Surrogacy Wife/C6 Chapter 6
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Surrogacy Wife/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

"Mm …" As if she had been struck by lightning, she fearfully pushed Zhou Hao away, knowing that if she continued like this, she would fall into a situation where she could not free herself.

She shouldn't pretend to be a dead person, she should only be in love with a moment of tenderness.

"I... I am not... She clutched her chest, her limpid eyes full of affection for Zhou Hao.

"Ye Qin, don't go …" Zhou Hao reached out his hand and Zhang Yimin took a step back to let him only catch the cool air. "Don't go …"

"I'm not …" She tried to bring his sanity back, and his stupidity brought tears to her eyes.

Zhou Hao struggled to blink away the tears and mist in his eyes. Finally, he was able to clearly see the young woman in front of him.

"You're not Ye Qin …" He took a few steps back and slumped down on the swing. He buried his face in his hands and kept mumbling, "She's not coming back …" "I won't …"

Zhang Yiming covered her mouth, afraid that she would cry.

At this moment, she had the impulse to hug him. She really wanted to pat his back lightly and cherish that lonely and helpless heart … However, she chose to leave quietly.

Such a proud man would definitely not want others to witness his weakness and insolence, especially an unfamiliar woman. Thus, he would hide himself behind the high wall and swallow the pain of losing his true love.

Returning to the attic, Zhang Yimin was leaning against the window, looking at the lonely figure sitting alone on the swing. Her eyes were unblinking. As he lightly touched the neck that had just been kissed, the heat did not dissipate. She had never thought that she would allow herself to be kissed and caressed by a strange man, not in the least repulsed, not even in the least fond of him; she had no idea that a man's tears were so moving, more so his smile, his position.

Perhaps, the tears of the weak could make a person lose their guard more than the aura of a strong person. Especially a woman like her, who had experienced the same things before, it was easier for her to devote herself to feelings because of her sympathy, which was why she quickly let down her guard against the Zhou father and son …

Zhang Yiming constantly tried to find excuses for her actions, but Zhou Hao's frail eyes were still lingering in her mind. The night had already turned dark, and it was so quiet that it was as if she and he were the only people left in this world. However, her heart could not calm down …

For the next month or so, Zhou Hao almost never went home. He was more engrossed in his work than usual, sleeping in a private suite beside his office.

It was as comfortable as a five-star hotel, but there was an urge to go home.

Before, he didn't want to go home because there was nothing there but emptiness, but now there was something that stopped him even more than emptiness — a desire.

It would send him into a new whirlpool, and he was afraid of the dizziness.

He thought that he would be able to forget it once he was far away, but that feeling spread throughout his body day by day and was about to take over his willpower …

That night, when he woke up, he was upset.

Actually, he wasn't that drunk. He just didn't want to wake himself up. Twice in a row, he lost his wits over a woman he was unfamiliar with. It was completely unlike what he would do if he was calm and collected.

Perhaps it was because it had been too long since there was a woman in the house that she took that similarly slender figure with long hair as Ye Qin.

So he tried not to go home, lest he indulge in the illusion again.

"What's the reason for our Boss Zhou's rare daze?" A light teasing voice pulled Zhou Hao out from his deep thoughts.

"Eh? Zi Tan, when did you come back? " Seeing his old friend standing at the door and smiling brightly, Zhou Hao was a little overjoyed, "Why didn't you inform me when you're back?"

"Notifying first is meaningless. Otherwise, how could I see your silly look?" Wang Tan walked towards his old friend, laughing very heartily.

Although the cheerful and enthusiastic Prince Tan and the serious and reserved Zhou Hao had characters that were worlds apart, the two of them were extremely mature.

"How long are you going to be back?" After Ye Qin's funeral, Prince Tan returned to the M Country after accompanying Zhou Hao for over a month in Luoyang City. The two of them never saw each other again.

"Two months? That should be long enough, right?"

"What?" Has your company collapsed? Otherwise, how could you, the boss, stay away from work for so long? " Zhou Hao teased Prince Tan, only in front of his brothers would he be so relaxed.

"Well, how could my small company compare with your listed company? "Just leave the small business to the people below. Why are you being so serious? It's not like someone's been busy for more than a month and hasn't returned home …"

"You've been to my house?"

"I see! "My foster son will soon forget his father. Since you don't have time to accompany him, you might as well let me bring you to M Country!"

"I... "I'm really very busy …" "… …" Zhou Hao smiled bitterly. How is Huanhuan? I'm very relieved to have you, Miss Zhang, to take care of me. "

"Hey, I didn't ask you to throw your son completely to her by looking for Yicheng. Don't forget, you are the father of a child, and no one can replace you." Wang Tan couldn't help but protest.

"She …" Are you all right? Is Huanhuan annoying her too much? "

"Huanhuan is very obedient and likes to be in a good mood. However, Yimin said that he would look at the pictures of your family every night before going to bed. She kept asking, "Why isn't father coming home …" How do you expect her to answer? " The Prince's Dutchman's words were full of reproach, "Hey, I finally managed to convince Yating to accept this job. Don't let her get tired out, I'll feel sorry for her!"

"Prince Tan's words disturbed Zhou Hao's heartbeat." Heartache? You... Like her? "

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