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C19 Making a Play out of It

From time to time, rustling sounds of conversation could be heard in the room next door. It seemed like there was something weighing down on them, but Lyi Sheng and Su Luo understood that their teacher and teacher's mother were still listening to the footsteps of the wall.

In that case, the current situation was very awkward.

In order to pull down the hem of her shirt, Su Luo bent her entire body slightly forward.

As a gentleman, Lyi Sheng felt that he should look away at this moment. But...

After a while, Lyi Sheng turned half of his body away, pointed to the bed, and signaled Su Luo to go to bed. Of course, Lyi Sheng could only sleep on the bed with Su Luo.

In order to make the teacher feel at ease, Lyi Sheng and the others could only do so.

Furthermore, the teacher and the teacher's mother were both very worried about his marriage. Perhaps they had some confidence in their hearts. Lyi Sheng and Su Luo were just working together to show them off. They were still trying their best to matchmake.

Firstly, they had only prepared one blanket. Secondly, they had damaged the air conditioner in this room. Thirdly, they had caught Lyi Sheng and the others accurately. They would definitely not leave this room to sleep for the sake of continuing their act. It could be said that they were very thoughtful.

"Luoluo, the air conditioner is broken. Hurry up and get on the bed. Don't freeze."

As he spoke, Lyi Sheng turned his head to look at the wall. First of all, he wanted to look away from his disobedient gaze. Secondly, he wanted to tell Su Luo that he was acting for the teacher behind the wall to remind Su Luo to cooperate.

Although Su Luo sometimes looked a little silly, she was still very smart when she should be smart.

She nodded at Lyi Sheng and then plunged into the bed. Her bare legs touched the soft fabric and Su Luo could not help but shiver.

Hiss, Martial Mother and the rest are really competing. They let me wear this little bit of pajamas in such a cold weather and even destroyed the air conditioner manually. As expected of a highly educated talent.

"Mr Lyi, it's so cold. Quickly come over too. En..." Su Luo said and suddenly paused. Her lowered face turned a little red. After taking a light breath, she continued, "Come over and hug me."

"Bang, bang."

Suddenly, there was the sound of something heavy hitting the ground next door. Immediately after, there was the sound of Shi Mu's voice.

"Ouch, hey, old man. I told you not to be agitated and not to be agitated. You didn't dodge your waist, did you?"

The old man seemed to have been helped up by his wife. It seemed like nothing had happened.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Next time, I will beat that little bastard Ji Ann to death. What are you talking about? I see Sheng and the little girl from the Su family. That's good, man. Otherwise, how could she take the initiative to get close to a man just because of her temper? "

The room next door was still nagging. Lyi Sheng looked at Su Luo with a probing look in his eyes. It seemed like... there was more than one thing before. Su Luo seemed to be very resistant to men. However...

"Luoluo, let's go to Teacher's place to take a look."

Lyi Sheng suddenly took off his cotton t-shirt and pulled Su Luo to knock on the door next door.

Su Luo still did not react. When her mind turned again, she found herself half in Mr Lyi's arms.


"Hey, you two are..."

It was Shi Mu who came to open the door. She probably didn't expect to see such an exciting scene when she opened the door. Shi Mu quickly turned her head away.

"Shi Mu, I just heard something in your room. So we were worried, so we came over to take a look. Is Teacher alright?" As if he had suddenly noticed something, Lyi Sheng suddenly hugged Su Luo who was half snuggled up in his arms. After that, his ears turned slightly red and he added an explanation. "The weather is a little cold. Luoluo is wearing a little less."

Tsk tsk, this is not just a bit less, but also a bit less. Sheng's untidy clothes. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's not good to be young, it's not good to be young.

"Ah, it's fine, it's fine. This old man just dropped the cup of water when he was drinking."

Madam Shi lied in all seriousness. She was ready to drive him away at the speed of light.

Lyi Sheng expressed his worry nervously. It was a long while before he returned to his room after Mistress drove him away.

The moment the back door closed, Lyi Sheng let go of Su Luo's waist and rushed straight into the bathroom.

When he pulled Su Luo over, her lips brushed against Lyi Sheng's chest.

After he forced himself to finish his act in front of his wife, Lyi Sheng could not bear it anymore and quickly avoided Su Luo. He could not lose face in front of Su Luo. She was just her brother who helped him take care of her.

Warm and cool water poured on his body. Lyi Sheng was a little annoyed as he reached his hand through his hair. His other hand was working diligently.

Lyi Sheng asked himself that he was not an irrational person. But in a short month or so, because of the same person... This was really...

Could it be that he has been suppressing it for too long? But when it came to Xin, this girlfriend, he did not have any reaction at all. Ah Xi, it must be that Guan Xin that little girl was too childish. Coupled with her carefree manner like a boy, how could there be any reaction? Lyi Sheng said to himself, anesthetizing himself.

In the future, try to avoid touching Su Luo as much as possible. Anyway, the villa is currently related to Xin and can take care of her.

After gradually calming down, Lyi Sheng closed the shower and put on his clothes to go out.

Su Luo had already fallen asleep on the bed. Her body was half bent and she slept very soundly. Lyi Sheng used a towel to wipe his hair. He was afraid that he would use the hair dryer to disturb Su Luo. Then, he rubbed his hands and climbed onto the bed.

He remembered that someone had said it before. Su Luo's sleeping posture was when every baby was still in their mother's womb. It was a sign of insecurity.

The bed beside her was dented. Su Luo, who was in a shallow sleep, frowned as if she was about to wake up.

Lyi Sheng slowed down and slowly laid down. He did not wake Su Luo up. After turning off the lights in the room, Lyi Sheng closed his eyes and was about to sleep. Suddenly, he thought of something. He reached out and turned on the lamp at the head of the bed.

"Luoluo is afraid of the dark."

He still remembered what Su Liu had said.

He could finally have a good rest. Lyi Sheng closed his eyes. There was an arm's distance between him and Su Luo. This was considered a relatively safe distance.

He pressed on Su Luo's slender body and might not even be able to touch Lyi Sheng with a flip of his body.

However, Lyi Sheng woke up in the middle of the night.

It had nothing to do with anything else. Su Luo had unknowingly rolled into his arms. Her right hand had squeezed into his arms and was hugging him.

"Big brother."

She called out unconsciously. Su Luo's chin rubbed against Lyi Sheng's back, but there was no movement.

It seemed that they had been in contact with each other quite frequently recently, so Su Luo had gotten used to his smell. Perhaps it could be said that she did not reject him. If that brat Su Liu knew that younger sister was willing to be so close to him, his nose would probably be crooked from anger.

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