Sweetie, Let's Go Home/C5 I'll Carry Her and Leave
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Sweetie, Let's Go Home/C5 I'll Carry Her and Leave
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C5 I'll Carry Her and Leave

Muh Yan was the first to react. She pushed Huo Yuxiu away. Her face was red like a monkey's fart. One share was higher than the other.

She retreated in a panic. She twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. A pair of strong hands behind her saved her in time.

But if she had a choice, Muh Yan would rather break her leg than be touched by this person!

Lyi Qing reaching out to save her was just a subconscious action. In fact, it was on his arm. Her waist. He regretted it the moment he reached her waist.

He should have watched this vicious woman fall miserably in front of him!

"Huh. . . Why, it's just a dragonfly. A kiss like a tap of water, and you're already this panicked? Was it because he was too gentlemanly to you in the past, or was he in bed? When he was in bed, he was crippled. The violence was too terrifying, and it left a shadow on you? "

He spoke behind her ear. His voice was filled with a smile that could not be melted, but it made Muh Yan feel as if she had fallen into an ice cellar. She felt cold from head to toe!

"Director Li really has a unique taste. This kind of thing, any girl would not use it to say it, right? Or is it the girl beside CEO Li who only has this one topic to talk about with you? "

Muh Yan mocked. Lyi Qing had been known for his notoriety all these years. It was really vile.

Her high heels stepped on the back of his feet hard, taking advantage of the time when he was in pain. She broke free from the grip on her waist and gained freedom.

However, she ignored the injury on her feet and almost fell down again. Luckily, Huo Yuxiu saved her in time this time.

It had only been a few dozen seconds since she pushed Huo Yuxiu away and returned to Huo Yuxiu's arms.

As for the interlude with Lyi Qing, both of them had covered up their true feelings with smiles on their faces. They did not attract much attention.

Time passed, and the oath was no longer there. They were no longer the same as before!

The only connection between them was mutual harm.

No one was willing to cause trouble at Mo Qingshen's wedding. This small interlude quickly passed, and no one even dared to mention it.

In an inconspicuous corner of the banquet hall, Huo Yuxiu settled Muh Yan down, then squatted down and took off her clothes. He dropped the shoes on her feet.

Muh Yan was extremely uncomfortable, but it was not easy to refuse. She pinched it and checked the wound on her ankle.

"Looks like you really have no fate with tonight's banquet. "

The man raised his eyes to look at her. His deep eyes contained feelings that Muh Yan could not understand.

Muh Yan also saw that she was red. Her ankle was so swollen that it was too horrible to look at. She must be suffering from inflammation. She could not drink anymore. But even if she couldn't drink, she couldn't leave right now.

"Mr. Huo, why don't you take advantage of the situation and find another one. . . "

"Do you think you can make it in time?"

Huo Yuxiu interrupted her and looked at the banquet hall. Hee Ya was wearing a qipao. She was elegant, generous, beautiful, and dignified. She was holding Mo Qingshen's arm in a white suit, and Mo Qingshen was hugging her. She was hugging her waist.

Under everyone's gaze, this pair of male and female attendants stepped onto the auspicious cloud of happiness and walked towards happiness step by step.

"Let's go from there. "

Huo Yuxiu pointed to another exit of the banquet hall. Leaving from there would not attract anyone's attention.

"But. . . Muh Yan had just opened her mouth when she was carried by Huo Yuxiu at the waist. There were two or three pairs of warm arms around her. Looking at her, Muh Yan simply buried her face in his arms and pretended to be Wu. Turtle!

Hee Ya had always had sharp eyes and the moment she entered the banquet hall, she accurately locked onto Muh Yan. Seeing that she was carried away by Huo Yuxiu, her heart was filled with joy and her eyes were full of smiles. The corner of her mouth slightly raised up and matched it with her red body. The bright toasting dress, her entire person was gorgeous. It was extremely beautiful and directly hooked. Mo Qingshen's soul fell to the side!

To Mo Qingshen, Hee Ya's happiness was his happiness.

. . .

Huo Yuxiu carried Muh Yan to the underground parking lot and put her in the passenger seat. He then went around the front of the car and got into the car.

Ever since Lyi Qing, Muh Yan rarely accepted the existence of men around her. Huo Yuxiu's care and enthusiasm made her very uncomfortable. She took off the necklace around her neck and handed it to Huo Yuxiu with both hands. She considered her words carefully.

"Mr. Huo, thank you very much for your help today. In the future, when there is a chance, I will definitely repay you. I can go back by myself, so I won't trouble you to send it personally. You put away the necklace first, and I will return the clothes to you after I wash them. "

Muh Yan's voice and attitude were soft. Soft. Every word she said was like a feather scratching. Huo Yuxiu's heart.

His eyes went deeper and his gentle gaze fell on her body, but she felt a lot of pressure!

Finally, he reached out to take the necklace and placed it in the storage box in front of the car.

"I can take the necklace, but there's no need for the skirt. Your leg is injured, so I have to send you back. This is something that a man must have. You don't want your best friend to say that I'm bad, right?"

Huo Yuxiu was well versed in the human heart. How could a little girl like Muh Yan, whose mind was as pure as paper, be a match for him?

After he said this, it was difficult for her to find any words to refute him, but Lyi Qing wanted her to wait for him in the garage. If she did not. . .

"Do you have anything else to deal with?"

Huo Yuxiu saw Muh Yan's dilemma. Other than this, he could not think of any other reason.

"No! No!"

Muh Yan panicked for a moment when her thoughts were seen through, but she quickly calmed down and looked at Huo Yuxiu with her bright eyes.

"Thank you, Mr. Huo!"

"It is my honor!" Huo Yuxiu smiled and started the car to leave.

Muh Yan sat in the passenger seat. Through the mirror, she could clearly see Lyi Qing appear behind a cement pillar in the garage. He clenched his fists and watched them leave with a gloomy look in his eyes.

Muh Yan's heart trembled. On the surface, she was enduring the pain, but her heart was filled with sadness and despair.

Lyi Qing, why are you like the others, unwilling to believe me?

Our relationship was destroyed by you!

Since that's the case, let the storm come even fiercer!

I, Muh Yan, will accompany you till the end!

. . .

After sending Muh Yan to Jin Xin's apartment, Huo Yuxiu did not avoid it. He directly carried her into the elevator and sent her to her home on the sixth floor. Only after he settled her down did he leave.

Outside the apartment, another car was parked beside his car. Under the moonlight, he could clearly see that there was another person beside the car - Lyi Qing.

Huo Yuxiu looked at Lyi Qing, who was full of killing intent. He followed his gaze and coincidentally saw the window of Muh Yan's room. He frowned slightly, and even his voice became a few degrees colder.

"It's not good for Manager Li not to sleep in his own house in the middle of the night. He came here to guard someone else's window, right?"

"Heh. . . It's just one another!" Lyi Qing sneered. "But you, the heir of the Huo Financial Group and the number one person in the Imperial Capital, actually dared to plot against him. Aren't you afraid of insulting the reputation of the Huo family by taking care of a lowly girl? Aren't you afraid of Old Huo holding you accountable? "

Lyi Qing's heart felt like it had been overturned when he thought of Muh Yan and Huo Jinyu staying alone in the apartment for such a long time. Jealousy and intense hatred intertwined with each other, torturing him until he was filled with killing intent!

Anger flashed in Huo Yuxiu's eyes and disappeared. A cold and distant smile hung on the corner of his mouth.

"Do you know the story of Dongpo and the Buddha Seal? What do you think you are? Just look at what others look like. Director Li. . . It's time to repair your heart!"

After saying this, Huo Yuxiu no longer paid attention to Lyi Qing's reaction. He got into the car and quickly drove away.

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