Babe, Kiss Me Goodnight/C7 Trying to Murder Her
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Babe, Kiss Me Goodnight/C7 Trying to Murder Her
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C7 Trying to Murder Her

Si Muhan was slightly surprised, but did not express it.

He reached up and turned off the main light in the room, leaving only the two bedside lamps on, then closed his eyes.

The room was shrouded in darkness. There were only two dim lights by the bedside, giving the room a warm atmosphere.

Si Muhan thought he had not slept for the entire night, but unexpectedly, he fell asleep.

For the first time in his life, he didn't need a sleeping pill to fall asleep.

Si Muhan slept very well this time.

When he fell asleep, he soon felt that something was wrong.

Jr opened his eyes.

What entered his vision was a small, black head.

Si Muhan: "..."

At some point, the woman had wrapped herself around his body like an octopus.

Not only that, the long leg between his thighs was still rubbing against a part of him.

The vague teasing caused his entire body to heat up.

If he allowed the woman to continue acting so impudently, Si Muhan would explode.

After pushing the woman's hands and feet away from him, Si Muhan slightly shifted his body towards the bed as if he was trying to distance himself from the woman in case she attacked again.

He closed his eyes and prepared to fall asleep again.


The woman's small, soft, boneless hand was like a little enchantress who was entangling someone. In a moment, she was entangled once again.

Si Muhan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the small hand on his stomach.

He had never seen a woman with such poor sleeping posture!

If it wasn't for the old tutor's men guarding the door, he really would have run out.

If he allowed this woman to continue tormenting him, he probably wouldn't be able to sleep for the entire night.

Seeing that the woman didn't sleep well, Si Muhan used a blanket to wrap her up into a silkworm chrysalis.

Ruan Zhixia was having a beautiful dream right now. In her dream, there was no vicious stepmother, no annoying sister, only herself and her big bear. She hugged the gigantic Barbie Bear that her mother had bought for her when she was young and slept on the soft water bed.

It was just that the bear in his dream seemed to be much larger and harder than usual. In fact, it even seemed to be much warmer than usual …

However, as she hugged him, she dreamt that her annoying little sister ran in and snatched away her big bear. She was so angry that she almost cried.

After a while, her big bear came back.

However, as she hugged him, the big bear suddenly disappeared without a trace. Then, she was awakened by the heat …

After waking up, Ruan Zhixia was dumbfounded.

That wicked bastard had wrapped her up like this?

Want to murder!

Ruan Zhixia kicked and kicked and kicked, but she was still unable to get herself out of the blanket.

She was so angry that she was on the verge of tears.

In the end, she could only roll around under the blanket. With a slight misstep, she rolled under the bed …


In the silence of the room, a woman's low voice could be heard.

Ruan Zhixia stood up from the ground and rubbed the back of her head with her small hands.

He wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Kowtow on the carpet, is also really painful ah!

And dizzy.

This fall caused her to wake up from her fall.

With a "pa da" sound, the room's lights suddenly lit up.

Ruan Zhixia suddenly stretched out her hand to block the dazzling light, looking at the bed.

Seeing the man on the bed leaning on the bed and looking at her with a meaningful gaze, she was so angry that she almost bit her tongue.

"How have I offended you? Are you trying to make fun of me like this?"

This man must have been taking advantage of her sleep to tease her!

Why did he have such a bad taste!?

Wasn't it just a disfigurement, a disfigurement?

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