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C8 Taking Care of Them Personally

Muh Yan's surgery was not very risky. The hospital only stipulated that a family member needed to sign the consent form before the surgery. Huo Yuxiu asked again. Not only that, the doctor had only said so much.

After more than half an hour, Muh Yan was pushed out of the operating theater. She was already unconscious, and with the addition of the anesthesia, she was still unconscious. Huo Yuxiu was about to explode. After the director and the chief surgeon had a simple conversation, they quickly came to his side.

"Mr. Huo, Miss Muh's surgery was very successful. As long as you pay attention to postoperative recovery, there won't be any problems. "

As he waited, he had already figured out Huo Jinyu's identity. The newspaper reported his relationship with Miss Muh and was shocked.

When Huo Yuxiu heard this, he calmed down. He nodded and followed after the cart.

After Muh Yan stayed in the observation room for more than two hours, her consciousness gradually became clear. She was sent to the top floor VIP ward, arranged for her, and after a series of check-ups, the doctors all left.

Muh Yan's back was injured and she was lying on the bed. At this moment, she completely woke up and felt very uncomfortable.

Hee Ya went forward and laid on the bed and held her hand. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears and her voice was choked with sobs.

"Yan, I am sorry. If it was not for my wedding, Lyi Qing would not have known that you were in C City and you would not have been injured. It was all my fault and I am sorry for Yan. . . "

In the end, Hee Ya sobbed silently. Mo Qingshen took a step forward and bent over to hold her shoulder.

"Muh Yan, I will make it up to you for this!"

As a husband, he should bear the responsibility of letting Muh Yan plan the wedding between him and Hee Ya that led to today's matter.

"Li Qing has long been blinded by hatred. It is normal for him to do such a thing. Even if today's incident did not happen, he would still kill me at other times and places. . . This is the hatred between him and me. Don't blame everything on yourselves. "

The effects of the anesthesia gradually faded and the incision of the surgery started to hurt. Muh Yan frowned.

"Yan was injured because of my negligence. If you really want to blame someone, you should blame me. It is already not early. You guys go back first. I will stay here and take care of Yan. "

Huo Yuxiu's voice suddenly interrupted. Hearing his slightly hoarse voice, Muh Yan's heart trembled. If it was not for her, she would already be dead.

"Mr. Huo, you have already helped me a lot. There is no need to worry about me. Just help me find a nurse later. I. . . "

"The doctor said that if you do not recover well, there will be sequelae of lifelong pain. If you really feel that it is not easy to order me around, just pay me according to the price of the nurse!"

Huo Yuxiu spoke stiffly. Although he did not see anything on the surface, Mo Qingshen, who was familiar with him, knew that Huo Yuxiu was unhappy!

Hee Ya and Muh Yan, on the other hand, forgot to respond because of his words. Should they pay Huo Yuxiu or should they pay him as a caretaker?

He was the big shot who earned hundreds of millions every minute. How rare was it for him to work so hard for only a few hundred yuan every twenty-four hours?

Muh Yan still felt that it was inappropriate.

"Mr. Huo. . . "

"It's decided then. This is the list of food that the doctor made. Hee Ya, you know Yan's eating habits. Go and buy something that she likes to eat. "

Huo Yuxiu interrupted Muh Yan. Although his voice was still gentle, Muh Yan felt that there was no room for doubt in it.

He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Hee Ya. Hee Ya got up from the bed and nodded before leaving. Mo Qingshen followed behind him. When he passed by Huo Yuxiu, he patted his shoulder and whispered:

"Pay attention to the rhythm, don't scare people!"

Mo Qingshen had thought about what had happened just now. No matter how difficult it would be for Huo Yuxiu and Muh Yan to be together in the future, as good brothers, he would help him overcome all obstacles!

However, Huo Yuxiu, who had never experienced love, acted too impetuous. Muh Yan had not yet come out of Lyi Qing's shadow. If she wanted to hurry, she would not be able to make it!

How could Huo Yuxiu not understand Mo Qingshen's meaning? He thought for a while and walked to the bedside in a state where he thought he would not give Muh Yan any pressure. He pulled a chair and sat down.

"Muh Yan, after so much, we can be considered friends, right?" He asked.

"Mr. Huo, are you willing to be friends with someone like me?"

Muh Yan suspected that she had misheard him.

"I think my expression should be very clear. It will not let people understand the second meaning. "

Huo Yuxiu looked at her with a faint smile. His smile was as refreshing as the spring breeze in three months.

At this moment, Muh Yan even missed his smile, but she knew that this smile would not have anything to do with her in the end. She should not have had any interactions with Huo Yuxiu's life!

"Mr. Huo, do you know why Lyi Qing is so cruel to me? Because four years ago, the Lyi family's Young Master Li City and the third young lady Li Yue were plotted against and killed in a car accident, and the mastermind behind that car accident. . . Was me!"

In the eyes of everyone who knew about this matter, except for his mother and grandfather, they all firmly believed this so-called fact!

Muh Yan's eyes were full of self-mockery. Three people became a tiger. Four years had passed, and Li Cheng and Li Yue's deaths were rarely mentioned. But the real murderer was her, and people had always firmly believed in her!

Muh Yan was very sad. If she appeared in front of the child, she would even scare them to tears, right?

Huo Yuxiu did not miss the self-mockery and sadness in Muh Yan's eyes. He was shocked that she told him all of this, and at the same time angry that she was belittling herself.

"The truth is always in the hands of a few people. Even if no one in this world is willing to believe you, you should not bear such injustice and infamy. Instead, you should find out the truth and let the world know how blind they are!"

Huo Yuxiu stared at Muh Yan's deep affection. He did not see a trace of hope on her face. His heart ached. What kind of past was needed to erase a person's hope? He did not even have the courage to wash away the injustice for himself?

"Yan, everyone's life is controlled by themselves, not by other people's comments and judgment. Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes. This is a stupid thing that only a fool would do! You must discover the beauty of this world. Only then can you make those who truly care about you feel gratified. "

Huo Yuxiu looked at Muh Yan with a slightly fierce look in his eyes.

Muh Yan looked into his eyes and was shocked by the firmness and Ling Ran in his eyes. She saw endless confidence and indifference in Huo Yuxiu. This was a calmness that could only be obtained after experiencing countless waves and waves in the world. Could it be that she had really been wrong all this time?

Because her family did not trust her and even abandoned her, she fell into pain and could not extricate herself from it!

Because of the suspicions of those who loved her, they even wished that they could kill her and doubt the meaning of their existence!

But he had overlooked it all along. There were actually some people by her side who silently cared for her, loved her, worried about her, cried with her, laughed together, and watched the world together!

Why did she have to wait until now to understand?

"Knock, knock ~"

A knock on the door interrupted Muh Yan's thoughts and Huo Yuxiu walked over to open the door. The one who came in was Muh Yan's main force, Tong Xue. One of her hands was holding a bouquet of flowers and the other was holding a fruit basket. When she saw Huo Yuxiu, there was shock and shock in her eyes but she quickly returned to normal.

"Hello Mr. Huo. I am Tong Xue, Sister Yan's little follower. I am here to see Sister Yan on behalf of everyone in our company. "

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