Sword Emperor/C1 One Hundred and Twenty Times
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Sword Emperor/C1 One Hundred and Twenty Times
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C1 One Hundred and Twenty Times

Falling Cloud City, Sun family.

The sun rising up the east had only peaked up halfway above the horizon, while the morning dews laid still on the surface of the leaves. However, the sounds of sword strikes could already be heard from the dense forest behind the mountain.

A sixteen-year-old young man was holding a three-inch-long wooden sword, having his sword training in the forest. The young man had sharp eyebrows and eyes. Although he was dressed in a plain outfit, his expression was serious, immersing in his sword training.

The Swords Arts he was currently practicing was only the basics. Even though the moves were ordinary, each of the basic Swords Arts' movements was perfectly demonstrated by the young man.

The young man's name is Sun Bing, a disciple of the Sun family.

Slashing, piercing, lifting, wielding the sword… Every single move of the Swords Arts though seemingly simple yet seemed to be full of vigor in Sun Bing's hand, especially the wooden sword he was holding. Initially, it was wooden color and now it had transformed into a pure black sword, emitting a strong sense of history. It was as if it had been used for ages.

However, after completing the set of the Swords Arts, Sun Bing's complexion turned pale instantly, and at the same time, a discontent look revealed in his eyes, "Sure enough, the quality of the body is still unable to keep up with the progress. Just a basic set of Swords Arts is already unbearable, the heaven is unfair."

The moment he said that, his discontent-look gradually faded as he glanced at the rising sun. Sun Bing calculated the time and mumbled softly, "It's time to collect my monthly salary again. I should go there as soon as possible and hopefully, my luck will be better today."

With that, he sheathed his wooden sword, turned around, and walked toward the Sun family.

Sun family was one of the three great families in Falling Cloud Town which was established two hundred years ago by relying on the selling of medicinal ingredients. Since then, the Sun ancestors seized the opportunity to learn how to cultivate and create this successful family. Although it may sound ordinary, with a hundred thousand people in Falling Cloud Town, aside from the other two great families, there were no other rivals within the area. They could be addressed as local tyrants.

The distance between the back of the mountain and Sun family was only some distance away. Only after some time had passed, Sun Bing had already arrived at the Sun family's entrance. The entrance was made from expensive rosewood. As for the ordinary people, they could already live an unreassuring life just by obtaining a piece of rosewood.

The handle of the door was two ferocious beasts made of gold and beside the handle, there were two luminous pearls embedded, looking pure and beautiful. From afar, the door that was inlaid with gold looked even more dazzling under the blinding sunlight.

Just the gate was enough to show the prestige and power of an aristocratic family. Only the three great families dared to be so arrogant. If it was an ordinary person, even with their wealth, they would not be able to defeat the cultivator's divine sense.

Behind the door was a spacious courtyard, on both sides of the small path, there were trees and flower beds that everyone could enjoy. However, Sun Bing had no intention of enjoying the beautiful scenery and only wanting to collect his monthly salary as soon as possible, so that he could continue his cultivation.

The monthly salary was distributed by the steward, Qin Ming, in a remote accounting office. However, the usually quiet accounting office felt like a lively marketplace today. Even though there were many people around, yet it was not chaotic due to the fact that all of them were standing in a straight queue. Besides, their bustling chit-chat did not affect the proper queue.

However, Sun Bing was completely different from others, acting as if he was invisible. Regardless of how happy others were chatting, it was completely unrelated to him. Even there was an empty seat in front of and behind him, no one was willing to approach him.

Sun Bing couldn't care less about that, just waiting patiently and quietly. The monthly salary could be considered as a benefit for the clan disciples, no matter how lazy one was, they could still rely on the monthly salary given by the clan to ensure their basic needs.

The procession of the queue was extremely fast, since the steward only took a glance at the receiver for confirmation before he gave out the monthly salary. This basically wouldn't cause any delay and not long after, it had finally reached Sun Bing's turn. Just when he was about to step forward to receive his monthly salary, a person walked unhurriedly from the entrance.

With no intention to queue at all, he directly ran in front of Sun Bing as he said indifferently, "Give it to me!"

This attitude could be said to be arrogant. The surrounding chatter slowly died down, but facing such an attitude, not only was Steward Qin did not feel displeased, he put on a big smile and said, "Isn't this Sun Yao? Are you here to help the Eldest Young Master to collect his monthly salary again? This is his monthly salary, please take a look." With that, he gave Sun Yao two bottles of Body Quenching Pill, along with several dozen taels of silver.

However, Sun Yao was behaving so arrogantly that he casually took the monthly salary in his hand, turned around, and left without saying a word, leaving only an awkward smile on Steward Qin's face. The surrounding people revealed a hint of smiles on their faces but they managed to hold in their laughter.

Even though Sun Yao's attitude was rude, there was nothing Steward Qin could do. After all, Sun Yao's master was the eldest son of Sun family, Sun Long. At this moment, he had already reached the 8th level of the Body Tempering Realm and was about to break through to the 9th level. It could be said that he was the number one genius in the Sun family. Thus, such a little amount of money was nothing in his eyes but a reward for his own little servant.

There was nothing Steward Qin could do to Sun Yao but swallow all his anger into his belly. After that, he couldn't help but glance at Sun Bing who was behind him with an unfriendly expression. He casually took out a tael of silver and placed it on the counter, then lazily said, "Here, this is your monthly salary."

Looking at the tael of silver on the counter, Sun Bing could not help but clench his teeth and fist tightly while recalling within himself, "This is the tenth year, the one hundred and twentieth times."

It had to be known that each of the youth of the Sun family would obtain ten taels of silver and a bottle of Body Quenching Pill every month. The Body Quenching Pill took a lion's share. But Steward Qin had only given Sun Bing one-tenth of the amount others had obtained.

Not to mention a bottle of Body Quenching Pill, he did not even have a single pill. Compared to what Sun Yao got before, the treatment both of them had received was like heaven and earth. On the other hand, Sun Yao was merely a servant.

"Tsk tsk, I never thought that Sun Bing would actually still have the face to stay. To think that he actually has the courage to come and collect his monthly salary, hehe, a good-for-nothing."

"Right, I really don't understand why he was accepted at the first place. He's merely a servant."

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter, causing Sun Bing to grit his teeth even harder while nails pierced into his own palm. However, the pain made him even more clear-headed about the situation.

In the past ten years, he had experienced this scene exactly a hundred and twenty times. Besides, it could be said that every time he received his monthly salary, he would be mocked.

Yet, Sun Bing did not dare to allow himself to get used to being mocked. Looking at the ridiculing faces, he said to himself silently, "Feeling of shame is close to bravery, now I must remember each and every ridicule."

"Alright, Steward Qin, give him his monthly allowance." Out of a sudden, a tall beauty entered the office.

She was over 20 years old, yet her skin was still silky and delicate. Although her face was emitting a charming aura, she was extremely stern and cold like the winter breeze. The two auras intertwined with each other. Instantly, her arriving attracted everyone's attention.

"It's unexpected to see the Eldest Young Mistress here. I've heard that she is also at the 9th level of the Body Tempering Realm. Not only is she beautiful, but she's also talented. But why is she here today?"

"I don't know, maybe she's here to retrieve some pills."

"Yes, Miss Sun Yanran." With regards to the Eldest Young Mistress's order, Steward Qin dared not reject it, he took out ten taels of silver after bowing to her.

He casually threw it on the counter with a face filled with ridicule. Not know whether he did it on purpose or not, he still forgot to give the Body Quenching Pills to Sun Bing.

However, Sun Bing did not get into an argument with him. In the past ten years, Sun Bing had tried all sorts of methods within the hundred and twenty times, and it was completely useless. In the end, Sun Bing understood that becoming powerful was the only path, and what he needed to do now was to endure the humiliations.

After keeping up his monthly salary, Sun Bing turned around and walked out the door without saying a word. Not long after, he gradually disappeared from everyone's sight.

In the side yard, Sun Bing hid the gold coins like a prophet.

After some time, three youths slowly walked over to Sun Bing, yet he still kept his face expressionless. Even though he was rather familiar with the people in front of him, knowing what was going to happen next, he still acted as if it was unrelated to him and looked at them silently.

"Yo, I heard that you've received quite a bit of monthly salary today? Hand it over to me!" Sun Yang said in a mysterious tone.

"Right. I've heard that Eldest Young Misstress was the one who helped to solve the problem. You really don't know what's good for you, huh?" Sun Yong taunted.

"There's no need to ask him that much, just get him now." Sun Ce said in a harsh tone.

The three of them immediately stepped forward and gave Sun Bing a violent barrage attack, striking their firsts on Sun Bing's body mercilessly while taunting him continuously, "So what's the point of doing that? Wouldn't it be fine if you just hand over your monthly salary obediently? You could even avoid getting beat up for once."

"It doesn't matter if you refuse to hand it over. It just so happens that I get to vent my anger once a month. Now my mood has become so much better."

These words caused Sun Bing to grit his teeth tightly, staring straight at the three people in front of him, and traced their faces in his mind.

After a long while, the three of them clapped their hands and nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, let's end the fight here today. If we continue, things would be bad and he might just be beaten to death. After all, he's still the adopted son of the clan leader." With that, they turned around and left.

On the other hand, Sun Bing was currently in an incomparably pathetic state. His tattered clothes had become ever more torn, his entire body was covered in bruises, and there was even a trace of blood dripping out from the corner of his lips.

He stretched his body stiffly, and even with his willpower, he could not help but gasp in fear. His entire body was in piercing pain, which made Sun Bing swear within, "Sun Yang, Sun Yong, Sun Ce, I'll make sure to remember all the humiliations for the past ten years. One day, I'll make all of you pay back a hundred times."

After a long while, Sun Bing endured the pain on his body, put the ten taels of silver away, and slowly walked towards his own residence.

In the past ten years, it wasn't that he hadn't fought back, but as someone who was weaker than an ordinary person, he was absolutely no match for his opponent. He had even experienced a more ruthless assault.

Furthermore, if he made any unnecessary movements or howls when he was beaten up, it would also become the reason for him to get beaten up. Ever since then, Sun Bing understood that this world was ultimately a world where only the strong would be respected, and only cultivators could take revenge.

Hence, from that moment onwards, Sun Bing knew that he had to endure all these humiliations. However, he remembered very well about whatever had happened in the past ten years as well as the one hundred and twenty times.

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