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C2 Seven-colored Beauty

"What Chairman Li has done today is not gentlemanly!"

"Huo Yuxiu, do you know this woman? You know she did it. . . "

"I know my girlfriend better than anyone else!"

Huo Yuxiu's face turned stern and interrupted Lyi Qing's slanderous words.

"What did you say?"

Lyi Qing widened his eyes, and a ferocious expression emerged on his face. He clenched his fists tightly. This damned woman, she actually dared to be together with another man behind his back!

"I won't care about the harm that Chief Li has done to Yan today, but if there is a next time, I don't know what will happen to me!"

He did not care about a mere Emperor Tai.

Huo Yuxiu was too lazy to get entangled with him. He looked at Mo Qingshen, signaling him to leave the mess to him. He carried the woman who was still in a daze in his arms and went to the locker room.

"Change your clothes and I will send you back. "

He did not speak much. His simple sentence seemed to be a discussion, but it made people subconsciously execute it.

Until he left the room. Muh Yan later realized that it was this unfamiliar man she had only met once. From familiar to deeply rooted in her bone marrow, he loved her so much that he could not control himself and saved her.

Ha. . . What a painful irony!

Her heart ached so much that she could not even breathe. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes and she wiped them away.

Lyi Qing, I will definitely forget you, I will definitely!

She randomly chose a fitting outfit and changed into it. She opened the door of the locker room and walked out. On the sofa in the lounge area, a man's elegant figure crashed into her eyes.

Feeling the gaze behind him, Huo Yuxiu turned his head. When their eyes met for a moment, his heartstrings moved slightly.

That clear and transparent yet charming eyes were looking at him right now. There was even a bit of something that was more like an idiot than a doubt!

It just so happened that this little bit of quick-witted stupidity made him have the heart to protect her.

After a long time, Huo Yuxiu finally understood that this was the legendary reunion of love!

"Let's go!" He got up and walked out first.

"Wait. " Muh Yan stopped him and was a little nervous. "Mr. Huo, thank you very much for helping me out just now. I'm also very sorry that you offended the CEO of Emperor Tai because of this. . . "

She deliberately did not mention that he said that she was his girlfriend.

"What do you want to say?" Huo Yuxiu felt that she was rejecting his proposal to send her back. When he heard the words President of King Tai, his eyes flashed with a dark light.

"Uh. . . I just want to express my gratitude and apology, and also. . . " Speaking up to this point, Muh Yan felt a little awkward and did not know how to continue.

"What is it?" Displeasure flashed across her eyes. She had to be so polite with him?

"The banquet later. Me. . . Me and you, we have to block the wine!"

After saying this, Muh Yan felt relieved. Dong Yun could not come. She and Huo Yuxiu were a match. The way the vanguard blocked the wine. . .

Huo Yuxiu suddenly understood why Muh Yan was stuttering just now. She scolded him for being too sensitive in her heart, but at the same time, she was afraid that he would have such a big emotional fluctuation because of a girl he had just met for the first time.

"So? Are you sure you can hold on in your current condition?"

She had been in such a sorry state in front of so many people just now. One of the main characters was still Young Master Hua, Lyi Qing. If she appeared at the banquet, she would inevitably be discussed and guided.

"En! I'm sure!" Muh Yan solemnly nodded her head. Hee Ya had accompanied her through the darkest and most helpless times. She wanted to contribute to her happiness.

"Now it is time for the banquet to begin. There are still four hours left. Since you've decided to participate, show yourself in the perfect position! " Huo Yuxiu stared at her with a deep look in his eyes.

"Hmm?" Muh Yan did not understand what he meant by "perfect. "

"Shouldn't you go back to your room to take a shower first, then change into an evening gift, and then put on makeup and do your hair?"

Do you want Lyi Qing to see a joke?

“. . . ”

Huo Yuxiu sent Muh Yan back to the apartment. After she took a shower, she picked out some things in the closet that she did not like and did not have any evening gifts that she liked. It was no different from stealing the limelight when she wore too bright clothes. It was not suitable for the atmosphere of the banquet to be too plain and clean.

Someone knocked on the door suddenly. Muh Yan, who was depressed, almost broke out in a sweat. Only then did she remember that there was a man in the living room outside.

Huo Yuxiu opened the door and handed the bag in his hand to her. "Time is limited. Just give it a try. "

She looked at the bag in doubt. Inside was a purple evening dress. Muh Yan had studied the evening dress before. With one look, she could tell that this was the "Rainbow Beauty" series of dresses made by the internationally renowned master of dress design, Vivan!

Red, orange, yellow and indigo, purple and indigo! Every color had a special meaning!

Purple represented: Noble and mysterious lady, please accept the infatuation of your admirers! Love together!

He definitely did not know the meaning of this gown, Muh Yan told him so.

"There are less than two hours before the dinner starts. Are you sure you want to continue daydreaming?"

A trace of uneasiness flashed in Huo Yuxiu's eyes, and he covered it up very well.

"Oh, I will be done soon. Please wait for a moment, Mr. Huo. "

After saying that, he took a step back and closed the door with a bang.

Looking at the door that was less than a centimeter away from his nose, Huo Yuxiu's eyes twitched. This woman was not only stupid, but also violent!

But why couldn't he hate her at all?

Muh Yan quickly changed into a formal dress and looked at herself in the mirror. The purple long dress made her skin snow-white and clear, which also made her lovely. Good body. The material was completely revealed.

After thinking for a while, she simply tied her hair up in a bun behind her head. Only the two sides of her face had some strands of hair hanging down, making her look much gentler.

After simply smearing her face a few times, Muh Yan nodded her head in satisfaction and opened the door to go out. The instant Huo Yuxiu saw her in the living room, a famous and stunning look flashed across his eyes.

"Are you not going to do the styling?"

Although it was a question, his tone was firm.

"Yes! Two hours of doing the styling will definitely be too late. It's also quite good to do it like this. It's just that I have troubled Mr. Huo. "

Muh Yan smiled politely and expressed her gratitude to Huo Yuxiu once again.

"You are also giving me face. Why are you saying that you are troubling me?"

. . . "What do you mean?" Muh Yan did not really understand.

"I forgot so quickly. What I said in front of Lyi Qing?"

What did he say? Muh Yan recalled in her heart.

"By the way, do you have matching shoes?"

This was the first time in his life that he had asked his assistant to prepare something for a woman. Looking at the house slippers on Muh Yan's feet, Huo Yuxiu realized it later.

. . .

Finally, Muh Yan picked out a pair of white heels from the shoe cabinet at the entrance. It looked pretty when paired together.

Huo Yuxiu took her to the banquet venue. There was still an hour before the banquet started.

The car stopped and Muh Yan was about to open the car door and get off when Huo Yuxiu stepped on the door handle first.

He raised his head and met his clear and bright eyes. If one looked closely, one would feel that they were deep and distant.

He was truly a man who was difficult to see through. He was indeed worthy of being a big shot in the business world!

Muh Yan was lost in her thoughts when the driver's window was knocked on. Huo Yuxiu lowered the window and handed in a gift bag. "President, what you want. "

The window was lifted up again. Huo Yuxiu took out a jewelry box from the gift bag and opened it. Even though Muh Yan was used to seeing expensive jewelry, she was also surprised.

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