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C10 She's back

Chu Lele lived at Yang Lele's house and they chatted while looking at the ceiling. When dawn came through the window frame, Yang Lele sat up like a carp.

"Lemon, I think you're going to leave that scumbag. You're only twenty-two years old, so you can't spend your youth on a man with moonlight in his heart. You're mentally cheated, okay?"

Chu Li was silent. At the same time, his phone also rang. It was Fang Yuhao. Under Yang Lele's gaze, Chu Li answered the phone and turned it on.

"Lemon, where are you now?" Fang Yuhao's voice contained faint exhaustion.

Chu Li's heart skipped a beat. Yang Lele glared at her and made a fierce expression. She then said with a firm tone, "You don't need to care about my matters. You just have to care about yourself."

"I know that Han Xi misled you, I've already told her to pack up and get out of here. My mom and I had a huge argument, I know I was too busy before that I neglected you, I will change it. Lue Li, can you come back please?" Fang Yuhao finished explaining everything in one breath, seeming to be filled with sincerity.

Staring slightly ahead with lifeless eyes, Chu Li answered with a soft "Oh".

If she hadn't read that diary, she would have been moved. She would have been moved that Fang Yuhao did not hesitate to go against her mother for her sake. And now, only the word "haha" could express her feelings.

"Can you come back to me?" Fang Yuhao's voice became even more high-pitched and urgent.

"Go back!" Yang Le Le Le silently mouthed something to Chu Li.

Chu Li frowned. He thought about the fifty thousand he had taken from Fang Yuhao and decided to go back and meet him again. He wanted to make things clear and return the money to him. However, after struggling for a long time and going back home, he closed his eyes and replied: "Ok!"

Ivy district, number 303.

Chu Li decided to face Fang Yuhao alone, leaving Yang Lele alone at the door to wait for her.

She opened the door and went in less than ten minutes before coming out again.

"Lemon, why did you come out?" Yang Le Le Le was playing to destroy the stars when he saw Chu Li coming out with a pale face and gasping for breath while holding onto the wall.

"I just heard him on the phone. She... She's back. " Chu Lian frowned with a helpless look in her eyes. Fang Yuhao's tone of voice on the phone with that person was filled with gentleness that she had never heard before.

Why was it that while the two of them were husband and wife, Fang Yuhao seemed to be the boyfriend of someone else?

This feeling of defeat was especially hard on Chu Li. She covered her heart and listened to her heartbeat in confusion.

"And then you ran out because you couldn't listen any longer?" Yang Lele put down her cell phone and took Chu Li's hand. Her face was extremely serious. "Did you hear when she came back? Where did they meet?"

"The day after tomorrow, coffee on the left bank, 2 o'clock in the afternoon."

Chu Li's voice was like a light breeze, like her heart was aimless.

He had originally intended to reveal his power to Fang Yuhao, but if he were to divorce Fang Yuhao now, it would be too easy for the woman outside. It was as if he had saved up something for her to return.

It made her look like a third party!

Yang Lele patted Chu Li's shoulder. She could feel Chu Li's feelings, and her big round eyes narrowed into a straight line. "Then let's not be anxious. We'll wait for the adultery, get the evidence, and get the scum guy out of the house!"

"Alright!" The hatred in Chu Li's eyes grew.

They thought they were the victims of ignorance, and now their own victim had to resist. She clenched her fists and left the Ivy district with Yang Lele.

For the next two days, Fang Yuhao did not make a single call.

On the morning of the meeting between Gong Qing and Fang Yuhao, Yang Lele dressed Chu Li in an exquisite makeup. She wore a light purple sand dress, and the hem of the dress seemed to float with the wind.

"Is that what I'm going to wear?" Chu Li looked in the mirror at the person who was so beautiful that he didn't look like himself. His teeth lightly knocked against her cherry lips, and her pair of big watery eyes looked even more innocent and charming.

"Heavens, don't make such an expression. I'm going to suffocate." Yang Lele made an exaggerated expression, and then confidently said, "Since it's the last time, I'll make that scumbag regret that he didn't cherish such a beautiful wife and instead went to look for Little San!"

Chu Li lightly nodded his head.

Coffee on the Left Bank.

Fang Yuhao was ten minutes late, so he specifically went to the barber shop to blow his hair. He wore a lute watch, and wore a suit that didn't have a single crease on it. Even his leather shoes were spotless. The large bouquet of 999 roses in his hand attracted the attention of the customers in the coffee shop.

"It's a sunny day. I haven't seen you in years. I miss you very much."

"It has indeed been a long time. How have you been?"

Gong Qingtian smiled sweetly and walked up to give Fang Yuhao a hug.

"Damn man, look at the pot in the bowl! Lemon, I feel sorry for you! I can't help but to go up and teach him a lesson! " Yang Lele clenched her delicate fists. If it weren't for Chu Li who caught her wrist in time, she would have turned into an arrow and flown towards Fang Yuhao to deliver a fatal blow.

"Now... This is not the time. " Chu Li frowned. His fingertip had already dug into his palm.

The vase on the table trembled a little, and a few roses became a tool for Chu Li to conceal himself. The shining red color that entered his eyes was nothing compared to the bowl in Fang Yuhao's hand.

Heh, Fang Yuhao had never sent him a rose before!

"What is there to wait for!" Isn't that obvious? Who would send a rose to an ordinary friend? " "Yang Lele's eyes were filled with a hint of disappointment." I think that Gong Qing Tian is a lot uglier than you.

Not far away, the two men were talking to each other. As for the content, Chu Li had no way of knowing, nor did she want to know. She had already dimmed down enough just by looking at the two of them smiling in unison.

She is... A sunny day?

Through the faint branches of the flowers, Chu Lue carefully looked at the woman who had caused her husband so much trouble.

A long black dress with a deep V temperament made Gong Gong's skin feel like snow. The slightly exposed front of her chest was sexy, but it wasn't out of the blue. The collarbone chain was dripping perfectly.

Her smile was like the bright sun in winter. It was no wonder that such a sunny girl would become the moonlight in a man's heart.

A bitter smile deepened on his lips.

While her mind was wandering, Yang Lele beside her had already sprinted out at the speed of a hundred meters.

"You must be that Gong Qing Tian, right? What a foxy girl, she actually came to seduce a married man! You have some face! Lemon was killed by you. "

"Pah!" With a loud sound, a slap landed on Gong Qing Tian's face, and a red blush quickly appeared on his pale face.

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