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Babe, Kiss Me Goodnight/C6 What a Sharp Eye
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C6 What a Sharp Eye


He refused to take it off, but he still wanted to torment her!

"Can't you take it off yourself?"

Ruan Zhixia really couldn't do such a thing. She looked pitifully at the man, hoping for him to be kind and let her off just like that.

"Do you think I can?"

Si Muhan's expression was cold and arrogant.

It was as if her question was stupid.


Only now did Ruan Zhixia recall that someone was sitting in a wheelchair, as if he was alone and couldn't even take off his pants …


How did he get on it?

Shaking her head, Ruan Zhixia couldn't be bothered to think any further.

She forced herself to untie her pants and tugged at them.


The man's pants were sitting tight, she couldn't move them!

"You better cooperate!"

She looked at the man with dissatisfaction.

This man must have done it on purpose!

"You didn't say, how am I supposed to cooperate?"

Si Muhan's gaze was cold and his words were filled with a deep chill.


It was hard for Ruan Zhixia to say anything.

Was it her fault?

"Then please move your butt, I'm going to pull."


He finally managed to move his butt a bit.

Ruan Zhixia successfully took off the man's pants.

"Alright, I'll go out first."

Putting her pants aside, Ruan Zhixia prepared to get up.

Si Muhan held her down, pointed at the last item on him and said slowly: "And this one."

"You …"

Ruan Zhixia's face immediately flushed red.

You want her to take off this?

"Can't you take it off yourself, or just lie in it?"

"No way!" Si Muhan refused and had no way to negotiate with him, "Hurry and get rid of him!"

Ruan Zhixia went mad.

But he had no choice.

As the man had said, she had no right to refuse.

Who told her to be his' wife 'now?

He carefully helped the man take off the last piece of clothes. However, when he stood up, he accidentally saw a place that was inappropriate for children.

Ruan Zhixia's face turned red. With a "Ah", she threw away the small piece of clothing in her hand and ran out with a flushed face.

Si Muhan looked at the woman who was running away, and the corner of his mouth raised imperceptibly.

Wasn't it just looking at his little Muhan?

Was there a need to be so scared?

With both hands supporting his body, he pushed off forcefully and jumped straight into the bathtub that was filled with water.

… ….

Ruan Zhixia couldn't calm down no matter how hard she tried. Her face was flushed and her heart was beating wildly. All she could think about was what she had just seen.

Is that a man's thing?

He was so ugly.

Damn, could she have a needle in her eye!?

He was going crazy. Everything was fine, why did he need her to help him take off his pants!

It even made her feel guilty.

Ruan Zhixia was as tired as a dog after being tormented for a whole day at the wedding.

She didn't care about the fact that there was a man in the bathroom, she just threw herself onto the bed and slept soundly.

When Si Muhan finished washing up, he saw a certain woman lying on their marriage bed with an indescribable sleeping posture.

Si Muhan pursed his lips, as if it was hard for him to imagine a dignified Ruan Family young miss sleeping with no image at all.

If it was possible, he really wanted to throw her out …

He supported his forehead with his hand and turned the wheelchair. He moved to the other side of the bed and used both hands to support his body. He jumped onto the bed and lay down on it.

Fortunately, the bed was wide enough. He occupied one side, while the women occupied the other. It was as if there was a galaxy separating the two and no one was interfering with each other.

Strangely enough, he had to rely on sleeping pills in order to sleep, but he suddenly felt sleepy.

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