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C5 First love

The next day, Cara Chu did not sleep, and when she gets up, her eyes are red.

Fang Yuhao probably took his briefcase and left for work while the rest of the family were still sleeping.

"Should I go in?" Chu Li's eyes were bloodshot, and she was struggling. She clearly remembered what she saw last night. That was not a dream!

Her white hand pushed on the door that was made of pure wood. As expected, the smell of ink and oil did not come out from the study, but instead, there was a strange smell. The air freshener had a faint fishy smell.

The baskets were full of used toilet paper, and the computer screen was black.

She turned on the computer, and just as the screen lit up, a hand covered in red nail polish reached over and turned it off again.

"Shen Han Xi, what are you planning to do?" Lemon snapped, his hand fumbling for the switch.

Shen Han Xi held Chu Li's hand, her plain face looked somewhat haggard. She took off her beautiful eyes, which were somewhat lifeless, and warned him, "I advise you not to turn on the computer. You'll know once you turn on the computer, big brother Yuhao."

"What?" Chu Li let go of her hand and looked at her with tired eyes.

"The computer at home is connected to the one in Yuhao's office. As long as you touch it, Yuhao will probably rush back from the office in ten minutes." Shen Han Xi pried off her red fingernails on her forehead and said in all seriousness.

"Why do you know?" Chu Li had a complicated look in his eyes.

Shen Han Xi pursed her lips in disdain. With her hands on her chest, she said in an experienced manner, "Because before you got married, I've already seen the things in Yuhao's Big Brother's computer."

"What's in his computer?" Chu Li gave Han Xi a deep look.

"Hmph, back then I used his computer, but I was not allowed to come to his house for a year. That's why you took advantage of the situation to enter." Shen Han Xi indignantly said, her chest rising and falling nonstop. Then, she changed her tone, "It's not impossible even if you want to know. That pearl necklace ?"

"That won't do. It's not mine." The words of decisive rejection came out of Chu Li's mouth.

A hint of disappointment flashed through Shen Han Xi's eyes. However, she seemed to understand and said, "Yeah, big brother Yuhao doesn't have you in his heart. Why would he buy you such a precious item?"

All of Chu Li's curiosity was piqued by Shen Han Xi. Just who was in Fang Yuhao's heart?

What kind of story did he have with that person? That was why he would rather come up with a reason to cheat. She was truly curious and jealous. Just who was that woman?

"A thousand, tell me." Chu Li really couldn't hold it in anymore.

Shen Han Xi pursed her lips and stretched out five fingers.

"Two thousand. If you don't tell me, I'll ask Fang Yuhao myself tonight." He then turned around and was about to leave.

"Sure, deal." Shen Han Xi caught Chu Li's hand, looked her in the eye like a wounded animal, and said, "Yuhao's laptop is filled with photos of a woman, his first love. It's called Gong Qing Tian."

"Palace..." "It's a sunny day." Lemon chewed the name between his lips.

She sneered again and again, and her heart seemed to be dull and aching for a moment. At the beginning, she thought that Fang Yuhao had some other woman outside, and it turned out to be an old love. Then why did he let his unwitting self get involved in this relationship?

Become the victim of such sincere feelings?

Shen Han Xi looked at Chu Li's injured appearance with satisfaction. She had been sad for a long time after knowing about this, but now someone felt the same way. She made a gesture with her hands, "I've said everything I needed to say. Give me the money."

Chu Li went back to his room and took out two thousand yuan from his private room to give to Han Xi. She pursed her lips and asked with unwillingness, "Is she beautiful?"

"It's very beautiful, much more beautiful than you." Shen Han Xi took the money and didn't hide her malicious expression at all as she said, "Why aren't you using the mirror to look at yourself? Everyday at home, you look like a yellow-faced granny. No wonder big brother Yuhao is thinking about your old love."

"Alright, shut up!" Chu Li glared at him, as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

"Hmph, you clearly didn't let me tell you the truth. You said that Brother Yuhao didn't love you, and you couldn't even give birth to a child. I advise you to divorce Brother Yuhao earlier. Give me the position of Mrs. Fang." Shen Han Xi was like a proud rooster, throwing stones while beaming with joy.

Oh, a widow, Mrs. Fang.

Chu Li lowered his eyes, his gaze cold. Back then, Fang Yuhao had spent 300,000 yuan to try and bury him for the rest of his life. Fang Yuhao was really a good guy; this deal was really worth it.

Chu Li looked deeply at Shen Han Xi and revealed a thought-provoking smile. He said calmly, "Mrs. Fang is not that easy to be. When I find out the truth, Mrs. Fang's position will be yours."

"Ha, then I'll wait to marry big brother Yuhao." Shen Han Xi held her crotch, and her well-developed body was wrapped in a translucent nightgown as she went back to her room.

When Chu Li returned to his room, he wasn't sleepy at all. Instead, he was staring at the ceiling with his eyes wide open when his cell phone suddenly rang. It was Yang Lele.

"Le Le, I have something to tell you."

"Lemon, I have something to tell you."

They spoke in unison and with the same seriousness.

Chu Li swallowed the bitter taste in his throat, and quietly listened to what Yang Lele had to say.

"It's like this. After Brother Song knew that the dress we wore that day was designed by you, he asked us for a favor and asked us to design a batch of goods for the Royal Sky Group because their designer ran away." Yang Lele's tone is relaxed and diligent. To be able to do something for his male god, he must not be too happy.

"Hey, Lemon, can you help me? I'm going to be your assistant." There was a trace of nervousness in Yang Lele's voice.

"Alright, I'll be right there." Chu Li agreed.

"Then what did you want to tell me just now?" Yang Lele asked curiously.

"Nothing." A hint of bitterness appeared on Chu Li's face. Only someone as unlucky as her would be able to hide such a ridiculous matter like this in her own stomach.

After the call ended, Chu Li simply packed up and left.

On Chang'an Street, Chu Li and Yang Lele entered the mansion successfully, but the living room was empty. There was only a notebook on the tea table with electricity on; it was obvious that the owner was still here a moment ago.

"This is ?" Chu Li looked at the computer screen, his eyes shining with surprise.

Song Yimin walked down the circular staircase. When he saw his computer, his eyes flashed with a trace of regret. He spoke faster, "Why are you guys here so soon?"

"Yeah, I told you that Lemon is very loyal. If I ask, she'll definitely agree." Yang Lele puts her arm around Chu Li's shoulders, and she has a heroic look on her face.

"Is Mr. Song a hacker?" Chu Li asked again and again.

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