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Sword Conquering Novoland/C522 The Wuxu Purple River Carriage
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C522 The Wuxu Purple River Carriage

At this time, the sledgehammer thrown by the green-clothed man was extremely heavy. It was struck by Zhang Jingxuan's Heaven Conniving Sword. The man in black tried his best to block it, but it didn't change much. Fortunately, it did not hit the carriage. Instead, it hit the upper left corner of the carriage.

With a loud bang, the sturdy carriage couldn't withstand the enormous force of the sledgehammer. It collapsed from the impact, leaving a human-head-sized hole. The carriage broke into pieces, and a strange phenomenon occurred in an instant. From the gap of the hole, a thick purple smoke surged out like a strange snake baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It flew towards the sky.

Although the green-clothed man couldn't see his face, his eyes were filled with joy.

"The Wu Xu Purple River Carriage has been destroyed. Haha, Yu Laosi, you're only half crippled. You'd better hurry home. Perhaps you can still live, or else..."

Following his voice, the huge rock that swallowed the black shadow exploded with a bang. It seemed that the mechanism could only trap the black shadow for a short period of time. However, the color of the black shadow seemed to have faded a little and it drifted erratically. It was like a candle that was about to be extinguished. When he heard the green-clothed man's words, he didn't react in the slightest. When Zhang Jingxuan saw this situation, he also stopped watching.

The Wu Xu Purple River Carriage was a legendary treasure that could heal all kinds of internal injuries. Cultivating within it would allow one to achieve twice the result with half the effort. He did not expect to see it here today. It was destroyed at first sight. Yang Xu clicked his tongue in satisfaction and shook his head. However, he still couldn't figure out the whole story.

The black shadow seemed to be silent for a moment. Then, it suddenly rushed towards the man in green. Its body was quiet, and it made a sobbing sound at the same time. It seemed like it was going to fight with its life on the line.

The green-clothed person knew that without the nourishment of the Purple River Carriage, it would be difficult for the opponent to recover if they were injured. This was caused by his cultivation, and it was even caused by his illness after being injured. With a thought, he decided that it wouldn't be too late to leave a mark on his opponent before he left. In any case, this could be considered a major confrontation of light, and Zhang Jingxuan would not interfere.

The black shadow attacked, but the man in green was not afraid at all. Both of his palms met the attack head on. Both sides exchanged dozens of blows in the blink of an eye. It seemed like both sides were going to fight. The figure of the black shadow became fainter and fainter, but the green was getting more and more vigorous. Obviously, he had the upper hand.

At this time, the young master and the remaining rough-clothed man had already come out of the damaged carriage. When they saw the situation of the battle, most of them couldn't help but reveal anxious expressions. Only the young master's expression remained unchanged, as if he never had any emotions.

After a few more attacks, the black shadow seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. He started to move towards the carriage. It seemed that he wanted to enter the carriage to find a short rest. The purple smoke in the Purple River carriage was already thin, but the man in green was still unwilling to do as he wished. The green-clothed man swayed and blocked the front of the carriage, preventing the black shadow from approaching the carriage.

The longer he left the Purple River Carriage, the weaker the opponent's martial arts would be. The green-clothed man was still hesitating in his heart. Should he kill the opponent under his palm or cut off one of his arms to kill him? In short, the enmity between the two sides had definitely been formed.

At this time, the black shadow seemed to be flickering with light. It was obvious that he was already at the end of his rope.

At this moment, behind the green-clothed man, there was a loud clap of thunder. The Purple River Carriage suddenly exploded. The green-clothed man cried out in his heart. Bitter!

He suddenly recalled that all sorts of treasures and godly objects had their own supernatural powers. In the end, it seemed like the Purple River Carriage had chosen to expose itself. Furthermore, it seemed as though the Purple River Chariot really had a mind of its own. Many of the broken pieces flew towards the back of the green-clothed man. This was the main culprit.

At this moment, the black shadow suddenly became as black as ink, and fiercely attacked the green-clothed man.

The green-clothed man knew that his opponent had taken advantage of this opportunity to use some sort of secret technique. He wanted to injure himself to the point of mutual destruction, and even perish together with him. However, this was completely unnecessary for him. He just needed to endure for a few more minutes. The opponent would still be up to him to deal with.

The only thing he needed to be wary of was Zhang Jingxuan. Although he had already covered his face, Zhang Jingxuan still wanted to mess things up, so he had to be more careful with Zhang Jingxuan.

The man in green didn't want to fight him head on, so he naturally chose to fly backwards. Although the explosion of the Purple River Chariot was shocking, he only had one hand on his back. He flicked his finger a few times, and all the small fragments were completely dissolved. Even though he was flying backwards, his actions were still calm and unhurried.

Just as he leisurely flew above the Purple River Carriage like a Buddha, a purple cloud shot out from the broken body of the Purple River Carriage. It seemed like it wanted him to step on a cloud and fill it with a bit more immortal energy.

But this time, fear and disbelief suddenly appeared in the eyes of the green-clothed man.

The purple cloud shot out so quickly and at the perfect time, making it impossible for someone as skilled as the green-clothed person to block it.

Moreover, at the same time, the black shadow that was chasing after him also arrived with lightning speed. It seemed that his hatred towards him was quite deep. He wished that he could kill him with a single strike.

The green-clothed man did not have many choices left at this moment.

He raised his arms, and it seemed that he was going to use all of his strength to meet the black shadow. He could only fight one of the two, and only by fighting the black shadow would he be able to earn back some money. It seemed that if he wanted to die together with the black shadow this time, it would be his turn.

With his ability, if he attacked with all his strength, the black shadow would definitely not be able to do anything good.

However, he raised his hands, and in an instant, his hands fell down again.

Not only that, even his eyes were closed. It looked like he had already resigned himself to his fate and did not want to struggle any longer.

The purple smoke below was extremely fast and arrived first after it was released. First, it tapped a few fingers on the green-clothed person's body, then it pushed him three feet into the air with a palm. He landed steadily on a pile of grass. It seemed that he was not in a bad shape.

In this way, the fierce attack of the black shadow missed.

From the wave of schemes that he had planned, and from the looks of it, he was already on the verge of success, but in the end, he realized that he was the big fish that had been hooked.

The green-clothed man sat there with his eyes lowered. He did not look like a fish that had been caught ashore. Instead, he looked more like a serene fisherman. However, this fisherman was currently restrained by the fish he wanted to catch. He couldn't even move his fingertip. Although he couldn't move, he could still speak.

"Boss Yun, aren't you supposed to be in Beijing? If I knew you were here, I definitely wouldn't be here. Yun Da and Yu Si were together. The world was huge. Who would dare to oppose them? Sigh, those stupid disciples of mine have misled me!"

" Great Master Kuiguang, you flatter me. Even if I and Fourth Brother combined, we still wouldn't be able to withstand a single blow from an expert. Furthermore, your disciples are not stupid. Actually, you should say that they are very smart. They know who is the one who should follow. " The person he called Boss Yun replied indifferently.

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