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C4 The Two Sisters

Still couldn't help stealing. He glanced at the screen and found that it was a number that didn't even have a note!

Lyi Qing's tone was cold on the other side of the phone. "I want to see you after dinner. If you want to live a peaceful life, wait for me in the garage!"

Muh Yan hung up without saying a word. Her face darkened. Lyi Qing was going against her again. How troublesome!

She did not know when, but Lyi Qing's identity in her heart had an additional troublesome label in her ex-boyfriend's name.

The three of them sat on the sofa one after another. Just as Zhao Lingyu was about to continue the conversation, the door of the lounge opened again. There were many lounge rooms on this floor, but people liked to move closer!

There were five people and two ladies who came in. Muh Yan did not know which family's daughter the other three were. She searched in her mind but did not remember anything.

In the huge lounge, the two ladies looked at Muh Yan and the other two with contempt. They walked towards the small sofa in the other room but was cut off by a high-pitched female voice.

"Auntie Zhou, you should sit here. It is more spacious here. Sigh ~ Good things should be matched with noble people. Not everyone is qualified to enjoy them. Especially those who are cheap. Pervert. "

Muh Yan frowned. She. . . Endured it!

She got up and smiled brightly at the two ladies.

"Yes. The lady was right. The two ladies should sit here. Although they did not see any Tom, Dick, and Harry, the hotel was mobile after all. There would always be some Tom, Dick, and Harry sitting there. The two ladies should enjoy themselves first so that they would not be taken away by some influential figure. "

Muh Yan was cursing without any dirt!

Everyone present could tell. Huo Jinwen's gaze towards Muh Yan changed and a look of admiration flashed across Zhao Lingyu's eyes. As for those people who were scolded and were not even as good as the cats and dogs in other people's house, their faces were gloomy.

"This miss, isn't it too disgraceful to bicker with a little girl?"

Madam Zhou's sharp eyes locked onto Muh Yan. The contempt and disdain in her eyes were not concealed at all.

Muh Yan saw it clearly but her heart did not have the slightest fluctuation because of it. Her beautiful face was covered with a smile.

"Is it small? Then I'm sorry. I heard it just now. This lady's words are so. . . . . . I thought that this young lady was a well-maintained older woman who had experienced the cold and warmth of society! I didn't think that it would be a young lady. . . May I ask, young lady, how old are you this year, to be so eloquent?"

Muh Yan's eyes were filled with curiosity. Her gaze shifted from Madam Zhou to the high-pitch woman.

This person just now was comparable to jealousy. A woman's ugly behavior, saying that she was a leftover woman, had even insulted a leftover woman!

"You. . . " The high-pitched woman choked.

Mrs. Zhou's face was filled with anger. "Do you know who I am? How dare you speak to me like this? Let me tell you, I am. . . "

Mrs. Zhou was about to reveal her identity when the lady beside her, who had been silent all this while, pulled her sleeve and whispered something into her ear.

She looked at Muh Yan angrily and turned her head with a snort. The group of people just left under Muh Yan's inexplicable gaze.

Although the high-pitched woman did not understand the reason, Zhou Lanli was not a person who was willing to suffer a loss in C City. She did not dare to stay here any longer. She was the daughter of a small private company's boss. How could she dare to stay behind and cause trouble? She could only leave.

"Tsk, she left just like that. I thought she was going to reveal her awesome identity! However, you were quite impressive just now. Scolding people is like praising people. It's art, making people grind their teeth and swallow them. . . "

Zhao Lingyu started to babble on and Muh Yan looked at the smart girl beside him. The girl was also looking at her and there was a trace of probing in her clear eyes.

Seeing that she was looking at her, the girl did not dodge and smiled back at her.

"Hello, my name is Huo Jinwen. Nice to meet you. This is my cousin Zhao Lingyu. She has always been carefree but she does not have any malicious intentions. If there is anything that she has offended, I hope you can forgive her. "

After she finished speaking, she stretched out her hand and passed by Zhao Lingyu, who was almost muttering to herself, and held Muh Yan's hand. This was a woman with a calm and steady heart.

Muh Yan had always been a person who returned the favor. She revealed a gentle temperament and smiled as she replied, "My name is Muh Yan. I am also very happy to meet you. "

"Alright, we will be good sisters from now on. If anyone dares to bully you, just tell me your name and I will protect you!"

Zhao Lingyu finally came out of her own world and was filled with heroic spirit. She waved her hand and placed it on Muh Yan's shoulder.

Muh Yan and Huo Jinwen looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

. . .

When Huo Yuxiu returned, Muh Yan was the only one left in the lounge. Zhao Lingyu received a phone call two minutes ago and anxiously said that someone was coming to catch her. She quickly ran and pulled Huo Jinwen along to walk.

Seeing that Muh Yan's previous heaviness was swept away and her entire body revealed a pleasant and relaxed aura, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly and he walked over to sit beside her.

"Is everything settled?" Muh Yan felt that the atmosphere was somewhat awkward, so she did not have anything to say to find a conversation.

"Yes!" Huo Yuxiu replied with a single syllable.

. . . "" Sister at least said seven words, and you only replied with a single word. Who is it?

Muh Yan seemed to have been infected by the killer Zhao Lingyu!

"The children at home are disobedient and run around everywhere. The elders were worried that they would cause trouble, so they let me go and take a look. In the end, when I rushed to the place, I found out that they had long run away!"

Huo Yuxiu leaned back and leaned against the sofa, feeling somewhat helpless.

Muh Yan, however, was thinking about whether the child he was talking about was his child or something else?

A waiter opened the door and came in to ask if there was any service. Huo Yuxiu looked at his watch and refused.

"It's almost time. Let's go down. "

"Okay!" Muh Yan had just put her phone in her bag when Huo Yuxiu very naturally took the bag over. He quickly got up and stretched his empty hand towards her.

Muh Yan was stunned for a moment and hesitantly reached out her hand. Huo Yuxiu gently pulled and she got up. Then she turned her hand to her shoulder and went into the elevator to go to the 18th floor.

Muh Yan looked at the orderly and bustling banquet hall and felt a little nervous in her heart. It was not because of Hee Ya's wedding and the hotel selection that she was in charge of. It was because the man standing beside her at this moment was too dazzling. The moment he appeared, he attracted everyone's attention.

Subconsciously, she quickened her pace and wanted to use this silent resistance to pull away the distance between her and Huo Yuxiu.

But no matter what kind of speed she used, fast, slow, or suddenly turning around like crazy, he would always be able to cooperate very well and with ease.

It was as if she was a naughty child!

This made Muh Yan very frustrated!

"What's wrong?" Huo Yuxiu noticed her depression and lowered his head to whisper into her ear. The sound that suddenly rang in her ear made Muh Yan raise her head in shock. Because the distance was too close, their lips coincidentally touched.

The four eyes looked at each other for a moment. The world seemed to have stopped. It was as if there were only two people left in the world. In their eyes, there was only each other!

That soft. . . That numb feeling. . . .

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