Survival in Desolate Land with Her/C1 There Are Unpredictable Clouds in the Sky
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Survival in Desolate Land with Her/C1 There Are Unpredictable Clouds in the Sky
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C1 There Are Unpredictable Clouds in the Sky

It's dark all around

My body was suspended in this endless darkness.

There was a girl calling my name.

"Xiao Chen? Xiao Chen! "

As the darkness faded, I snapped open my eyes.

"Xiao Chen! Get up! The wave is coming! " A girl in a white short-sleeved shirt was tugging at my arm, and when I looked forward, no, a huge wave was crashing down on me like a furious beast.

I shuddered, and the dizziness in my head was swept away. I jumped up from the ground and ran back a few steps with the girl who had just called out to me, just in time to escape from the onslaught of the huge wave on the shore.

We both fell to the ground, panting.

I looked around and saw a dense forest behind me, with endless beaches on either side.

F * ck.

Where is this?

But I soon remembered that this was an island!

I am a sophomore at the Songjiang City Academy of Technology. Three days ago, I registered to participate in the school's Spring Festival and went out to sea.

Of course, I am not only here to play, because the school has spent a lot of money to invite the popular internet singer, Xia Ran, to act for us on the cruise ship. This Xia Ran is my dream goddess, so to catch a glimpse of her beauty, many boys have already signed up.

There were also rumored to be outdoor activities at sea, and the guides informed us in advance that we were all ready for bathing suits, which meant that I could see the beautiful figures of young girls in bathing suits at school.

But the weather was unpredictable, and within an hour the steamboat had been hit by a sudden storm. The wind and the sea smashed our ship to pieces, and some of us fled in lifeboats while the rest floated with the pieces of the ship in their arms.

Oddly enough, I couldn't swim, but the moment the ship sank to the bottom, I felt a strange power in me that caused my hands and feet to splash in the water. If it weren't for that, I would have drowned long ago.

Fortunately, the cruise ship was just next to an island, so I swam as hard as I could toward the shore. I vaguely remember that there were a few other people who seemed to be swimming towards the shore as well, and just as I was about to reach the shore, I was hit by a violent wave and lost the last of my strength.

And then he was woken up by the girl in the white short-sleeved shirt just now.

We were both sitting on the ground, panting, looking at the still raging wind and waves in the distance. The sky was also covered in dark clouds, which made my mood drop to the bottom of the valley.

Fuck, where is the goddess Xia Ran in my dreams? Where did the swimsuit girl go? Was the heavens messing with me?

As for the girl who just saved me, she's none other than our school's famous school beauty, Chen Mengyu.

This Chen Mengyu is the goddess in the minds of all the male students in the academy. She is beautiful and sociable, countless people have fantasized about spending the night with her, I am no exception.

I was pretty sure that she didn't know me at all. She only knew my name because the nameplate on my chest was engraved with my own name. It was a pass to enter the cruise ship and everyone had to wear it.

"Thank you," I said. "If you hadn't woken me up just now, I'm afraid that I would have already been washed away by the waves."

"No need to be polite," Chen Mengyu's expression was extremely gloomy, it seemed that her mood was the same as mine, her originally supple hair had also been blown away by the waves, and she revealed a look of distress.

By now, I had basically recovered. At the same time, the feeling of being full of power that I had felt when I fell into the water appeared again. I stood up and jumped a few times.

"What about the others?" I asked.

"I don't know either." Chen Mengyu shook his head: "I just woke up."

I thought to myself, it seems like I was washed up with her, but she woke up before me for a while.

Just then, I realised that Chen Mengyu's entire body was trembling and her lips were white.

Chen Mengyu did not utter a word, and I did not care anymore. I directly touched her forehead, and discovered that it was boiling hot.

It was still raining heavily, and I thought that if I kept going I'd freeze her out, so I quickly took off my clothes and draped them over her. I wrapped my arms around her and took her into the woods behind me.

There were a few tall coconut trees outside the forest, and further in was an even denser forest. It was clearly a place that humans had never entered before. The canopy blocked out the sun, which was just perfect for blocking out the rain.

I quickly dragged Chen Mengyu to the edge of the forest and found a place with the least rain as I sat down. Chen Mengyu's shivering was even more intense now, so I could only forcefully hold her tightly in my embrace.

At the start, Chen Mengyu still felt a little bad, her face was red, but in the end, it was probably because she felt that she had warmed up a little, that her expression gradually returned to normal.

Fortunately, this kind of torrential rain came and left quickly. The weather completely cleared up after less than ten minutes or so, and the hot sunlight shined down instantly. I once again brought Chen Mengyu back to the beach. At the same time, the waves on the sea also calmed down.

Only then did I realize that the remains of the ship's hull were scattered all over the sea. I stuck my head out and looked for a while to see if there were any suitcases, parcels, or anything like that that that flowed to the shore. After all, this was an isolated island and I didn't know when I would be able to rescue them.

However, there wasn't any …

I was disappointed.

Chen Mengyu's condition was much better than before, but she still had a dispirited look, I think that it was definitely not just the two of us, because at that time, there were a total of more than 500 people on the ship! Amongst them, four hundred of them were our school's students and teachers, while the rest were some invited performers and some famous figures in the Songjiang City. These people came here to support the school's celebration, but didn't expect to encounter such a huge accident …

With such a large number of people, if we were washed ashore, then there would definitely be others who would come up as well.

After that, I told Chen Mengyu to wait at the same place, and quickly ran out along the beach.

After running about a few hundred meters, I saw another group of people at the beach in front of me. There were five of them, and all of them were male, and it was obvious that they had only gone ashore for a short while. Their clothes and hair were all wet, and one of them was even someone from my class, called Liu Yong.

This man's body was as strong as a cow, and his temper was quite explosive. Few people dared to provoke him at school, and from afar, I could see that he seemed to be talking to the other four boys. It seemed that he had already become their leader.

I hastily shouted. These people immediately noticed me and ran towards me.

"Xiao Chen? You actually didn't die? " Liu Yong said.

I was upset, as if I deserved to die in his eyes.

However, I can't blame him for all of this. I am one of those people in the class who are not very outstanding in every aspect. Furthermore, I am very thin and weak. I am indeed the ideal candidate to be drowned to death.

"I'm lucky." I snapped, "Did you see anyone else?"

Liu Yong shook his head.

I immediately explained the situation where Chen Mengyu was together with me to the other four boys and their faces immediately lit up as they asked where I was.

I thought to myself that there was no saving these few people, as they had already fallen to such a state, they did not forget the beauty of women, but instead, it was Liu Yong who did not have any special performances.

At the same time, I made a mental note to myself in advance. This kind of damned place isn't governed by the law, if the few of them dare to mess around, I'll fight them to the death. After all, to some extent, my life was given to me by Chen Mengyu.

However, we are weak at the moment, so we have to unite as many people as possible. God knows if there are any ferocious beasts on this island.

Very quickly, I brought them back to Chen Mengyu's side. Those few boys immediately surrounded them, but they were stopped by Liu Yong, who pointed at Chen Mengyu and said: "No! She can't stay with us! "

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