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C6 Perfect design draft

"Cough ?" Song Yimin coughed and blinked, trying to hide the embarrassment in his eyes. However, seeing that Chu Li was staring intently at his little face, he could only reply, "That's just an interest. An interest."

"Mr. Song needs a fashion designer, right? My university specializes in fashion design, so I'm honored to be able to help you. I just need you to copy a copy of the information from my husband's computer." Chu Li's eyes were exceptionally resolute.

As long as Song Yimi stole the promised information from Fang Yuhao's computer, then he could verify the authenticity of Shen Han Xi's words.

And that Gong Qingtian's identity was also revealed!

Song Yimin stood in front of Chu Li, looking at a woman in a white T-shirt and simple denim shorts, revealing her long, straight thighs. He narrowed his eyes.

Yang Lele pinched a lemon.

Chu Li tightly pursed his lips, but his thoughts remained unshaken.

"Lemon, the Royal Sky Group is so large, how could they possibly lack a clothing designer? If they do, it would be a big deal. The big brother Emiqui wanted us to design it for him to promote us, "he said." Don't misunderstand him. " Yang Lele's round eyes were full of hints.

Did she understand what Chu Li was saying?

Chu Li looked at Yang Lele, his body slightly trembling. She opened her mouth and said a sentence that was like a thousand kilogram boulder suppressing her heart, "Lele, Fang Yuhao ? He might always have a woman he loves!"

"What? Then what are you?"

Yang Lele suddenly swung his arm and furiously said, "I already said that that grandson surnamed Fang isn't any good person. I told you to marry him and not let you finish university, moreover he only accepted your license and didn't go to the wedding with you. I think that he just relied on his uncle's treatment of the 300 000 RMB!"

Song Yimi stood at the side with his hand on his forehead, and understood what had happened to Chu Li.

He took a step forward and looked at Chu Mu, who had tears in his eyes but didn't let them fall in front of others, and felt sorry for him. He reached out his hand to hold Yang Le Le's arm, and said gently, "It's done!"

"Miss Chu, I can help you, but I hope it's a friend's way, not a deal." Song Yimun's tone was as gentle as ever. After a pause, he said, "You can call me Yimi gege, just like Le Le Le."

Lemon looked up in surprise.

Yang Lele pushed her hand and only then did she realize what was going on. She shyly shouted, "Yee ?" As he thought about it, he felt that he was being too intimate. He changed his tone and said, "Brother Song, let me call you Brother Song."

"Okay, lime, you and Le Le go upstairs."

Chu Li and Yang Le Le Le upstairs, Song Yimei villa in brick and tile everywhere revealed exquisite.

The paintboards and paints that Chu Li had prepared for them were also ready. Chu Li picked up his brush, and it seemed as if he had come to life. She changed from her previous grief to her flying eyebrows and asked, "What kind of clothes do we design?"

"Emil said it was a woman's dress for water." Yang Lele said.

"Then let's begin." Chu Li quickly drew a line in the shape of a human figure, and then drew a line in the shape of a human figure, one sculpture after another, starting to draw a picture of the clothing.

The afternoon passed quickly.

Song Yimin personally brought two cups of coffee upstairs. He saw two girls in simple painting clothes, one with long hair like a waterfall, the other dressed in simple and casual clothes, the other had short, chestnut colored hair, and a mischievous short skirt.

"You can take a rest now." A voice that was as gentle as a spring rang in his ears.

Chu Li put his hair behind his ears and then smoothly drew a line. A painting was just beginning to take shape.

Yang Lele, who was painting at the side, became anxious. He pouted and said, "Yimi gege, wait for me. I'll be fine after I finish painting this luster!"

"You guys have a reasonable division of labor. This efficiency is indeed fast." Song Yimi put down his coffee and praised.

He picked up one of the completed drafts and carefully looked at it. It was a gauzy evening dress with layers of cicada wings. The ink like smudging really looked like ripples in the water.

The pupils of Song Yimi's eyes widened slightly. He was awestruck.

As he flipped through the sketches one by one, the shock in his eyes deepened.

"Are you really just students?" Song Yimei's slightly surprised tone revealed the waves in his heart. He had worked on hundreds or thousands of paintings, and among them was no lack of masterpieces. His basic appraising ability was still within his grasp.

Chu Li lowered his head to drink his coffee. He was as quiet as an orchid.

Yang Lele finished painting the drawing in her hand and let out a deep breath. Her shoulders relaxed, and she said, "I am a senior in my senior year. Lemon often provides design drafts for the image design room opened by senior sister."

"It's perfect. I'll hand over the design drafts. You guys rest here and have the driver take you back later." The corners of Song Yimin's lips curled up as a hint of haste appeared in his eyes.

In the office of the president of Royal Sky Group.

"Rustle, rustle." The sound of paper colliding.

"You're saying that these were really created by those two girls?" Jiang Yunxian's long eyelashes hung low, and his eyes seemed to fall on the drawing paper. Such a good piece of work made his heart beat faster.

"Absolutely!" Song Yimin nodded heavily.

Jiang Yunxian raised his dark and deep eyes and looked at him. He pointed to a pile of design drafts at the side. "This is the design script for the Royal Sky."

Song Yimi took the opportunity to pick up a copy and read it.

He had a simple design of a dress with a blue dress and a fish sticker on his shoulder. He was so angry that he laughed. "This ? "Haha, isn't this a windfall from the farmers' market?"

Jiang Yunxian's face turned dark as he laughed at his good friend.

He crossed his hands on the desk, and the diamond cuffs under the crystal chandelier released a blinding light. A low and cold voice came out from his thin lips, "It's time for the emperor to thoroughly clean up!"

"What about this design?" The corner of Song Yimin's mouth slightly raised, but he had more confidence in Chu Li's draft design.

"Tell the secretary to rush it to Mr. Smith. If the contract is successful, feel free to do so." Jiang Yunxian glanced at the design script with a sinister gaze. The image of the girl who was foolishly standing after being framed appeared in his mind. She looked so stupid, but she had such an exquisite heart?

At least, the drawings were full of spirit.

Song Yimin made an 'OK' gesture. He seemed to have thought of something and said, "If I help you to complete this contract, then how about giving them the opportunity to enter the Emperor's work first?"

"Definitely!" Jiang Yunxian answered straightforwardly.

He had already pulled out a document and started browsing through it. Song Yimi was his good friend for many years. He knew that Song Yimi was going to send him off after picking up the document, so he left.

When Song Yimin returned home, he found that Yang Lele and Chu Li had already left.

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