Surrogacy Wife/C9 Chapter 9
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Surrogacy Wife/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

"So, Brother Pig just casually built a thatched cottage …"

As Zhou Hao walked towards Huanhuan's room, he heard a gentle voice coming from inside.

It was the story of another three little pigs! The child never gets tired of hearing about it.

Zhou Hao stood at the door looking at the figure that was nestling against each other on the bed. He couldn't help but let out a faint smile.

"Yes." Huanhuan yawned heavily. The moment she discovered her father's figure, she immediately stopped sleeping. Dad, you tell me about the three little pigs! "

"Daddy doesn't know how to tell. Auntie Yimin's lecture is better." Zhou Hao sat down on the other side of the bed and also leaned beside Yan Zhu. "Continue!" Dad has to listen to stories to be able to sleep. "

His relaxed and contented appearance caused Zhang Yi Qing to chuckle.

"No!" I want my dad to tell me... " Her father had never told her a story, and Huanhuan was filled with anticipation.

Zhang Yimin immediately handed the storybook to Zhou Hao, looking like she was watching a good show. "Daddy Qi said it's time to tell the story!"

"Alright, since you all aren't afraid of nightmares after listening to it …" Zhou Hao glanced at Zhang Yimin and accepted her war letter.

Thus, Big Boss Qi's first maiden performance was so quick that he stammered. Huanhuan's constant corrections and protests finally ended, and the three of them burst out into laughter.

"Alright!" It's time to sleep. "

"Huanhuan laid down. One of her small hands grabbed her father's hand and the other grabbed Zhang Yimin's." "Don't leave, come with me …"

Zhou Hao could not bear to refuse the child's begging expression. He glanced at Zhang Yiran before lying down beside his son. Hm! "Daddy won't leave, auntie won't leave either …"

Zhang Yiqing also laid down, and the two of them faced Huanhuan as they both patted his chest.

Huanhuan muttered a request, "Sing for me …"

As their gazes met, Zhou Hao learned from his son's shamelessness. "I want to hear it too …"

Zhang Yimin pretended to be helpless, pursed her lips, and then hummed, "Shake the baby song."

A clear and melodious voice filled with emotion filled the entire room. Her gentle and loving expression was like a magnet. Zhou Hao's gaze could no longer move away from her face.

His chest was full of emotions. From the moment he stepped into the room until now, he had not been able to calm down.

Ever since Ye Qin left, he thought that it was impossible for him to smile so heartily and become so intimate with his child — even when she was here, he had never accompanied her to bed, let alone told her stories.

When he first saw Zhang Yiming telling a story to Huanhuan, a warm and peaceful feeling filled his heart. He could not help but be attracted and was reluctant to leave.

Perhaps, the lost warmth made him cherish it more. Thus, he began to have expectations, because she, Zhang Yimin's, thoughts were also inseparable from Zhou Hao who was lying on the other side. This man had always surprised her. At first he had been tense, but when he took off his mask, he had moved her; at first he had been a playful boy, but now he was looking at her with a tender look in his eyes. Her heart fell, bit by bit, as his emotions fluctuated.

No one moved their eyes away, their two hands clapping and touching. The thick palm grabbed onto the slender hand, no longer releasing it.

"Hey!" "Zhou Hao …" Wang Tan's mouth formed an 'O' shape as he stood in the doorway.

He had had enough to drink by himself, and he was tired of the night view. He went upstairs to find out where everyone was, but he found nothing.

Just as he was about to make a match for the two of them, he actually caught them in bed.

"Shh …" The two of them suddenly separated their tightly held hands, simultaneously asking the uninvited guest to whisper a little.

Seeing that Huanhuan was already asleep, the two of them tacitly pulled the child out of bed and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"I... "I'll head back to my room first." Zhang Yiqing shyly said good night and hurried upstairs.

"This... Zhou Hao, aren't you a little too fast? " Prince Tan had never seen Zhang Yimin act so bashful before. His eyes opened even wider than before.

Zhou Hao looked at Zhang Yimin's slender figure with lustful eyes. He only rolled his eyes at Prince Tan when she had disappeared from his sight and went downstairs by herself.

Walking out of the living room, he went straight to the rocking chair and sat down, gazing at the night scenery below.

"Bro, you're too ungrateful. To think that I've only been playing matchmaker for half a day. So you've already taken action, and you still said it's impossible to fall in love with a woman other than Ye Qin. Isn't this clearly calling me over?" Wang Tan rudely blocked Zhou Hao's line of sight, and put on a heartbroken expression.

Of course, Zhou Hao knew that his good friend only liked to cause trouble, so he did not stand on ceremony with him. So noisy! "

"Looking at Zhou Hao's obviously impatient expression, Wang Tan no longer teased him." Hey, are you serious? Or is he too lonely, wanting to find someone to fill the gap? " he asked sternly.

Too many people let themselves fall into a relationship because of loneliness. He did not want his good friend to start another relationship to treat his injuries. He also did not want to see Zhang Yiming get hurt because of this. Just now when he saw her plum and peach face, he was obviously moved.

As expected, the situation developed as he had expected, but he was a little worried about Zhou Hao's motives.

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