll trouble you in the future." After putting down the hand he used to hold his son, Zhou Hao politely nodded to Zhang Yiran in greeting.

The liberated Huan Huan immediately ran back into the house.

"This child is always arguing and refusing to go to school. I really can't do anything about him …" Looking at his son's back, Zhou Hao's face was filled with helplessness and even helplessness. He was no longer difficult to get close to, but a distressed father.

Zhang Yiming gradually let go of her nervousness and revealed a smile to Zhou Hao. "No problem, leave it to me."

She, who majored in child education in M country, considered herself very good at children. Wang Tan had already told her about the situation of the Zhou family, and he knew that the death of his mistress had a huge impact on both father and son. Having lost her true love, she was well aware of the pain and could not help but feel sympathy and pity for the father and son of the Zhou family.

It was unknown if it was because of her smile, or because someone was helping to discipline his son, but Zhou Hao felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his heart.

Perhaps it was due to the gentleness she exuded and the resolution in her smile that made him think of his deceased wife …

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