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C18 Live in the Same Room

Putting down the soup in her hands, Su Luo obediently sat beside Lyi Sheng.

She did not know how to speak in this kind of awkward and mysterious atmosphere.

Martial Mother bent down to take Su Luo's bowl and began to pour a bowl of fish soup over, "Come, Luoluo, try the fish soup I made. It just happens to warm your body. It's quite cold outside, right?"

Su Luo obediently took the fish soup and nodded, "Thank you, Master's mother."

"Alright, let's eat. The two of you can eat by yourselves. Also, let's talk about something. Who are you two looking at with a straight face? "

"Then let me ask again. When are you going to get married?"

Su Luo had just taken a sip of the fish soup and was so scared by the old man's words that she almost spat it out. She tried her best to swallow it but Su Luo choked.

"Ahem, ahem, ahem."

Lyi Sheng quickly wrapped his arms around Su Luo's body and helped pat her back to catch his breath.

The old master saw their actions and his expression became much gentler.

"I didn't force you. However, someone told me that the two of you were only working together to trick the two of us so that we could be at ease, right?"

Su Luo's face turned pale as she silently cursed in her heart, Damn it, which bastard is the one who told the secret?

However, Su Luo's expression was not right and the old man did not notice it. It was only because he choked on the soup that he choked.

As for Lyi Sheng, his expressionless face, it was strange that he could see something.

"Teacher, I don't know who said it. What kind of purpose does he have? But now that Luoluo has moved over to live with me, this is also true. As for getting married, Luoluo is still young, so there's no hurry."

Su Luo finally coughed a little more smoothly, listening to Lyi Sheng's serious words that were not considered a lie. He had to give her a secret thumbs-up.

Indeed, she was currently living under the same roof as Mr Lyi. Moreover, Mr Lyi did not mention anything about marriage to him. Yes, it was all true. She had even managed to stabilize the old man. It was really too high.

However, as the saying goes: The devil is a foot tall, ten feet tall. As expected, the ginger is still old and spicy.

"Alright, let's eat. Your mother said that she really liked Luoluo. After dinner tonight, she would stay. We still have an empty guest room here. The one Sheng always stayed in. "Is that so, old lady?"

Of course, Mistress nodded in agreement.

Su Luo lowered her head and drank the soup. What could she do? She could only let nature take its course. Anyway, Mr Lyi liked men. Yes, he was fearless.


Lyi Sheng knew what the old man meant. He was just trying to test them.

After dinner, Su Luo followed her mother to clean up the guest room.

She heard that when she was a student, she would sometimes talk to the old master too late and Lyi Sheng would stay here.

In the closet. In the wardrobe, there were also some clothes that Lyi Sheng had changed into. Almost all of them were white shirts. They were neatly arranged without any creases.

"You came in a hurry. My clothes are not suitable for you. When you sleep at night, pick a shirt from Sheng as your pajamas. Don't worry, it's long enough."

After saying that, Mistress even winked at Su Luo.

Su Luo could only smile bitterly. She had no choice but to lower her head when she was under the roof.

"Then you should wash up early. Young people shouldn't be too indulgent."

Mistress's words immediately made Su Luo blush like a monkey's butt.

When Mistress went out, Lyi Sheng also came back.

Lyi Sheng's usual expressionless face seemed to crack when he saw his mother's ambiguous smile.

"Mr Lyi."

Su Luo was a little conflicted as she sat on the bed and slept in the same room with the boy. This was the first time she had slept in the same room as him. Of course, she did not consider him as her brother.

That night when the thunder and lightning were cut off, Su Luo drank wine and naturally did not remember sleeping in Lyi Sheng's arms all night long.

Lyi Sheng raised his finger and made a gesture of silencing his lips. Then he bent over and whispered into Su Luo's ear, "This room's soundproofing is not good. Teacher lives next door."

Was he reminding himself not to say something he should not say?

But Su Luo bitterly pointed at the pitiful blanket on the bed.

The question was very clear.

A bed, a blanket, how to sleep?

"Hey, old man, what are you listening to?"

"Go, go, go, don't make a noise. I didn't hear anything."

On the other side of the wall, the teacher and teacher's mother's voices were heard. Thinking of the scene where the two of them were fighting over the wall, Su Luo frowned.

It seems like these two elders only noticed that the soundproofing effect of this room was not good, but they forgot about their own room...

"Mr Lyi, go wash up first."

Su Luo was a little embarrassed looking at Lyi Sheng now. Although she had just hypnotized Lyi Sheng to only like men, she still could not be calm.

Lyi Sheng looked at her and took the underwear he had replaced into the bathroom.

Su Luo could vaguely see that Lyi Sheng had pulled open a drawer. There were black men's underwear in it, and his face was even hotter.

After a while, He was wearing a cotton T-shirt. But it didn't seem to fit him well. He must have bought it when he was still in college. It was a little smaller, so it fit perfectly into Lyi Sheng's perfect body.

"I don't have any pajamas here, so I'll get off."

As if to explain, Lyi Sheng casually took out a shirt of his and handed it to Su Luo.

Su Luo grabbed the shirt and rushed into the bathroom.

Lyi Sheng could not help but laugh. Was he a beast? If that was the case, he would have killed Su Liu on the first day he pushed her over.

The warm water flowed on her body. The comfortable feeling made Su Luo forget her previous embarrassment for a moment.

Only when she turned off the water and took the towel did Su Luo realize that she did not have any toiletries here. The shelves were all Lyi Sheng's.


"If you don't mind, just use it."

Lyi Sheng was a little embarrassed outside. When he heard the sound of the water stopping, he suddenly remembered the towel.

He couldn't just put his clothes on when he was wet, could he? Helplessly, Su Luo could only use Lyi Sheng's towel.

On the towel. The towel had a faint smell of soap pods, similar to Lyi Sheng's body. It smelled good.

After wiping her body clean, Su Luo put a cushion on the inside of her small body before putting on Lyi Sheng's shirt.

She had no choice. She did not bring anything, and she could not bear the fact that her underwear was not clean, so she could only do as she was told.

"Are you done washing? I'll give you a toothbrush."

After a while, Lyi Sheng knocked on the door.

As expected, his wife insisted that she didn't have a towel. After all, she had given him a new one because she was concerned about hygiene.

Su Luo tidied her clothes and then opened the door bashfully.

The length of her shirt was close to her thigh. She did not dare to make any big movements.

The collar of her shirt was a little bigger. Su Luo obediently buttoned the first button but she could still see the shape of her collarbone.

Lyi Sheng's entire body froze. At this moment, he had to admit that Su Luo was very beautiful. She was so beautiful that no man could resist her.

And he was a man.

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