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C9 Help Tong Xue

While they were talking, Huo Yuxiu took the flowers and fruit basket from Tong Xue's hands and Tong Xue sat on the chair that Huo Yuxiu had just sat on. She smiled at Muh Yan and looked at Huo Yuxiu, who was planting flowers with his back facing the two of them, teasingly. When it landed on Muh Yan, he gave her a thumbs up and scratched his face. It meant that she had successfully cheated.

How could Muh Yan not understand what the little girl was thinking? Just as she was about to scold her, Tong Xue was one step ahead of her.

"Sister Yan, everyone knew that you were injured by that bad guy and wanted to see you. But considering that you need to rest, let me take everyone's place to see you! This small notebook is for everyone to cheer you on. Sister Yan, you have to get better quickly. Without you, no one will be motivated!"

Tong Xue looked like she was abandoned by Muh Yan. She pitifully took out a palm-sized small book from her backpack and handed it to Muh Yan.

Muh Yan was about to reach out to take it when Huo Yuxiu took the first step.

"You are not suitable for big movements now. I can read it to you or wait until you can get off the bed. "

His voice was still warm and there was still a smile on his face. However, Muh Yan felt that he was too overbearing. She seemed to have been controlled by him!

Muh Yan had a depressed look but Tong Xue by the side could not help but laugh out loud.

Raising her head, she saw Muh Yan staring at her with a face full of grief. Tong Xue got up from the chair with a look of burning eyebrows.

"Sister Yan, my mom asked me to go to school today to pick up my brother from school. I have to go now. Bye ~ Mr. Huo, please take good care of Sister Yan. Otherwise, our entire wedding celebration will not allow you to pursue her! "

"Tong Xue, what nonsense are you talking about!"

After Tong Xue finished speaking, she slipped away and Muh Yan's tender anger was thrown far behind her ears.

Huo Yuxiu looked at Muh Yan and scolded in a low voice.

"Don't speak loudly. It will affect the wound on your back. "

. . . "" Muh Yan!

Huo Yuxiu saw that Muh Yan did not speak anymore. He opened the small notebook and read the words written by the staff member of Yue Yuan's wedding ceremony to her.

"Sister Yan, you have always been the hero in our hearts. Quickly get better and lead us to conquer the world! - Love your gentleness!"

"Stinky girl, why are you injured again? You can't step into the same river twice! If you're a scumbag, you should be thrown away - Teacher!"

“. . . ”

"Muh Yan, when you come back and invite us to dance, you still owe me a dance last time! - Se -"

"Muh Yan, I dare not say what you have experienced outside. Remember, behind you, all the employees of Happy Birthday will always be your firm support. - - Mighty!"

. . .

Huo Yuxiu read a few pages, and every sentence was a part of Muh Yan's life. She suddenly realized, and her eyes were filled with tears. It turned out that she had neglected so many beautiful things in her life.

Huo Yuxiu flipped another page, and a flash of astonishment appeared in his eyes. He then turned a few pages back, suddenly closed the book, and said to Muh Yan:

"I will keep this book for you. When you are not confident and hurt yourself in the future, I will take it out to warn you!"

. . . "" What?

Muh Yan was surprised. Did this man have nothing better to do?

Muh Yan, who was silently cursing in her heart, did not see the unnatural look in Huo Yuxiu's eyes. Those words that he did not read were all the teasing that Yue Yuan and the others had for him and Muh Yan. He felt that his eyes were piercing when he saw them. If Muh Yan really saw them, she would be so ashamed that she would not have the face to meet others!

Not long later, Hee Ya brought in the food that she had bought and some daily necessities. Mo Qingshen was downstairs picking up the phone from the company and did not come with her.

After delivering the food, Hee Ya handed the list of food that she marked Muh Yan's favorite food to Huo Yuxiu and exchanged a few words with Muh Yan. Mo Qingshen called her away.

Muh Yan's posture was not good to eat, so Huo Yuxiu used a spoon and spoon to carefully feed her. The food Hee Ya bought were all very digestible liquid food. It was expensive and rich in nutrition. At the same time, it was also Muh Yan's favorite food.

In the following week, Huo Yuxiu took care of Muh Yan very well, unless Hee Ya and the Huo Family's Yue Yuan wedding celebration people came to see her, Huo Yuxiu would never leave her side.

Under his careful care, Muh Yan could finally get off the bed. After removing the surgical thread on her back, Huo Yuxiu applied some medicine to remove the scar. He first helped her practice her leg strength in the ward and corridor, and only then did he accompany her for a walk downstairs the next day.

"The doctor said I can be discharged from the hospital, I think. . . "

"What are you thinking about? If you don't recover well, there will be sequelae. I have asked the doctor. It will be the best if you stay in the hospital for another week. "

The hospital was filled with Ivy corridors. Muh Yan had just opened her mouth when Huo Yuxiu rejected her.

Her temper had been completely worn down by Huo Yuxiu in the past few days. In any case, she could not beat him every time. In the end, she could only listen to him. No matter what, he was doing it for her own good, so she did not want to be stubborn.


She lowered her head dejectedly. Other than the hospital staff, no one was willing to stay in the hospital. She felt that she was unlucky.

"Be good. I know you don't like it here, but your health is more important. Bear with it for a few more days and I will definitely let you out of the hospital. "

Huo Yuxiu felt her deep voice. He reached out his big palm to rub the top of her hair and said gently.

Muh Yan nodded silently.

. . .

In a corner of the hospital, flashes of light flashed a few times. Huo Yuxiu's eyes noticed this change and a trace of contemplation flashed across his eyes.

Not long after, he and Muh Yan returned to the ward.

When the photographer saw Huo Yuxiu leave, he also got up and planned to retreat. However, when he turned around, he found three tall men standing behind him. One of them was wearing a grey suit and the other two were standing behind him. They were wearing the same black suit and sunglasses!

"Give it to me!"

Qin Shaan looked at the man with a fake smile, as if he was somewhat familiar with him.

Who cares? He could not let people take pictures of the president and spread it around!

That person turned around and was about to escape to a place with more people, but there were people faster than him. He didn't even run two meters before he was captured by two bodyguards in front of Qin Shaan.

Qin Shaan grabbed the camera in his hand and deleted all the photos. After confirming that there was no problem, he threw the camera away and waved his hand. He said coldly, "Hit!"


The two bodyguards behind him responded in unison. After that, there was a wave of punches, kicks, and wails.

Qin Shaan watched from the side with a smile. However, if one observed carefully, one would discover that there was not a trace of a smile in his eyes. It was a cold and fierce killing intent!

After the incident, Qin Shaan wanted to report this matter to Huo Yuxiu. Huo Yuxiu only asked him to increase his vigilance in the future and did not investigate this matter.

. . .

Under Huo Yuxiu's insistence, Muh Yan stayed in the hospital for another week before she was discharged.

After sending her to Jin Xin's apartment, Huo Yuxiu originally wanted to personally send her up, but he suddenly received a phone call from far away in Imperial. There was a loophole in the company's cooperation overseas, and he needed to personally go back and handle it himself!

Muh Yan saw Huo Yuxiu's expression suddenly turn serious, and took the initiative to say:

"I'll go up myself. Mr. Huo, thank you for taking care of me during this period of time. I. . . If there is a chance in the future, I will repay you! "

"Yes, there will definitely be a chance!"

When Huo Yuxiu said this, he looked at Muh Yan with a burning gaze.

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