Surrogacy Wife/C8 Chapter 8
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Surrogacy Wife/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

"No …." Never mind... You're drunk... "That's why I chose the wrong person …" Zhang Yiming's face immediately turned red.

In fact, there was not a day when she did not think about it. She hadn't seen him for a month. Ever since he had entered the room, her eyes had never left him. She tried to find the affection that had shaken her that night on his face, but she was disappointed.

"I promise I won't do it again. I hope you can stay in peace." Zhou Hao was afraid that Zhang Yicheng would leave just like that. This was also the reason why he didn't dare to return home for such a long time.

"Yes, I have already promised Huanhuan that I will not leave just like that." Zhang Yimin did not expect Zhou Hao to apologize, and she also hurriedly expressed her desire.

"That's good …"

Four eyes met, and there was a moment of silence.

"Hello, Mr. Zhou, Miss Zhang, if you don't come soon, we will finish all the dishes!" Prince Tan's loud voice came from the other side of the restaurant.

Zhou Hao gestured to Zhang Yiqing to go ahead. Eat! Zhang Xiao... "Hmm …" "I'm in a good mood."

"En!" Zhang Yimin smiled at Zhou Hao and was the first to leave.

The Zhou family had not been so lively in a long time. Even Uncle Liu sat down to eat with them.

Because Prince Tan Li liked to be funny, he could not stop laughing at the banquet, and the happiest was none other than Huanhuan.

After dinner, the three of them enjoyed dessert and chatted while drinking red wine. Zhang Yimin also drank a few cups while Monastery ran back and forth in the yard.

"Yelei, are you used to this place? If Zhou Hao dares to bully you, just say it, and let me, your big brother, help you vent your anger! " Prince Tan Li looked at the two of them with a joking look.

Zhang Yiming's blushing face turned even more bashful. Big Brother Wang, stop messing around … Mr. Zhou is very kind to me... "You are too courteous …" Thinking about that night's affair, she almost blurted out the last two words.

"Polite? "Yes, the two of you, Mr. Zhou and Miss Zhang, are really very polite." "Seeing Zhou Hao's uncomfortable expression, Prince Tan Tan had the thought of trying to get the two of them together." Aren't you both my best friends? "Zhou Hao, don't you think so?"

Towards a good friend's bluntness, Zhou Hao could only shake his head and smile, "Indeed …" "However, I am very grateful for your introduction. Huanhuan has indeed become a lot more spirited, and her entire being has become lively."

"Does that even need to be said? "Yimin is the best at being a child, and she loves children very much. It can be said that a mother's love is useless even when it's empty. This is exactly what Huanhuan needs the most right now, so the two of them clap together …"

Seeing that Huanhuan had regained her former liveliness, Zhou Hao no longer frowned. Zhang Yimin's happy expression seemed to have found a way to entrust her heart to him. He admired his foresight even more, but he was still a little too pleased with himself.

"Zhang Yimin immediately stopped him and threw him a warning look." Big Brother Wang! "

Prince Tan returned her gaze, telling her to be at ease. " This is the truth! "You have always loved children. It seems like you and Huanhuan are fated to meet …"

Zhou Hao couldn't understand the look in their eyes, but he wanted to know more about Zhang Yicheng. When did Yiyi come to study in M Country? Do you have any family members in Luoyang City? "

"I went to a university and research institute in M Country. My parents both passed away. I'm the only one left …" There was a sense of loneliness in her answer. In fact, she was not really "alone" in this world.

"Hearing the bitterness in her tone, Zhou Hao was also extremely touched." "I understand that feeling..." After his wife left, he really had a feeling of helplessness.

Their gazes met, and it seemed as if their eyes were locked.

"Mm …" "One of you is a circle with a missing corner, the other is a lonely corner. Why don't you put it together to form a complete circle …" The moon shone brightly, and Prince Tan also became emotional. "This morning Huan Huan secretly told me that I want to be in a good mood and be his mother!"

"Brother Wang, don't speak nonsense!" She really wanted to find a hole to hide in!

Zhang Yiqing's face was as red as a ripe persimmon. She quickly summoned Huanhuan to avoid Wang Tan's mocking smile, "It's already 9: 30, Huanhuan should go to bed. You guys chat slowly, I'll take Huanhuan upstairs." Before she left, she stole a glance at Zhou Hao and discovered that he was looking at her with interest and a smile in his eyes.

Zhou Hao followed the two into the house, his heart also following them upstairs.

"Once again, Wang Tan tried to test his old friend's feelings." "Hey, do you think this is a lost part of you?"

"Zhou Hao did not answer, but left behind a sentence." I'll go take a look at Huanhuan and I'll be right back. "

"Hey, you're leaving just like that? You haven't answered my question yet... "

Wang Tan raised his cup to the bright moon and suddenly felt very lonely.

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