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C3 Precious Beauty

"Mr. Huo, what are you doing?"

The diamond necklace in the box was the finale of the 28th International Jewelry Exhibition held in C City a week ago. The maker of this necklace had a mysterious identity, and very few people even knew its name. Every five years, a product would only appear in the world.

This necklace was extremely difficult to obtain!

. . . "A treasure matched with a beauty, perfect!"

A clear and smooth voice rolled down like a bead. Muh Yan, who was on the passenger seat, only felt a cold sensation on her neck. In the next instant, the necklace that was worth ten thousand gold was already worn by Huo Yuxiu on her neck.

"Mr. Huo. . . " She said in a hurry. Doing this was really inappropriate.

"If you have anything to say, we'll talk after the banquet ends. Give a good performance later. . . Yan!"

Huo Yuxiu smiled dotingly. Perhaps it was the warmth in his eyes, or maybe it was because he called Yan.

In short, Muh Yan was stunned until he opened the door of the passenger seat and politely extended his hand to invite her out of the car. Only then did she come back to her senses.

Huo Yuxiu was a hot topic in the news. In addition, the news about the wedding scene had spread. From the moment he got out of the car, the flashlights of the reporters outside of the hotel had not stopped.

With so many pairs of eyes staring at her, Muh Yan could not reject them. She put her hand on his palm and warmed it before getting off the car.

In an instant, the flashlights flashed without any regard for their lives. It was dazzling!

"Miss Muh, may I ask what kind of grudge do you have with Director Huang Taili?"

"Miss Muh, is your relationship with Chairman Huo confirmed? You. . . "

The front of the road was blocked by reporters, facing them. The question and the glaring flash of light caused Muh Yan's heart to ache. She frowned and used her hands to block her eyes.

Huo Yuxiu frowned and carefully held her in his embrace. He had a belt on his chest and his usually gentle face had a trace of coldness on it. He looked at Qin Shaan who was following behind him a few steps away.

Qin Shaan understood. In just a few seconds, a bodyguard in black appeared, stopping the reporters' crazy behavior and opening a path for the two of them.

"Let's go. " His voice had a faint warmth as he brought her in, isolating the sharp sounds.

Being protected by a man, Muh Yan was in a trance, but at the same time, a wave of sadness surged in her heart.

What caused all of this today was that she had once loved him deeply, but now, she was still unable to forget it. She hated her first love to the bone, and by her side, he helped her out of the predicament and protected her. It was a strange man.

Mo Qingshen was very generous. He directly booked the entire hotel, and the security was very tight.

After entering the hotel, the world immediately became quiet. Muh Yan let out a sigh of relief. Later on, she realized that Huo Yuxiu's hand was on her waist. This could be considered a woman's agility. Senses. He had taken a seat, but he did not seem to notice that it was inappropriate to do so.

"Ah Shen and the others shouldn't be here yet. Should we wait for them in the lounge, or should we go directly?"

The dinner was held on the eighteenth floor, and the lounge was on the ninth floor.

"Let's go to the lounge!" Muh Yan lowered her head and stared at the tip of her shoe. There was still nearly an hour before the banquet started and now she was going to the banquet hall. Uh. . .

Huo Yuxiu originally just wanted to find something to talk about. He nodded and headed towards the elevator.

Both of them entered the elevator. Qin Shaan stood outside and was a little hesitant. Should he follow?

"Sir, are you not coming in?"

Seeing the elevator door open and close, Muh Yan looked at Qin Shaan strangely.

She seemed to have seen this person before!

Qin Shaan subconsciously looked at Huo Yuxiu, but he received a cold glance from the other party. He was so frightened that he immediately took a step back. There was an unnatural expression on Junlang's face as he spoke repeatedly.

"No, no, no. I still have to wait for someone. Please go ahead! Hehe. . . "

The elevator door closed under his distorted smile, and the number of floors began to rise.

In the elevator. There were only two people. Huo Yuxiu's hand around her waist turned to hold her shoulder.

The distance between the two was very close and Muh Yan felt a little awkward. Did Huo Yuxiu misunderstand something? She was not a casual woman!

"Ahem. . . Mr. Huo, thank you for what you did just now. Hmm. . . You. . . Can let go now!"

In that case, he shouldn't offend anyone, right?

" Hehe. . . Miss Muh, you are very special! "

Huo Yuxiu took his hand away. He did not want to make her dislike him.

Muh Yan smiled and did not respond, because she did not understand what he meant by special. She did not understand the wind. Love, or did he mean that she refused to have a relationship with a man? Secret behavior?

Huo Yuxiu lowered his eyes and looked at him. His eyes were deep and mesmerizing.

Muh Yan felt the heat above her head. She shrank her head like a turtle and did not raise her head. She did not say anything!

Fortunately, the elevator only reached the ninth floor, and not the 90th floor.

Ding ~ Muh Yan, who was about to die in the awkward atmosphere, was the first to rush out of the elevator and pat her chest. She took a big breath of fresh air and found that her reaction was too big. She stiffly turned around and looked at Muh Yan. Huo Yuxiu, who was still in the elevator, laughed foolishly.

Huo Yuxiu's gaze fell on her frozen chest. In front of him was a hand, and his deep eyes were filled with a bright smile. As expected, it was special!

After sending Muh Yan to the lounge, Huo Yuxiu temporarily received a phone call and told her to wait here for him to return before going over together. After getting Muh Yan's assurance, he left with large strides.

After a while, the lounge's door was opened and two young girls in their early twenties walked in. When they saw Muh Yan, one of them said in surprise:

"Aren't you the woman who abandoned Lyi Qing in the news? Wow, I admire you so much. You even dare to ditch King Tai's boss. . . "

The girl chattered on endlessly. Muh Yan's expression was somewhat ugly. These news media really dared to write anything in order to attract people's attention!

Stirring her and Lyi Qing together, wasn't this giving him even more excuses to find trouble with her?

The phone rang. There was no name, but Muh Yan recognized that it was Lyi Qing's number with a single glance. It was hard to forget the memories that were carved into one's bones.

Just as she was hesitating whether to answer or not, a shadow flashed in front of her eyes. The phone was snatched away by the smart girl, Zhao Lingyu, who was talking to her.

"If you don't want to answer, then don't answer! Sigh ~ Tell me about it. How did you get rid of King Tai's boss?"

Zhao Lingyu's eyes flashed with curiosity and her tone was cool. Huo Jinwen, the number two killing machine beside her, probably felt that it was rude to ask such a question and pulled her to stop.

Unfortunately, those who were more curious than the heavens did not restrain themselves at all. Instead, the curiosity in their eyes lit up and showed signs of becoming more and more intense!

"Even smart people know that the so-called entertainment news is just to watch Xiao Xiao, that's all. Why is there a need for a little girl to be so serious?"

Muh Yan did not want to explain the enmity between her and Lyi Qing. Those untouchable mirrors and water bubbles had long been destroyed by time like bubbles under the sun.

If it wasn't for Hee Ya's wedding today, she wouldn't even be bothered to pay attention to this person!

"I'm not a little girl. I'm almost twenty!"

Zhao Lingyu's attention automatically shifted and she looked at Muh Yan with an unhappy expression. Why did everyone treat her as a child? She was very depressed. . .

"Pffft ~" Huo Jinwen could not hold it in and burst out laughing. This cousin of hers could not be any more foolish!

At this time, the phone rang in Zhao Lingyu's hand. Muh Yan got up from the resting chair and stretched out her hand in front of her. Her meaning was self-evident and the phone came back!

Zhao Lingyu also knew that snatching other people's things, especially a phone with privacy, was extremely bad. She bitterly handed the phone back to her.

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