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Babe, Kiss Me Goodnight/C18 Don't Touch Him
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C18 Don't Touch Him

"Yes!" "Madam!" Once Sister Hua received the order, she immediately went up to pull Ruan Zhixia.

When Ruan Zhixia heard that Ding Wanyu wanted to take her to the basement, her face changed. The scene of her being locked up in the basement attacked her, making it hard for her to breathe.

"No …." She shook Sister Hua's hand away. "I'm not going to the basement!"

When Ruan Zihann heard that Ding Wanyu was going to lock Ruan Zhixia up in the basement, he immediately got up from the ground and hugged Ruan Zhixia's waist, "Don't! Don't hit my sister! "

Ding Wanyu saw that Ruan Zihann was hugging Ruan Zhixia tightly and Sister Hua couldn't pull it off by herself, so she went up to Ruan Zihann and pulled his hair, "You fool, let go of my hand! Did you hear that!?"

Ruan Zihann's scalp hurt from the tugging, but he still refused to let go of Ruan Zhixia.

Ruan Zhixia's eyes turned red as she saw Ding Wanyu tugging Ruan Zihann's hair with all her might.

She glared at Ding Wanyu furiously and reached out her hand to save Ruan Zihann's short hair that was being held by Ding Wanyu.

Ruan Zhixia patted Ding Wanyu's hands as she said, "I'm Si Muhan's wife now. If you dare to touch me, he won't let you go!"

She wasn't sure if Si Muhan would stand up for her. All she knew was that Si Muhan was her last hope!

The back of her hand was slapped painfully by Ruan Zhixia. Ding Wanyu squeezed Ruan Zhixia's arm viciously, and Ruan Zhixia immediately let go of her hand in pain.

"Si Muhan's wife?"

Ding Wanyu seemed to have heard some kind of funny joke and couldn't stop laughing, "Ruan Zhixia, who do you think you are? You just picked up something my Zirou doesn't want. What are you being so arrogant for? I don't believe that Si Muhan would deal with Ruan Family and me for a slut like you! "

"But you did remind me. You are Si Muhan's wife now, although a cripple, there is nothing to be afraid of. But he is still the Young Master of Si Family after all. I have to give some face to Si Family at least. "Let your younger brother replace everything you've done to Rou'er!"

Ding Wanyu smiled proudly.

How naive!

She thought that since she was married to Si Muhan, she dared to put on airs with her. She clearly didn't want to do anything to her, but she had plenty of ways to make her hurt even more.

For example, Ruan Zihann.

Didn't she care a lot about that little fool?

Then let that little fool take her place.

"Sister Hua, take Ruan Zihann to the basement. Let our Young Madame have a good look at her brother.

When Sister Hua heard this, she immediately let go of Ruan Zhixia and turned around to pull Ruan Zihann away.

"Scram!" Do not touch him! "

Ruan Zhixia pushed Sister Hua away and hugged Ruan Zihann.

She could endure whatever Ding Wanyu did to her.

But only Zihann.

She couldn't let him get hurt.

Absolutely not!

Ruan Zhixia pushed Sister Hua until she staggered a few times and almost fell to the ground.

Seeing Ruan Zhixia protecting Ruan Zihann like an old hen protecting a chick, her gaze hardened. She stepped forward, grabbed Ruan Zhixia's hair and dragged her back.

Ruan Zhixia was in so much pain that she pulled out her hand to pinch Sister Hua, but Ding Wanyu took the opportunity to pull Ruan Zihann away.

Ruan Zihann cried out in pain as he was dragged along by Ding Wanyu as if she was a small dog.

"Elder sister … "I'm in pain …"

He cried out in pain.

Ruan Zhixia looked at Ruan Zihann's pained expression. It was unknown where she got the strength from, but she grabbed onto Sister Hua's hand, freed her hair, and rushed towards Ding Wanyu.

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