Surrogacy Wife/C4 Chapter 4
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Surrogacy Wife/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

"How is Huanhuan?" Are you still in an awkward situation? "

Because he was worried about his son, Zhou Hao took advantage of the time to return home. Although he wasn't adept at interacting with his son, he still cared deeply about Huanhuan.

"Uncle Liu was quite pleased to see that the young master had made it back in time." The young master is doing very well, his mood is very good. I don't know how to advise the young master, but he soon skipped down the stairs and said that he had to go to school tomorrow. It has been a long time since I last saw him smiling so happily! "

"Yiyi?" Zhou Hao was momentarily confused.

"It's Miss Zhang! She really does have a way … "

"Is that so? "Where is Huanhuan?" Zhou Hao raised his eyebrows. He could not believe that the tender Zhang Yimin could subdue her son in such a short time. Even Uncle Liu was full of praise for her.

"Take an afternoon nap in his room. I'm in a good mood with him."

Zhou Hao headed towards the second floor and gently opened his son's door.

He saw a woman lying on the side of the door with her back facing him. One of her arms wrapped around Huanhuan as she patted his back. Her long black hair fell down onto the pillow.

This scene caused Zhou Hao to be in a daze.

Ye Qin would always coax the child to sleep like this. She would softly hum nursery rhymes and pat the child's back along the rhythm … And the long, dark, supple hair, which he loved to see scattered on the pillow, and which he loved so much.

As if under a spell, Zhou Hao approached the bed with light footsteps. He squatted down and reached out his hand to stroke his black velvet hair. Using his fingers as a comb, he gently stroked it, full of tender affection.

Zhang Yiming, who was still asleep, felt someone touching her. She quickly turned around and saw a man squatting behind her. She was so scared that she sat up from the bed.

As the hair slipped from his fingers, Zhou Hao looked at his open palm in a daze. His gaze slowly shifted to the stunned Zhang Yiming, who was mesmerized and stopped moving.

She felt her heart beating fast, perhaps because of his sudden appearance or because his gaze seemed to pierce through her soul.

Originally, he had thought that Zhou Hao was too serious to get close to. However, at this moment, his expression was that of a child who thirsted to be loved by others. He thirsted to be hugged …

Her heart felt like it had been struck by someone.

"Mr. Zhou …" She fiddled with her hair uncomfortably, trying to dispel the unusual atmosphere.

As if awakened from a trance, Zhou Hao's eyes narrowed, and he suddenly remembered where he was.

He instantly came back to his senses and stared at Zhang Yiming with his sharp eyes, indicating for her to leave the room. Naturally, it was as if nothing had happened.

Her heart was still pounding as she picked up the hairpin at the end of her bed and tucked her hair into a bun and followed him into the large study.

"Sit!" Zhou Hao asked Zhang Yiran to sit in the chair facing the desk, "Did Huanhuan give you a headache this morning?"

There was no smile on his face, and his eyes shone with the light of a businessman. Zhang Yimin felt that this scene was like an interview and her expression was also very cautious. "Not bad, Huanhuan is actually very obedient. He is just more sensitive than the average child …"

"Is that so? "But he's been very stubborn recently. He's been arguing and not going to school all day. Even I can't do anything about him …"

Zhang Yimin was not surprised by Zhou Hao's words. Based on her observation this morning, it was clear that Zhou Hao's way of teaching his children was inappropriate. Well, the child had a reason for every movement. "Since Huanhuan refused to attend school, there must be a reason why he doesn't want to attend school …"

"Did you get the reason?" He knew this, but the child didn't say anything.

"En!" Zhang Yiming nodded and then explained why Huanhuan didn't want to go to school.

Hearing that, Zhou Hao slowly let out a breath and leaned back in his chair, as if he had suffered a huge blow.

He could easily guess the reason, but he didn't care about the child's feelings at all. He only knew how to scold him, as he really wasn't a good father …

Seeing the remorse on Zhou Hao's face, Zhang Yiming could not bear to see it anymore. "Mr. Zhou, you are just not used to communicating with your child. Perhaps it is because you are too busy and do not have the time to accompany Huanhuan …"

"That's why I need you to accompany him. I think Zi Tan told you about my family's situation." Actually, Zhou Hao was very grateful for his good friend's suggestion. With someone accompanying Huanhuan, he would have nothing to worry about, just like when Ye Qin was around.

Moreover, this little woman was able to settle her son in half a day, and she had caused Uncle Liu to admire her greatly. It was obvious that she had some ability.

"However, Zhang Yimin did not agree with Zhou Hao's attitude." "I understand. Even though he has me accompanying Huanhuan, but a child still needs kinship the most. He also longs for you to accompany him …"

"I'd love to, but I'm busy." Zhou Hao gave an excuse that he could not even convince himself. Only he knew the real reason.

"I know you're busy, but children who lost their mothers would often turn to their father for comfort. Because of that, they would stick to their father even more …"

Knowing what Zhang Yiming was going to say, Zhou Hao impatiently interrupted her, "I know. Anyway, I will accompany him more when I have time in the future. I will trouble you with the rest of the time. As for the salary …" I'll pay you eighty thousand dollars a month for meals and shelter, and for Sundays, that's all! " Zhou Hao turned his head towards the window, looking as if he did not want to talk much.

Zhang Yi Qing looked worriedly at Zhou Hao. He was obviously evading something. He had built a high wall for her that was difficult for her to cross. It was like a completely different person compared to that helpless man just now.

Zhang Yiming sighed from the bottom of her heart. That... I'll go out first. "

Before she got up, she couldn't help but turn back and look at him once more before slowly walking out of the study. She didn't know that Zhou Hao was watching her through the window.

It was only when the door to the study was closed that he lowered his head to stare at his palm for a long time …

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