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C7 Panic Lingered

"Heh, it doesn't matter. Ji Muyan, are you afraid that the Ji family will arrest you and make you take responsibility for what happened that year?"

Lyi Qing's eyes were filled with hatred. He kept his palm tighter and tighter. He looked at Muh Yan's face, which was getting paler and paler. He felt that her life was slowly slipping away from his hands. Lyi Qing was overwhelmed by the pleasure of revenge and the heartache he felt for her. His eyes gradually became complicated.

Muh Yan's vision turned black and she felt weak all over. It was as if the weight of the entire world was pressing down on her.

In a trance, she seemed to see Huo Yuxiu rushing towards her. He. . . Was coming to save her?

With doubt, Muh Yan fainted.

Lyi Qing saw her closing her eyes and panicked. He subconsciously let go of his hand. In the next moment, he felt the car shaking. Before he could react, the passenger door of the passenger car was removed by someone. In the next moment, he felt a pain at the back of his neck. His eyes turned black and he fainted.

Huo Yuxiu did not have time to care about Lyi Qing. He went around the front of the car to check Muh Yan's breath and found that she was no longer breathing. Huo Yuxiu felt as if he had been struck by lightning. There was a sense of loss and panic lingering in his heart. His eyes turned red in an instant.

"Muh Yan ~"

He hurriedly carried her out of the car and laid her flat on the ground. At this time, he did not care about the defences between men and women. He untied the top two buttons on her shirt and knelt on the ground. He pressed his hands on her chest to perform artificial CPR for her.

After doing this a few times, he used one hand to pinch her cheeks, making her open her mouth slightly. Then, he lowered his head and returned her lips to help her breathe.

"Cough, cough. . . " Muh Yan finally reacted after he took a series of emergency measures.

She opened her eyes weakly and saw that the person in front of her was Huo Yuxiu. She opened her mouth and was about to speak when she felt a burning pain in her throat. She frowned in pain and felt wronged. Tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes. Huo Yuxiu quickly picked her up.

"Don't be afraid. I will send you to the hospital immediately. You will be fine. "

As he spoke, he bent down to pick her up. Muh Yan's lifeless eyes flashed with a trace of panic. "Be careful!"

Her hoarse voice was so small that it could almost be ignored. She did not know where the strength came from, but her hands supported the ground and she suddenly sat up. She hugged Huo Yuxiu's lean waist and used all the strength in her body to spin. In the next moment, the two of them switched positions.

"Bang ~" A muffled sound was heard. Muh Yan's back was hit by the steel pipe in Lyi Qing's hand. A huge pain hit her brain, and she let out a painful moan. Hum, her eyes turned black and she fainted again.

"Muh Yan ~"

She actually saved him with her life. Huo Yuxiu was shocked and furious, as if something in his heart had shattered.

When Lyi Qing woke up, he saw Huo Yuxiu kiss Muh Yan. His entire heart was filled with jealousy, and he had done such a thing in a moment of hot-headedness. At this moment, his mind had recovered, and he was stunned on the spot.


Huo Yuxiu's bodyguard was too far away, so he rushed over a little later. He carefully called Huo Yuxiu.

"Beat him to death!"

The current Huo Yuxiu was no longer as gentle as he usually was. His whole body was cold. After saying this, he carried Muh Yan towards his car. A bodyguard quickly rushed forward and acted as the driver. He did not care whether the traffic light was red or not and quickly ran towards the nearest hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Muh Yan was sent to the hospital at the fastest speed for a check-up. Hee Ya and Mo Qingshen rushed over when they heard the news.

Hee Ya's eyes were red and before she could ask anything, the door of the examination room opened and the unconscious Muh Yan was sent to the operating room.

A doctor looked at the three of them. "Who is the patient's family?"

"Me! How is she?"

Huo Yuxiu answered before Hee Ya and took a step forward. If it was not for his good manners, he would have grabbed the doctor's shoulder and asked crazily.

"There is a broken rib on the back of the patient. There is a broken bone piercing into the tissue. There needs to be surgery. Any surgery will have risks and possible sequelae. If you agree to the surgery, please sign on it!"

"What risk? What sequelae?"

Huo Yuxiu clenched his fists, almost losing control of his emotions.

Mo Qingshen let go of Hee Ya and took a step forward to prevent him from doing anything bad to the doctor.

The doctor had seen many family members who could not control their emotions, but this was the first time he was so agitated before the surgery. He quickly calmed his mind and said to Huo Yuxiu,

"The risk is the uncertainty in the surgery and some unexpected incidents. It may cause harm to the patient. For example, some patients will discover other lesions during the surgery, but they will cause harm to the patient because they are not prepared in advance. As for the sequela, if the postoperative care is not properly maintained, the patient will feel pain and discomfort in the operating theater before rainy days come in the future. . . "

The doctor said a lot in one breath. Huo Yuxiu's expression became uglier and uglier as he continued to speak.

"The doctors here have good medical skills. The surgery is more important first. After the surgery, you take care of her personally, and there will not be any sequelae. "

Mo Qingshen put his hand on Huo Yuxiu's shoulder. He could clearly feel Huo Yuxiu trembling all over. This huge emotional fluctuation. . .

Was it good or bad that made him and Muh Yan happy?

If the Huo family refused to admit Muh Yan. . .

"Alright, I'll sign!"

Huo Yuxiu quickly signed on the surgery consent form. In the patient's relationship column, he chose his husband.

Mo Qingshen had been standing beside him, and he could not hide the shock in his eyes.

The doctor quickly left after receiving the surgery consent form. Huo Yuxiu dialed the private number of the China Health Department's Minister.

"Uncle Dong, can you do me a favor?"

Huo Yuxiu asked Dong Guilin to call the director of this hospital personally. He asked him to transfer the elite talents from every department to Muh Yan's operating theater to prevent the unexpected situation that the doctor had mentioned from not being treated in time.

After Dong Guilin made the call, Huo Yuxiu was already outside the operating theater.

Dong Guilin called. "Yuxiu, what happened? Didn't you go to C City to attend Mo Qingshen's wedding? Why did you cause trouble at the hospital?"

"A friend is injured. I will send her to treat her!"

Huo Yuxiu gave a short reply.


Dong Guilin was puzzled, but a young man should have his own space. He did not intend to continue asking. Just as he was about to hang up the phone, Huo Yuxiu's voice sounded again.

"To be precise, she is the person I like!"

After Huo Yuxiu finished speaking, he hung up the phone and looked at the red light in the operating theater. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions from the Discipline Inspection Committee.

Hee Ya and Mo Qingshen, who were standing beside him, were shocked by his words. Yesterday, he had said that he did not want to date, but today, he was sure that he liked it. It seemed that this sudden disaster was the most direct way to test one's feelings.

Hee Ya looked at the red light in the operating theater and prayed silently in her heart.

Yan, I will wait here for you to come out. Please don't let anything happen to you!

Very soon, a large group of doctors rushed over. Among them, there was no lack of people with white beards. The director was also among them. He let two professor level surgeons go in and replace the previous chief surgeon. The call he received just now was the highest level call he had received all these years.

He was just about to go up and talk to the three of them, but he was stopped by Mo Qingshen's cold gaze.

He immediately recognized Mo Qingshen. His back felt cold, and he silently wiped the sweat from his heart. He did not dare to go up and talk to Mo Qingshen again. The director did not speak, and the others did not dare to go up rashly. The air once again fell into silence.

. . .

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