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C20 Settle Su Liu

Lyi Sheng took the phone from the bedside table and turned around. He pinched Su Luo's nose and took a photo.

He saw Su Luo. Lyi Sheng was about to wake up because his breathing was not smooth. He quickly stopped and turned around.

The yellow light from the bedside lamp gently reflected on Su Luo's face. In addition to Su Luo sleeping peacefully, she looked very cute in the photo.

Lyi Sheng looked at the photo on the phone and could not help but smile. His chest trembled slightly and he laughed a few times before he froze.

Since when did he act so childish... He clicked on the picture and the menu at the bottom of it showed. Lyi Sheng's slender fingers pressed the word 'delete' and the screen of the phone popped up. Choose whether to delete it or not. Lyi Sheng hesitated for two seconds before he clicked cancel and turned off his phone.

Su Luo had a good night's dream. When she woke up in the morning, there was no one in the room. There was a clock on the wall and the needle was pointing at 8.15. It seemed to be a little late.

After washing up in a hurry, Su Luo put on the clothes she had worn yesterday. She pulled her hair a few times and quickly went downstairs.

Downstairs, breakfast was already served at the dining table. The teacher and the other two were sitting at the table chatting. It seemed that the meal had been finished. The rest should be left for her.

"I overslept."

Su Luo scratched her hair in embarrassment and smiled awkwardly.

"It's okay. It's neither late nor late. Quickly sit down and eat breakfast. I put the porridge in the thermos. I'll heat it up for you."

Martial Mother got up enthusiastically and pulled Su Luo over. She pressed her to the seat and sat down. She went to the kitchen with an expression of not allowing any rejection.

Su Luo was even more embarrassed. Fortunately, Lyi Sheng pushed the food over at this time. Su Luo simply buried her head and bitterly ate.

"Teacher, about the marriage," she said. Luoluo and I are both prepared to spend two years. " You know, Su Liu's level of sis-con. It will take me some time to take his precious sister." Lyi Sheng rubbed his nose and continued to lie calmly. "The medical skills overseas are much better than those in China. Master, your condition is not very serious. Although the success rate of the surgery is not high, there is still hope. " Let's just treat it as a desperate gamble. "

"Bah, who are you calling a dead horse?"

The old man slapped Lyi Sheng's head. Su Luo could not tell where he was angry at. Instead, he looked very cute. She could not help laughing at the side, which naturally attracted the old man's eyes.

"I don't care. If you don't marry Luoluo, I won't operate on her."

Originally, she wanted to trick the old man out of the country first. However, she did not expect that the old man would be addicted to cheating.

The last time he said that he only went to treat his illness because Lyi Sheng had found a girlfriend, this time he wanted to push his luck. He wanted to see the wedding notes before he was willing to go out of the country.

If it was someone else, he would have long been impatient with Lyi Sheng's temper. However, the person in front of him was his teacher, the person he respected the most. It could even be said that he was half a family...

"Come, Luoluo, Xiao Mi porridge, quickly drink it while it's hot. Sheng that brat said your stomach isn't good, drinking more Xiao Mi porridge is good for your health."

"Thank you, Martial Mother."

Su Luo received the steaming hot porridge and smiled sweetly at Martial Mother.

The two of them were talking about gunpowder. She did not want to get involved without thinking. Lyi Sheng had dragged her into this matter, so she naturally had to let Lyi Sheng handle it.

Su Luo quietly shrugged her shoulders and muttered in her heart, "Don't blame yourself for not being loyal, so you can drink the porridge in peace.

"Teacher, how about this, you go overseas for treatment first. I will settle Su Liu here and report the situation to you at any time. I guarantee that it will be settled within a year. If it can't be settled within a year, you can come back and personally supervise it."

Lyi Sheng's half-coaxing tone was something Su Luo had never seen before. Probably only people who truly cared about their hearts would show such a look and patience. En, if brother could really be together with Mr Lyi, that would not be too bad.

En, one sentence to settle Su Liu successfully made Su Luo's scattered mind go astray. It was clearly the matter between her and Lyi Sheng, but in the end, she thought of it as the matter between big brother and Mr Lyi. Instead, she sat at the side with a relaxed expression. After all, it had nothing to do with her.

"One year is too long."

The old man shook his head with determination.

"Then... eight months. After all, I have a lot of work to do for your student."

Mr Lyi was indeed hard to come by in ten thousand years. Su Luo slowly sipped her porridge and listened carefully to the conversation beside her while she pricked up her ears.

However, she did not know if she would be silenced after discovering this side of Mr Lyi.

Thinking like this, Su Luo suddenly shrunk her neck and felt a chill down her spine.

"Half a year, no more nonsense. If you agree, I will immediately leave the country."

The old man had already said so. What else could he do? He could only lure him out first. We'll talk about it when the time comes!

"Okay! Since Teacher is already so straightforward, I won't dawdle any longer. Furthermore, I want to marry Luo Luo as soon as possible. Luoluo, right? You should also do your best to help me deal with your brother. "

Settle your big brother!

Su Luo put down her spoon and nodded vigorously.

Alright, In the end, Su Luo's rotten thoughts in the depths of her heart betrayed her brother.

Of course, Su Luo, whose mind was filled with lust, naturally misunderstood the contents of Lyi Sheng and the old master's conversation.

After successfully leaving the old master's house, both of them took a deep breath and drove home. It was afternoon shift, so they didn't need to go to work so early.

When they entered, the door was not locked. It was pushed open. Lyi Sheng and Su Luo saw elder brother and Guan Xin sitting face to face, staring at each other across the tea table.

"Brother, why are you here?"

Su Liu sat on the sofa all night. He could not support himself in the middle and slept for a while. When he woke up, he had fallen asleep. He stiffly turned his aching neck and stared at younger sister up and down with a serious expression.

"Brother, why are you looking at me like that?"

Su Liu's serious expression made Su Luo take a step back in fear. From Su Liu's point of view, Su Luo seemed to have retreated behind Lyi Sheng. This seemingly half-dependent action made Su Liu, who had been waiting for a night, completely furious.

He quickly stood up from the sofa and took a big step towards Lyi Sheng. Without any warning, he swung his fist at Lyi Sheng.

Lyi Sheng reacted quickly. He naturally wouldn't let Su Liu hit him for nothing. Su Luo almost shouted when she saw that her fist was about to touch Lyi Sheng's face. After that, that swift and fierce fist was quickly intercepted by Lyi Sheng's palm. Su Luo then suppressed the scream that was about to come out of her mouth and rushed to her brother and Lyi Sheng's side.

"Brother, why did you attack without saying anything?"

"You've grown up. Your wings have hardened, right?" You've grown so big. This was Su Liu's first time shouting at Su Luo. Su Luo was stunned, but she saw Su Liu continue. Why didn't you say that he took you out in the middle of the night and only came back the next day?"

Su Luo was silent. Yesterday she was worried about acting to comfort her teacher and the rest but she forgot to tell Guan Xin for a while. She did not expect that her brother would also come.

"I am sorry, brother..."

Su Luo did not finish her sentence when she saw Lyi Sheng suddenly throw a fist at Su Liu's abdomen. The two of them immediately started fighting in the living room. Their stance was very fierce. For a moment, Su Luo and Guan Xin did not dare to step forward to stop the fight. Su Luo who was at the side was so anxious that tears were about to fall.

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