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Sweetie, Let's Go Home/C10 He Ya Got Angry
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C10 He Ya Got Angry

Muh Yan tilted her head awkwardly and got out of the car with two bags filled with clothes to change into.

The window rolled down and Huo Yuxiu looked at Muh Yan with a profound gaze.

"Yan, take care of yourself. Remember what I said. You are such a smart person. Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes!"

After saying this, Huo Yuxiu closed the window and turned the car around to leave.

Muh Yan only recovered from his gentle voice of Yan after a long time. Just as she was about to go upstairs, there was the sound of a car engine behind her. Soon, a black car stopped beside her and Hee Ya stuck her head out from the front passenger seat.

"You actually did not even notify me when you were discharged. Yan, you are forgetting your friends when you see sex!"

"Ya, I. . . "

"Oh, come on, stop it. I know, women in love are like you. Back then, I stood you up for Qingshen quite a number of times. "

Hee Ya interrupted Muh Yan and carried her handbag. She opened the car door and got out and said to Si Ji,

"You can go back. Tell Qingshen that I will be staying with Yan tonight!"

"Yes, Miss!"

The driver answered and turned the car around to leave. Muh Yan did not even have the chance to interrupt the whole process.

"Ya, don't joke around with me and Huo Yuxiu in the future. It is impossible for me to be with him. "

The two of them entered the elevator. Just now, they were in the elevator. Only the two of them, Muh Yan reminded.

Hee Ya stared at Muh Yan in disagreement.

"Huo Yuxiu is not bad in every aspect and he also has a good impression of you. How can you be sure that it is impossible between the two of you?! Could it be that you are still looking forward to Lyi Qing, that scumbag man? Yan, don't be silly. Lyi Qing will not become better. In his heart, you are just an enemy. You will not have a second identity!"

Hee Ya was disappointed and her tone was hurried. Her usual gentle and gentle tone had completely dissipated. Muh Yan knew that she was angry.

"Ya, when Li Cheng and Li Yue died, Lyi Qing did not believe me. I knew it. It was already impossible for him and I. I didn't have any expectations for him, but he was the one who gave me all my energy. The man I loved in the prime of my youth, before that happened. . . He gave me all the beautiful things in the world that were worth keeping for my entire life. . . So. . . I really can't accept other people, nor do I have the courage to start a new relationship. "

No matter how hard Lyi Qing treated her, no matter how she fought back, she couldn't deny that he was irreplaceable in her heart.

"You. . . I'm really going to die from your anger!"

At this time, the elevator stopped on the sixth floor. Hee Ya was angry and ignored Muh Yan as she walked out of the elevator. Muh Yan's house could scan fingerprints, or use a key or password to open it.

Hee Ya did not have a key but she knew the password. The system also recorded her fingerprints.

Her index finger swept across the instrument and the door opened. She quickly went in and with a bang, the door closed. Muh Yan, who was following behind her, almost crashed into the door.

"Sigh ~" Muh Yan helplessly sighed and could not help but laugh as she shook her head. Just how anxious was Ya to marry her out?

Scanning the fingerprint and entering the door, He Ya sat on the sofa and made a call to someone. Seeing her enter, she hung up the phone and turned her body to the side, tilting her head to leave the back of her head for Muh Yan.

"Ya, are you pretending to be obedient in front of Mo Qingshen?" Such a bad temper!

"Can't you tell that I'm different from others?" She was like an idiot. How could she have a good temper!?

Hee Ya's voice was full of anger, and she still used the back of her head to face Muh Yan.

"Alright!" Muh Yan heavily exhaled.

"What does Miss want to eat? I will make it for you!"

"You only know how to eat. You don't even care about Huo Yuxiu rushing back to the capital. What happened?"

Hee Ya's heart was stifled. Looking at Muh Yan's leisure, she had the illusion that the Emperor was not anxious about the eunuch.

"I don't have the ability to care, right?"

Muh Yan placed the bag on the coffee table and sat beside Hee Ya.

"If Huo Yuxiu can't solve the problem, I can't help him. Why bother him?"

"You. . . I can see that you are cold-blooded and heartless to anyone other than Lyi Qing!"

Hee Ya stood up from the sofa and there were tears in her eyes. She angrily shouted at Muh Yan.

"Muh Yan, are you a pig? You have the right to love freely. That's right. But you cannot treat this freedom as an offense! If Huo Yuxiu did not arrive in time, you would have been killed by Lyi Qing. You still can't forget about him until now? Don't tell me that in your eyes. . . All the men in the world are dead, and only Lyi Qing is left?"

"Ya, thank you for your concern, but the matter of feelings is not so easy to explain. Even if all the people in the world are as outstanding as Huo Yuxiu, they are not Lyi Qing, not someone in my heart!"

Muh Yan lowered her head and did not look at Hee Ya's expression. From her voice, she could clearly feel that she was sad. She was probably angry that she did not fight for it!

"You. . . You idiot, just be stubborn! When Huo Yuxiu turns around and leaves you, you will know how stupid you are now!"

Hee Ya was so angry that she slammed the door and left!

Muh Yan sat on the sofa the whole time and did not chase after him.

This was the first time the two of them had quarreled since they knew each other.

Muh Yan knew that Hee Ya cared about her and also knew that from a logical point of view, she was indeed very muddle-headed and it was not excessive to define her as a lowly person. But she just could not control her own heart.

When Lyi Qing grabbed her throat and wanted to take her life, she hated him in her heart, but in the end, she did not die. Even though she knew it was because of Huo Yuxiu, she subconsciously did not want to hate Lyi Qing completely.

Ya, I'm sorry!

Thinking of Huo Yuxiu's words, Muh Yan's heart was filled with guilt. He had told her more than once not to foolishly punish herself with other people's mistakes, but not only did she punish herself, she also made the people around her fall into grief.

Muh Yan felt irritated. She closed her eyes and took a nap on the sofa for a while. Then, she got up and opened the fridge. Half a month had passed, and the vegetables stored in the fridge had decayed and gave off a bad smell. With this smell, she did not want to use anything else.

Picking up the handbag, Muh Yan opened the door and went out. She planned to buy some ingredients and drinks to come back. Tomorrow after cooking, she would invite Hee Ya over to eat and apologize to her.

When the door opened, Muh Yan's eyes widened in shock. He Ya was leaning against the corridor wall facing her door and staring blankly at the door. There were clearly still tears in her eyes.

Seeing Muh Yan come out, Hee Ya tilted her head and quickly wiped away her tears. She took a step forward and stared at her handbag.

"You dare to make me cry. Are you trying to escape punishment?"

These words came out of her mouth. Although it did not fit her gentle temperament, Muh Yan knew that she was not angry because of her attitude just now.

"Ya, I. . . "

"Enough, stop talking. You are not afraid of god-like opponents, but of pig-like teammates. Although you're really stupid, I can't abandon you either!"

Hee Ya interrupted Muh Yan. What she said today was many times sharper than usual. Muh Yan understood that she wanted to make her lost!

But there was a saying that was very realistic. She had heard a lot of reasons but she still could not live this life.

Everyone knew the reason, but Not everyone could let go of the obsession, greed, and concern in their hearts. . .

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