Surrogacy Wife/C3 Chapter 3
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Surrogacy Wife/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Looking at the elegant and pleasant smile on his face, Zhou Hao was slightly dazed, but he quickly regained his senses.

He looked at his watch, "Err... I'm in a hurry to get back to the meeting and talk about the details... "Then I'll be troubling Miss Zhang." Then he hurried into the waiting van in the driveway.

Zhang Yiqing stood under the porch and looked around the garden. After getting off the plane, her heart, which had been hanging in the air all this time, finally felt a little at ease.

"We're going to live here, and it's going to be a start anyway..."

Under Uncle Liu's guidance, Zhang Yimin went up to the second floor to look for her Little Boss.

As he walked through the long corridor to the end, he heard a sobbing sound coming from the room on the left. Pushing the door open, he saw a small figure sitting on the edge of the bed, sobbing.

She approached the child slowly and sat down beside him. She didn't say anything at first, just looked around at the elegant, simple, feminine furnishings, then at the family photo on the bedside table.

"Your mother is so beautiful. She must be the gentlest, most beautiful mother in the world."

Mrs. Zhou was indeed very beautiful. Her facial features looked delicate and elegant, but the smile on her face was especially gentle and graceful. The petite her nestled in Mr. Zhou's arms, one arm around her son, photographing her must be the happiest woman in the world.

Sure enough, Mr. Zhou was a little serious in the photos. In the photos, he was smiling in a reserved manner, but he also showed the wisdom and grace of a mature man. Huanhuan, on the other hand, was very much like her father.

Huanhuan's attention was attracted to her words. He raised his tearful eyes to look at his mother in the photo and proudly said, "My mommy is the most beautiful mommy in the world. All the students in the class like her, but …" Before she could finish her words, Huanhuan lowered her head once again.

"What is it?" Zhang Yiming looked down at him and gently touched his head.

"But …" Classmate says my mommy is beautiful, but she's dead... Their mother would take them to school every day and pick them up. I'm the only one who doesn't have a mother … "

Mommy used to walk him to the school gate, hug him and kiss him on the cheek before letting him in. After school, she would always stand in front of the school gate with her arms outstretched, waiting to hug him. The students were all envious … Right now, he could only look out the window at his classmates kissing and hugging his mother, which made him miss Mommy even more.

"The child's true emotions caused Zhang Yimin to have a bad taste in her nose." "You don't want to go to school because you don't have a mother to accompany you. Are you afraid that your classmates will say that you don't have a mother?"

Huanhuan thought for a moment before nodding her head.

He didn't expect that the child's stubbornness would make one's heart break. This child wasn't difficult to discipline or reckless, he only had a weak heart and desired to be pampered and protected by someone!

Zhang Yimin couldn't help but hold Huanhuan in her arms. She rubbed his hair and muttered, "What a pitiful child …"

For a long time, no one hugged him like this. This hug was as soft and warm as his mother's …

Huanhuan couldn't help but hug Zhang Yimin back, calling out to her long-missed mother, "Mommy … I miss you so much... "Don't leave Huanhuan …"

"Child... "My child …" The voice calling touched upon Zhang Yimin's deliberately repressed past. She hugged her small body even more tightly and absentmindedly cried out her long-awaited desire.

Thus, eager to vent their emotions found a way to entrust them to each other. Two unfamiliar hearts were tightly linked together …

Zhang Yiming was the first to get rid of her sorrowful mood. Shocked by her loss of control, she secretly wiped away her tears and then took out a handkerchief to wipe Huanhuan's blushing face. "Don't cry anymore, you're crying like a little kitten …"

Huanhuan sobbed as she looked at the beautiful and gentle aunt, allowing her to wipe away her tears.

"Auntie, you're as beautiful as my mommy. Who are you?"

"I'm Auntie Zhang …" In the future, I'll send you to school, pick you up after school, and accompany you in doing your homework and playing with you, okay? " The moment he finished his words, Huanhuan's eyes widened as a joyous expression instantly appeared on her face.

"Like Mommy used to be?"

"Well, your mommy saw you so sad in the sky and was very anxious, so she sent me to accompany you in her place. She said she loved you very much!" Zhang Yimin was making up a white lie.

"Indeed, Huanhuan was looking at the sky outside the window as if searching for her mother's traces." Can Mommy really see me? What else did she say? Did she miss me? "

"Of course I do. She misses you every day. She wants you to listen to your dad and go to school obediently. She even told your aunt to take good care of her baby …"

"So you will always be with me, and not leave me like Mommy?" Huanhuan held onto Zhang Yimin's hand, anxiously seeking a guarantee.

He was afraid that one day, when he woke up, he would not be able to see his beautiful Aunt Zhang.

"Mm …" As long as you need me, I will always be with you. " Zhang Yiming looked at Huanhuan with a smile as tears welled up in her eyes.

Originally, she had only come here with the intention of giving it a try and didn't have any plans for the future. However, Huanhuan's sensitivity and frailty had effortlessly conquered her heart. She immediately decided to protect this child who had lost his mother no matter what.

Perhaps this was a chance given by the heavens to make up for what she had lost …

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