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C770 Welcome

"Brother Fang, I wonder if the Mi family would like to welcome the people on top of the mountain, or the people on top of the mountain?" Mi Shenmeng immediately digested the word "no" on his own.

"The Mi family has come. The people on the mountaintop don't even have the time to welcome them. How could they not welcome them?"

Faang Tianxiao was full of smiles and his attitude was warm.

Fang Tiantong was more or less on guard.

"That's great. The few of us wanted to step on the bodies of our two brothers. Speaking of which, you guys are very lucky. " Mi Shenmeng's mouth was indeed slovenly, and he did not care about moral values.

"Yes, yes, I think so too. It was really close. For this matter, when we reach the top of the mountain, I still have to give Mr. Mi a few cups to express my gratitude."

Indeed, Faang Tianxiao's martial arts skills were in many aspects. Despite being teased like this, his face was still calm and his heart was not beating. Fang Tiantong's expression had changed several times. However, it seemed that as the fifth brother, he only followed Faang Tianxiao's lead. Faang Tianxiao did not say anything, so he could not bear it any longer.

Mi Shenmeng and the others knew that Faang Tianxiao and his brother had joined the Qing Dynasty, so they despised their choice. Initially, they planned to take care of two people at the foot of the mountain, and then they would lose two opponents. They didn't expect that ___ wouldn't fall for their teasing. In addition, Faang Tianxiao had participated in the attack on blue-clothed scholar, and could be considered one of the enemies of the Mi family. However, he wasn't the mastermind after all. There wouldn't be any conflict between them, so it wouldn't be good for him to make a move against him.

Mi Shenmeng, Ye Shiyuan, Mi Ouping, and the others swaggered across the divine bridge and stepped onto the Divine Path.

Shea Yanxue and Zhang Jingxuan, who were behind them, were stopped by the Fang brothers.

Faang Tianxiao acted as if he didn't know the two of them.

"May I ask, are the two of you surnamed Mi?"

It was obvious that they were looking for trouble. Zhang Jingxuan's expression naturally didn't change. On the other hand, Shea Yanxue was almost as nervous as Fang Tiantong.

"The leader of Litre Bucket Sect, Zhang Jingxuan, has come to congratulate Fu Lin on his wedding. This was the congratulatory letter."

After saying that, Zhang Jingxuan waved his hand and a big red congratulatory letter slashed out like a blade. He really didn't have much of an impression of Faang Tianxiao. Since he had already agreed to it with Mi Shenmeng and the others, since the other party was provoking him, he might as well take the opportunity to launch an attack.

Faang Tianxiao didn't take the attack. As soon as Zhang Jingxuan attacked, he retreated to the back. Fang Tiantong, who was standing beside him, welcomed him.

He had proven his Dao to Gu Xiao.

Each of the Fang family's seven sages had their own martial arts. All of them had different martial arts. The difference between the two was very subtle. It was hard to say who was stronger and who was weaker. And... When they were on the same side, they were actually targeting different opponents. They would send different people to deal with them, and each of them had their own ultimate move. They would also choose their opponents in a targeted manner. Because no one had any weaknesses. The Fang Clan's Seven Sages. They were best at exploiting the weaknesses of their opponents. Furthermore, if the seven of them joined forces, they would be invincible. Unfortunately, the seven of them would never be able to return to the past.

Fang Tiantong's weapon was very strange. It was a turtle shell. And within the turtle shell, the light flowed. There was actually water.

Everyone present, including Zhang Jingxuan, had never seen such a strange weapon.

At this moment, they heard Faang Tianxiao's voice. "Cult Master Zhang, there is not much time left before noon. I also don't know why you guys came so late. Anyway, if you can't pass my fifth brother's test in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn... If you want to go up the mountain to attend the ceremony, I'm afraid you won't have enough time."

Shea Yanxue helped Zhang Jingxuan to set up the formation. He thought in his heart, 'I'm afraid that this small hill won't even need half a cup of tea's time to climb the mountain. Don't try to scare me, alright?'

Zhang Jingxuan smiled, but Fang Tiantong didn't. He was using a defensive stance. It seemed like he only wanted to defend and buy enough time for an incense stick to burn. This was considered a victory.

Although Zhang Jingxuan didn't know what these two people were trying to do, he couldn't let them down since they were about to attack.

Mi Shenmeng and the others had crossed the divine bridge. If they wanted to kill their way back, the Fang brothers would be attacked from both sides. The situation would be extremely unfavorable. However, Mi Shenmeng and the others didn't move. They just watched with interest.

Zhang Jingxuan used his fist, and his sword was still sheathed.

His fist was not fancy at all, and it struck towards the turtle shell in Fang Tiantong's hand.

Fang Tiantong had learned a lot, and one of his specialties was divination.

He had a lesson early in the morning and knew that he would face a calamity today. Thus, even until just now, he was somewhat nervous.

However, the moment they exchanged blows, he was no longer nervous.

Because no matter how afraid you were, everything would come. Therefore, facing it was the right attitude.

He saw and felt Zhang Jingxuan's punch.

His turtle shell was originally convenient for divination. However, it was the best defensive equipment. This big turtle was at least 800 years old. It was said that in the end, it became an immortal. When Fang Tiantong was young, he thought that this kind of story was just a lie to the ignorant people. However, when this treasure of the Fang Clan entered Fang Tiantong's hands... It was only now that he realized that he could feel it when he used it. Although Gui Ling was no longer there, she still didn't seem to be far away.

No one's power could break through the defense of this treasure. Fang Tiantong firmly believed in this. Reality also proved this point.

Zhang Jingxuan's fist struck the turtle shell without making a sound. Fang Tiantong's body shook slightly, and he digested the power of Zhang Jingxuan's fist. Zhang Jingxuan, on the other hand, was forced back five or six steps by his own fist.

This invincible defense was really not boasting.

Zhang Jingxuan wiped his nose and smiled. He said, "What a strong turtle shell! My fist couldn't even break it. Impressive!"

After saying that, he waved his hand and said to Shea Yanxue," I can't do it, you go! "

Faang Tianxiao and Fang Tiantong instantly widened their eyes. What!? Was this still that Zhang Jingxuan? What was going on? Was he going to admit that he couldn't do it and then change his opponent? If it wasn't for Faang Tianxiao believing his own eyes, he would never have mistaken him for someone else. He even suspected that this Zhang Jingxuan in front of him was a fake.

Shea Yanxue still refused to change his surname to Ye, because his revenge had yet to be avenged. Many people said pessimistically that he probably wouldn't be surnamed Ye anymore in this lifetime. Because his opponent was too powerful.

Of course, this didn't hinder anything. At this moment, his opponent was Fang Tiantong. The others had to let it go.

At this time, Zhang Jingxuan went around the divine bridge and met up with Mi Shenmeng and the others. He completely ignored Shea Yanxue, who was behind him, and swaggered up the mountain.

This time, Faang Tianxiao was somewhat anxious. What kind of trick was this! It was totally not following the script!

"Wait! I haven't even given you permission to go up the mountain!"

"Do you want to have a fight with me?" Zhang Jingxuan asked with a smile.

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