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C1 First Time at the Wedding

C City, the political and economic center of Southwest China, a gathering place for political and business celebrities.

City C's Southern Suburb Jade Wave Garden, the second largest wedding celebration company in City C, Yue Yuan's estate, covered an area of a thousand acres.

At this moment, there was a grassland wedding. The richest man in C City, He Tianlin, was marrying a woman, and the man, Mo Qingshen, was the eldest son in the business world.

Muh Yan's eyes passed through the flying balloons and fluttering white gauze and landed on the pair of newlyweds. Her eyes were full of smiles. She was very satisfied to be able to plan and witness her good friend's wedding with her own eyes.

The tedious but romantic ceremony ended. People picked up champagne from the waiters beside them and congratulated the bride and groom.

Hee Ya snuggled in Mo Qingshen's arms, shuttling through the crowd, pouring and drinking slowly. As she received the blessing, she smiled shyly. The great CEO, who had always been known as an iceberg handsome man, also had an unprecedented smile on her face.

The scene in front of her was so similar to Muh Yan's dream in the past. Her heart was bitter and the tip of her nose ached. She almost cried.

"Miss Muh?" A magnetic and deep voice sounded behind her. Muh Yan restrained her emotions and turned around.

"Mr. Huo, what is it?" The person who came was Huo Yuxiu. Before the wedding, Hee Ya had introduced them to each other. This person was the person in charge of the Huo family. He was a real big shot in the business world.

"Miss Muh's alcohol tolerance is good?" Huo Yuxiu did not miss the tears in her eyes. He was moved to tears when he saw his good friend's happiness.


"I don't quite understand. . . What Mr. Huo means?" The person in front of him had a golden ratio figure of at least 1. 85 meters. His facial features were gentle and handsome, his facial features were deep and warm, and his temperament was noble and otherworldly.

Muh Yan thought that this person should be very tall in both business and business. Otherwise, why would the words he said be so hard to understand?

"Hehe. . . Miss Muh, could it be that you have forgotten that among today's groomsmen and bridesmaids, you and I are both single?"

Huo Yuxiu had a smile on his face. Hee Ya did not let Muh Yan's partner, the best man, come. Mo Qingshen's wife followed her husband and her partner's bridesmaids could not come either.

So. . . Only the two of them could be partners.

. . . "" Why didn't she understand what he meant? Did he mean single? Was he single? Or was it that Dong Yun, who was her partner, could not come?

"If Miss Muh has no objections, I will have a match with Miss Muh at the banquet!"

Mo Qingshen's wedding did not mess with the bridesmaids, but there was a new way to block the wine. Every cup of wine blocked had to be drunk by the corresponding groomsman and bridesmaid in a special way. It seemed that she had also forgotten about this.

Huo Yuxiu's eyes carried a smile. This woman was indeed as Ah Shen's wife had said. She had reached a new height in her stupidity and was so foolish that no one could surpass her!

"Oh, no. . . . No objections. " So that was what he meant. Muh Yan suddenly understood. Today, she was not in the right state. She was like a fool. Just now, she actually thought that she was wrong.

"Then. . . Miss Muh's alcohol tolerance. . . "

"Oh. That. . . Might be a little lacking!" She had not drunk for many years.

"Alright, I got it!" Huo Yuxiu said and smiled at her. He turned around and went somewhere else. Muh Yan's eyes subconsciously followed him.

"Ha. . . I am so fascinated by it!" A cold and mocking voice sounded from his side. This voice was so familiar that it penetrated deep into his bone marrow and engraved into his soul. It froze Muh Yan on the spot and made her unable to move.

Lyi Qing! It was actually Lyi Qing?

That's right, how could she have forgotten? Regardless of whether it was the richest man in C City marrying his daughter or the eldest son in the business world marrying his wife, it was enough for him, the CEO of the Royal Tai Real Estate, to personally make a trip.

"What's wrong? Ji Muyan, Is this your next target?" Lyi Qing's words were filled with ridicule as he looked at Muh Yan with eyes full of disdain!

"Chairman Li, please remember this clearly. My surname is Mu, not Ji. The Ji family has nothing to do with me!"

Muh Yan took a deep breath and lowered her voice. Her eyes were red and filled with tears of grievance. She stubbornly refused to fall down.

She was once the true love of the heavens. Now, she hated her to the bone. Every time she hurt, she showed no mercy!

"What about me? What about the other Li family members? It has nothing to do with you?"

Lyi Qing shouted in a low voice. This damned woman had harmed Brother Cheng and Yue'er. She had trampled on his true feelings. Did she think that everything would be fine after she escaped here?

"Yes, it doesn't matter! You are just a past that I have to try my best to forget!"

The current her was no longer the ignorant girl who was filled with love and love all those years ago. The complicated world taught her how to make a choice and how to be strong!

"Ji Muyan!"

She actually dared to forget him. Lyi Qing lost control of his emotions and shouted loudly, attracting everyone's attention.

Someone actually dared to wreck Mo Qingshen's wedding?

Huo Yuxiu, who had not gone far, heard the sound. He turned around and saw that the CEO of Emperor Tai was throwing a tantrum at Muh Yan. His brows furrowed without a trace and he turned back again.

Mo Qingshen and his wife also turned around at this time. Hee Ya's heart skipped a beat when she saw that it was Lyi Qing.

She did not know much about Muh Yan's past, but she knew that Lyi Qing had hurt Muh Yan. Was the past going to repeat itself today?

Worried about Muh Yan's safety, Hee Ya motioned for Mo Qingshen to let go of the hand on her shoulder, but Mo Qingshen did not let go. His eyes darkened slightly. He said gently, "I will accompany you!"

Muh Yan did not notice the movements of these people. She was stunned by Lyi Qing's shout and at the same time worried that he would ruin Hee Ya's wedding.

"Lyi Qing, this is someone else's wedding venue. Even if you want to settle the score, please come back tomorrow. "

"Ji Muyan. . . " Lyi Qing gritted his teeth and realized that he had lost himself. But it was impossible for him to let her go just like that. "Come with me!"

He intended to forcefully take her away, but he grabbed Muh Yan's wrist and dragged her out of the arena.

"Let go!" Of course Muh Yan would not let go. She did not want to be tortured by this devil again.

As she pulled, she did not know where she got the strength to break free from Lyi Qing's control. Her body fell backward due to inertia.

Behind her was a long table covered in white cloth. The table was filled with champagne and snacks. After being hit by her, all of them fell to the ground.

The glass shattered around her and the floor was a mess. The poured champagne even drenched her entire body. Her dress today was silvery-white and the pale yellow liquid soaked her clothes. Her beautiful figure was faintly discernible.

Muh Yan had never been so embarrassed and embarrassed in public since she was young.

Even back then, because of her grandfather's protection, she had never been so down and out.

She raised her head and silently looked at Lyi Qing. Her eyes were filled with sadness and a strange despair.

When Lyi Qing was looked at by such a gaze, his heart twitched, and he felt guilty.

However, when he thought of what she had done, he was about to step forward to support her, but he did not step forward.

A black shadow flashed in front of him. When Lyi Qing saw it clearly, Huo Yuxiu was already squatting in front of Muh Yan. He was wearing a suit and jacket over her body.

Mo Qingshen and his wife also arrived at this time. Mo Qingshen stopped Hee Ya from moving forward.

"Yuxiu is not a warm-hearted person!"

Hearing her husband say so, Hee Ya's mind turned and did not move.

Huo Yuxiu picked up Muh Yan who was embarrassed and embarrassed, cutting off everyone's line of sight on her.

Before he left, he looked at Lyi Qing. The smile on his face that had lasted for ten thousand years was still clear and light, but his eyes were full of coldness.

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