Sword Emperor/C10 Body Quenching Pill
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Sword Emperor/C10 Body Quenching Pill
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C10 Body Quenching Pill

Frankly speaking, he had already been in this world for ten years, not to mention the Qi Refining Pills, he had never even seen the Body Quenching Pill. After all, these pills would only be distributed by Steward Qin, and though Sun Yanran had planned to give Sun Bing her pills, his dignity did not allow it.

It could be said that it was his first time owning such a large amount of money, thus, Sun Bing immediately headed out without any hesitation, and refuse to return to his residence. In Sun Bing's eyes, that place was merely a resting place. Let alone being unsafe, if someone were to discover this Qi Refining Pill, then the consequences would be dire.

With that, he quickly ran towards the back of the mountain because what had happened for the past few days made him put his guard up. He even carefully checked if there was anyone following him. After confirming that it was safe, he slowly arrived at the cliff where he cultivated every day.

There was already a canopy built against the wall of the mountain. Despite the fact that it was crude, Sun Bing had built it personally, and it felt warm. For the past few days, Sun Bing had been cultivating his Swords Arts during the day and sleeping under this crude canopy during the night, as if he was living a life of a miserable cultivator.

This was also the reason why his Swords Arts had improved so quickly as the saying went, "No pain, no gain."

No matter how good the resources were if he did not work hard, then all would be for naught. Moreover, there was still an external pressure, Sun Long was still staring at him covetously from the side, which further urged Sun Bing to improve.

Arriving at the top of the cliff, Sun Bing did not immediately consume the Body Quenching Pill. Instead, he put those extra items that were on him aside, taking out his wooden sword and started his cultivation.

However, it was not the "Vertical Sword Arts" that was in the "Overrun Sword Arts" that he was practicing.

Although this Swords Arts was also quite profound and powerful, Sun Bing still did not give up on his daily cultivation of the Basic Swords Arts. Everything started from scratch, only the one with a solid foundation would become strong in the future.

Especially the "Sword Refining Art" from the scabbard, even if it was a simple basic Swords Arts, every time he cultivated it would allow Sun Bing to experience its profound mysteries. There would always be something right beside him, but when he wanted to grab it, it would instantly disappear.

Rather than being discouraged, Sun Bing firmly believed that one day, he would definitely be able to comprehend the mysteries within.

After cultivating the Swords Arts, Sun Bing stood there silently for a long time, then let out a sigh of regret as usual. As expected, even though he would experience the profound mystery every day, he still could not see anything, and did not even know what it was after days had passed.

However, that was the life of a swordsman, enduring endless loneliness for a single goal, only then would he truly be a strong cultivator.

After becoming a cultivator, there was no need to rest after each set of the Swords Arts. Yet Sun Bing still adjusted his condition to its best, sitting down slowly with his leg crossed under the canopy. The cooling breeze brushed past his body, making Sun Bing be in a good mood in such an environment

When everything was well-prepared, he then carefully took out the bottle of the Body Quenching Pill. The bottle was translucent, looking luxurious, but the pills in the bottle were even more precious. Each bottle contained three Body Quenching Pill, which could be said to be priceless. Besides, Sun Bing had never even touched them before.

The moment he opened the bottle, he could scent a faint smell of the medicine. He then looked at the Body Quenching Pill, which was about the size of a thumb, and its outer appearance was slightly yellowish. Despite its ordinary appearance, all the ordinary cultivators could not even effort a bottle with their monthly income, it was truly a rare item.

Since he had already taken it out, Sun Bing no longer hesitated and immediately sealed the bottle to prevent the remaining medicinal effect from leaking. Later on, he put the Body Quenching Pill in his hand into his mouth.

It did not melt immediately as in the myth, only feeling a strong medicinal taste spread throughout his mouth, it's somewhat unbearable and extremely bitter. It was said that 'bitter medicine works best', who would throw away such a precious pill?

Sun Bing still remained a straight face, and immediately swallowed it into his stomach. It was rather mystical, the pill that was originally bitter immediately exploded when it entered his stomach, transforming into a warm current that flowed around his body.

For a moment, Sun Bing felt pleasant when the warm current flowed past. All of a sudden, Sun Bing felt as if his body had been starved for days while gasping for air, and felt his body calling out for him.

However, before he could enjoy the process, a sharp pain struck, every part of his body that felt the warm current was in pain. This made Sun Bing wonder, could this be the aftereffect of consuming the Body Quenching Pill?

Fortunately, it was still within his tolerance.

The more body parts the warm current went through, the more intense the pain had become, as if the feeling of the pain was multiplied, causing it to be unbearable. Fortunately, Sun Bing had strong willpower, otherwise, he would not have endured it.

At the same time, he was wondering why would an ordinary Body Quenching Pill cause so much pain?

Actually, what Sun Bing did not know was that although Body Quenching Pill was used to refine the body, the first pill always had the best effect. Due to the fact that the body had never come into contact with Body Quenching Pill before, so it didn't have any resistance towards the pill when the warm current flow throughout the body.

The was one crucial thing he needed to pay attention to which was to be clear-headed during the process. This was because after one consumed the pill, one's body would feel intense pain. Thus, the longer one persisted, the more benefits one would receive and the greater their future achievements would be.

This was not only for the sake of cultivation but also because the longer he persisted, the stronger his perseverance would be. Having strong perseverance was the prerequisite to becoming a strong cultivator.

Another point was because Sun Bing was consuming in his current state, if it was ten years ago, he would probably faint from the pain before long. The past ten years had brought a huge impact on Sun Bing.

Sometime later, after feeling the warm current and the pain had spread through the entire body, even Sun Bing had a hard time enduring the pain. Just when Sun Bing was about to give up, all of the pain within his body suddenly faded away as if it never existed.

Instantly, he felt a sense of satisfaction as if his body had been well fed. With that, his body strength had increased by 30 percent after consuming a pill. And now, he was no longer an ordinary man due to that he had reached the third tier of the Body Tempering Realm and his strength had been strengthened.

Moreover, the thirty percent was equivalent to the strength of a cultivator in the first tier of the Body Tempering Realm. One could imagine how much he had advanced, even the usually calm Sun Bing, revealed a hint of joy in his eyes.

Such advancement in the Body Tempering Realm was something that no one could ignore, especially for Sun Bing. After obtaining such strength, his attack speed and attack power would increase. Furthermore, he would become way stronger than before, in short, he had strengthened his body in all aspects.

Sure enough, this was also because Sun Bing had only consumed his first Body Quenching Pill in the third tier of the Body Tempering realm, and had endured through the entire process. As for the other ordinary people, it was simply impossible for such a thing to happen, such as Sun Yang. With the assistance of the Body Quenching Pill, he could only reach the third tier of the Body Tempering Realm after ten years of cultivating. Could he wait until then?

Even if he could, when he consumed the Body Quenching Pill, would he be able to endure through the entire process? Both conditions were indispensable, so even if outsiders were to be jealous of Sun Bing's gains, they could not get it too.

After noticing the changes in his body, Sun Bing felt enthusiastic about the remaining Body Quenching Pill, and even had the urge to swallow another. However, his rationale told him that it was best not to take them continuously, otherwise, it would be extremely harmful to the body.

At the moment, he still had no complete control over his strength. Just having the strength would not help him in having complete control of the power. Besides, the flaw was extremely obvious, Sun Bing immediately retracted the fire in his eyes, and stood at the edge of the cliff with his wooden sword.

When he tensed up his body like a sharp blade he could feel the strength in his body, every inch of it contained a powerful strength. If he used a Swords Arts technique in such a state, the power would be astonishing. However, Sun Bing still wasn't satisfied, after all, there was still a more powerful person in the clan.

Although Sun Long was a hypocrite, his cultivation was at the eighth tier of Body Tempering Realm. With the addition of his high level martial skills, even Steward Qin at the ninth level of Body Tempering Stage couldn't guarantee that he would be able to defeat Sun Long. And that was Sun Bing's target.

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