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C6 I Tried to Test Her from the Side

Lyi Qing looked away from the direction where the car had disappeared. The Jinxin apartment was a high-end apartment in C City, with floors and windows that had turned off lights on the sixth floor. After an unknown period of time, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to suppress the anger in his heart. Then, he got into the car and left.

Ji Muyan. Since I have found you, the matter of the past will not be easily resolved. I will definitely make you pay the price!

. . .

The two cars drove off one after another. Muh Yan pulled the curtains open from the window on the sixth floor and stood by the window for a long time. Her eyes looked in the direction where the two cars left and tears flowed in her eyes.

Lyi Qing was the person she had devoted all her heart and soul to love in her green years. The past between them had been deeply engraved in her bones and could not be erased in this lifetime.

To her, every time Lyi Qing hurt her, it was the pain of losing her bone marrow!

After so many years, she still did not understand why Lyi Qing did not believe her and did not give her the chance to explain. If their identities were reversed back then, she would definitely give him the chance to explain and choose to believe him.

Lyi Qing, have you really loved me?

Why is it that even Huo Yuxiu, who we met for the first time, would choose to believe me and protect me, while you would only suspect me and humiliate me?

He heard the sound of his heart breaking in the silent dark room!

. . .

Huo Yuxiu had just returned to the mansion when his phone rang. It was Mo Qingshen's number.

A trace of helplessness quickly flashed across his eyes as he picked up the phone.

"Isn't it a little too urgent to spy on military intelligence so quickly?"

"Haha. . . " Mo Qingshen on the other end of the phone laughed forthrightly. He gave off a warm and sunny feeling. In front of his brother, he did not have the slightest indifference and coldness when facing other people.

"It was not easy for me to get my name straight. Naturally, I have to spend a lot of effort to satisfy my wife's wish!"

Mo Qingshen did not hide his motive at all.

"What if I don't have any thoughts?" Seeing Mo Qingshen so excited, Huo Yuxiu could not help but turn against him.

"But as far as I know, you are not a warm-hearted person. If it is not interesting, will you help her?"

"I don't want your wedding to be disturbed. Are you satisfied with that? He family's son-in-law!"

Huo Yuxiu took off his coat and placed it on the sofa. He walked to the water dispenser and poured himself a cup of water. He took a sip and waited for Mo Qingshen's reply.

"Are you serious?"

Mo Qingshen's phone turned on speaker mode and Hee Ya was beside him. At this moment, her face had already collapsed. She thought that Muh Yan meeting the son of heaven was only a mistake.

"She made me feel bad for her. I subconsciously wanted to protect her and not let Lyi Qing hurt her again. As for advancing further, I don't have such thoughts for the time being. As for her, she definitely didn't have such intentions. "

Huo Yuxiu could guess that Hee Ya was beside Mo Qingshen. He didn't want his good brother to be neglected on the first night of their wedding, so he gave his true thoughts.

"En. . . This is indeed in line with your usual style of doing things. Let's do it this way, good night!"

After saying that, Mo Qingshen hung up the phone. Seeing Hee Ya's disappointed expression, he dotingly rubbed her hair.

"Ya, Xiu and I have known each other for so many years. I have never seen him treat any girl so special. He said those words just now. It meant that Muh Yan had already occupied a certain position in his heart, but he realized this point. They still need time. Their situation is different from ours. If you want to hurry, you will not be able to achieve it. Let's not interfere. If we let them let nature take its course, there might be unexpected results! "

Mo Qingshen had fallen in love with Hee Ya at first sight. Hee Ya had a gentle temperament and was no match for his domineering pursuit. He succeeded very quickly.

It was just that he had spent a lot of effort on the way to obtain He Tianlin's recognition. Otherwise, the two of them would have gotten married a long time ago.

Hee Ya saw Mo Qingshen's confident expression and also understood that the relationship could not be rushed, so she nodded her head and agreed.

. . .

Muh Yan tossed and turned all night and just as she fell asleep, she was woken up by the alarm. She quickly took care of herself and carried her tired body to the Jadewave Garden. Hee Ya's wedding was very grand and there were many places that needed her to watch to avoid any accidents.

Fortunately, the injury on her leg yesterday was not serious. She had applied ointment last night and it was no longer a big problem when she woke up this morning. It did not affect her work.

It was already noon after she was done with her work. Muh Yan had just come out of the Bibo Garden when a large group of reporters rushed towards her and threw questions at her.

"Miss Muh, may I ask when you and Mr. Huo confirmed their relationship? Have you dated President Huang Tai before? Did you propose to break up with him, or did you propose to break up with him? "

" Miss Muh, according to the insider, you have quite a deep relationship with the S City's Ji family. Is that true? "

"You have a good relationship with Miss Hee Ya. Is it because you want to find a chance to get close to Mr. Huo?"

Muh Yan was suddenly surrounded. After the initial panic, she calmed down and took the microphone of one of the reporters. Her cold voice was neither loud nor soft, but the reporters present could hear it clearly.

"Thank you all for your concern, reporters and friends. However, I think everyone misunderstood. I just got to know Mr. Huo Yuxiu yesterday. Could it be that someone would become boyfriend and girlfriend the first time they met? As for the Mr. Lyi Qing of Emperor Tai, we do know each other, but it's not what everyone thinks.

Muh Yan paused and her cool gaze swept across the reporters before continuing.

"Furthermore, CEO Li has a lot of feelings. Instead of searching for information that is impossible here, why not go to CEO Li's place and take a look? Perhaps there will be shocking gains. As for the Ji family of S City, I don't think I will have anything to do with them in my life! "

At the end of her words, Muh Yan smiled helplessly and continued.

"Everyone, I know that everyone's behavior today is a professional requirement. I have already answered your questions. I hope that everyone will show mercy and report truthfully. If anyone deliberately discredited me, I think I still have the ability to sue someone!"

After saying this, Muh Yan quickly left and waited for the reporters to react. There was another huge pile of questions and it was difficult for her to escape.

When she arrived at the parking lot exclusive to Jade Wave Garden, she opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat. The door of the passenger seat was opened in a very short period of time. Lyi Qing, who was covered in cold air, sat in.

Muh Yan clearly felt a chill in her body. She thought that in broad daylight, Lyi Qing was after all a president of a large company. He would not be so despicable. She resisted the urge to run away and looked at him coldly.

Lyi Qing saw that she was not afraid and sneered. The corners of his mouth curled into a mocking smile.

"You are really good at attracting trouble and getting those reporters to surround me. Ha. . . Ji Muyan, you have grown capable!"

"Thank you for your praise, CEO Li. I am just 'returning a favor with a peach' and learning from you, CEO Li!"

Muh Yan silently resisted. When those reporters mentioned that she was related to Ji family, she guessed that it was Lyi Qing who was manipulating everything behind the scenes.

Lyi Qing's appearance at this moment confirmed her guess.

"Ji Muyan, you are courting death!"

Muh Yan's words angered Lyi Qing. He grabbed Muh Yan's neck and his eyes were filled with viciousness. His palm slowly tightened.

"My name is Muh Yan. . . No. . . Ji Muyan, I have nothing to do with. . . Ji family! No!"

Her neck was choked and she could not breathe much, but Muh Yan still did not want to have anything to do with the Ji family.

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