On the top floor of the luxurious Golden Hotel, a completely new kind of rich person's blind date was currently being held.

The guests here were all either rich or of high status.

Xia Sitian, who had finished her makeup and put on a blue and white porcelain dress, slowly walked to the side of the stage.

Her beautiful and melancholy eyes were red and teary, but they were hanging in her sockets as she fought back her grief.

"I'm sorry, Wei Shen, please forgive me for doing that." Xia Sitian muttered under her breath as she bit her lips. A row of clear teeth marks appeared on her lips. It was so painful that it made her heart ache.

No matter what, he had to get the money to save Wei Shen's company.

Looking at the girl who was displaying her figure and talent. Xia Sitian's big eyes were slightly dejected.

Because she knew this blind date was different from a TV blind date. This was just a game for the rich. In short, they were doing what they wanted under the guise of getting married.

The old rules would always be replaced by the new rules of the new game. This place was like the most exciting place for the rich and powerful.

However, whether or not it was a game, this was not something he had to consider.

For the sake of money, she had to make one of the rich people here fall for her.

Xia Sitian closed her eyes and tweaked the space between her eyebrows. When she opened her eyes again, she could see a trace of resolution in the depths of her eyes.

Just as she was about to step onto the stage, she pulled up her head of waterfall like black hair that was hanging down from the back of her head and used a black butterfly clip to hold it in place.

Taking a deep breath, he calmly walked onto the stage.

The moment Xia Sitian stepped onto the stage. Almost everyone's eyes were focused on her.

In that instant, this feeling wasn't good, as if he had been killed in a group.

Xia Sitian stood on the stage. Her elegant and refined face was covered with makeup, making her look even more exquisite and pure.

An elegant oriental charm suddenly appeared beside her.

The rich people on the VIP stage couldn't help but smile. What a beautiful and pure woman! Apparently the first impression was good.

However, Xia Sitian knew how embarrassed she was right now.

If she could, she really didn't want to be here for even a minute.

The moment the girl stepped onto the stage. In the direction of the VIP viewing platform on the second floor, a pair of black, bottomless lines of sight could be seen from behind a screen.

Jin Chentian's eyes lit up a little, and his moderate thick lips revealed a hint of a profound curve.

It was not because of anything else, but because of the familiarity of the woman's face.

Could it be her?

And the person he was referring to was the bride, An Jingtian, who had wanted to marry him eight years ago but had then escaped from her marriage!

However, An Jingtian was said to be dead.

The woman he saw now was...

Jin Chentian didn't say anything. The expression on his face was dull.

At this moment, the girl on the stage was holding a microphone, and her pleasant voice had a hint of a deep tone.

After introducing herself, Xia Sitian added, "Thank you everyone for leaving my lights on."

Afterwards, she stood motionless on the stage, as if she had no intention of performing any other acts. She only faced the gazes thrown at her from all directions in the hall, like an overly beautiful statue.

It was as if everything that happened here had nothing to do with her. She was just an unsuitable extra person.

"Beauty, what specialties do you have? Can you sing or dance? " A deep male voice with a microphone sounded.

Xia Sitian stood on the stage and looked at the middle-aged man who had just spoken. He lightly shook his head and slightly bowed, politely refusing, "Sorry."

Soon, a lamp was extinguished.

"Or a vaudeville performance, or animal imitation, or even whistling?" The microphone sounded again from the other side.

"Sorry!" Xia Sitian bowed to that person as well.

Another light went out.

After these two sessions, the rich people below all narrowed their eyes in displeasure and began whispering amongst themselves.

"Nothing? Why are you still standing there? I don't want any telephone pole! "

"Hehe, this telephone pole is still good. If it doesn't get into bed, would it just turn into a corpse? That wouldn't be fun! I hate cold corpses! "

These words immediately caused many of the rich people to laugh.

Although these words didn't reach Xia Sitian's ears, she could clearly see them from her position on the stage.

The way the rich people were laughing made her feel uncomfortable. However, she still stood on the stage without moving. There was a trace of solemnity in her eyes, but her delicate body was filled with stubbornness.

A line of sight behind the screen in the second floor's stands brought up a sharp gloss.

A bewitching light appeared in the depths of his dark pupils.

Jin Chentian's five fingers rested lightly on a luxurious and exquisite table in front of him. His fingertips tapped gently rhythmically, as if he was pointing out an incomprehensible thought from the depths of his heart.

Mu Ye glanced at the man, who had already noticed the movement of his hands. He had always been by Jin Chentian's side, and he observed every single movement of Jin Chentian's, so he naturally knew him better than anyone else.

His voice also became softer, "Boss, do you want me to make some arrangements?"

Jin Chentian didn't say anything. There was a trace of indifference on that flawless and handsome face.

The boss didn't say anything. For a moment, Mu Ye didn't say anything.

At this moment, this magnificent matchmaking scene became even more lively.

In the VIP seats, a rough looking rich guy directly shouted in a dissatisfied manner, "What the hell is this? Aren't we here to show off to the old men? Are you trying to make me happy? And it's even f * cking dragging on as if it's worth 2.58 million, let's all kill her! "

Sure enough, after those words were said, quite a few people joined in.

Very quickly, bam bam bam bam …

In the few seconds of the sixteen lights, fifteen had been extinguished. Finally, there was only the leftmost lamp left.

This was a relatively safe place on the VIP stage, but it immediately attracted the attention of the entire audience.

"Beauty Xia, call 'my good brother', I will leave this lamp for you." Young Master Joe's, Qiao Xulie, who originally came to make soy sauce, laughed with a hint of playfulness. Her clear blue eyes looked at the girl in the middle of the stage. An enigmatic smile was floating on her extraordinarily handsome face.

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