Sword Emperor/C11 Body Tempering Stage Four
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Sword Emperor/C11 Body Tempering Stage Four
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C11 Body Tempering Stage Four

The sun had already risen high into the sky. Although the cliff wasn't facing the sun, Sun Bing still felt the heat. Even under such conditions, he still remained motionless, quietly searching for the secrets of his body.

After all, Sun Bing was already at the peak of the third level of the Body Tempering. He was only a step away from breaking through to the Body Tempering level 4. The Body Tempering level 4 was at the Mid Body Quenching Stage, the Mid Body Quenching Stage had the Qi sense, and the Early Body Quenching Stage didn't have the Qi sense. This was a huge difference.

Sun Bing's body, which had just been tempered, was especially sensitive. This was the best opportunity for him. Even though Sun Bing didn't have his master's guidance, he knew that he couldn't waste this golden time.

When Sun Bing's mind was fully focused, he felt a slight itch in his body. This feeling seemed to burst out from his bone marrow. Even if he wanted to stop it, there was nothing he could do.

Of course, Sun Bing did not care about this abnormality at all. What excited him the most was that in this kind of numb, painful, itchy situation, his physical fitness had significantly improved.

This kind of feeling made Sun Bing especially surprised, because he understood that the biggest boundary between the third and fourth level of Body Tempering was the Qi sense. In Divine Continent, even ordinary mortals knew that if their bodies were trained to the limit of their current realm, the Qi sense would burst out from their bone marrow.

Therefore, Sun Bing already had such an omen. This meant that he was about to break through to the Body Tempering level 4.

After learning about this news, Sun Bing was very excited. He immediately started to practice. Training at this time was the most beneficial to his body. If he was lucky enough to produce the Qi sense during the training, he would be able to break through to the next realm.

To a swordsman, training his body was not as simple as lifting a weight to train his body. This was what Body Refining Cultivator needed to do. Although a swordsman's body was strong, he was not as strong as Body Refining Cultivator, but his attacking power was the strongest.

Because every inch of the muscles on the swordsmen's body was made to swing their swords. Every strike of theirs could control the strength of their entire body. Only then could they use moves that far exceeded their peers. This was why the attacking power of swordsmen in the same realm was the strongest.

The best way for the swordsmen to train their bodies was to practice their sword techniques. This would not only deepen their understanding of the Swords Arts, but also allow their muscles to familiarize themselves with the Swords Arts, allowing them to swing their swords skillfully.

A young man was practicing the Swords Arts earnestly on the cliff. White clouds could be vaguely seen by the side of the cliff, and from time to time, there were birds chirping. This was a good place.

Sun Bing's mind was focused. He didn't care about his surroundings at all. After practicing every move, he could feel that his body had become stronger. This feeling of becoming stronger made him unwilling to put down the wooden sword in his hand.

Once, twice, thrice.

Half a day had passed without him noticing. Sun Bing did not even have lunch. He relied on his tenacious willpower to support himself. The clothes on his body had been drenched in sweat, and there were even some traces of water on the floor under his feet.

However, Sun Bing still did not give up. He knew that if he could not break through today, he would not know when the next breakthrough would be.

Even though his body's strength was gradually depleting, his bone marrow could still bring some energy to replenish his strength. If it wasn't for that, Sun Bing would have been lying on the ground due to exhaustion a long time ago.

All of a sudden, Sun Bing frowned slightly on his calm face, but there was an uncontrollable ecstasy on his face. "I'm going to break through."

Because he could clearly feel an unbearable pain bursting out from his bone marrow when he swung the last sword.

This intense pain was even greater than when he had just consumed the Body Quenching Pill. Along with the pain that penetrated deep into his bone marrow, the bones in his body were slowly strengthening and becoming tougher. The strength that he had lost because of practicing the sword was also gradually recovering.

Most importantly, there was a warm current in his right arm that was holding the sword. Sun Bing could actually control this warm current completely. He immediately understood that this was the Qi sense that had broken through to the Body Tempering level 4.

The intense pain came and went quickly. Sun Bing stood on the cliff for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn before the pain slowly faded.

As the pain disappeared, Sun Bing opened his tightly shut eyes. At this moment, his eyes were even darker and tougher. This breakthrough made him more confident in the future.

He gently moved his body and a sound came from within his body. Only now did Sun Bing truly feel that his body had become much stronger. The gap between them was even greater than the gap between a mortal and a Body Tempering level 1.

Although Sun Bing's body strength had increased, his appearance still didn't change much. He didn't look like a burly man with ferocious muscles at all. Instead, he looked like a handsome scholar. However, only he knew that this seemingly unremarkable body contained an even greater power.

After some exercise, Sun Bing cast out a set of extremely skilled Sword Controlling Spell. The sound of the wooden sword cutting through the air echoed on the cliff, but the strength was even greater than before.

"One Strike to Kill!"

Sun Bing used the same skill. A sword light flashed on the surface of the wooden sword, and a black hole appeared on the stone wall three meters away. Obviously, it was caused by the sword light.

"Could this be the Sword Qi? Its power is actually so great."

Sun Bing was stunned by his masterpiece. He had never thought that he would have such strength after breaking through to the fourth level of the Body Quenching Stage. One should know that only those who had immersed themselves in the Swords Arts for many years could use the Sword Qi. He had never thought that he would be able to use it now.

Although his body felt weak after the first Sword Qi, Sun Bing still felt a pleasant surprise.

One should know that this technique had a great deal of damage to all Body Quenching Stage warriors. Even if Sun Long was here, if he wasn't prepared for it, he might be seriously injured because of it.

However, this technique had consumed too much of Sun Bing's energy. Unless he was in a life and death situation, he couldn't use this technique so easily. Otherwise, he would be in great danger.

However, Sun Bing firmly believed that as long as he could continue to break through, he wouldn't need to worry about the consumption of energy. Body Tempering level 4 only had one Qi sense, what about fifth layer? Level 6?

If he reached the peak of Body Quenching Stage, he would be able to open all the meridians in his body. At that time, he would have more Genuine Qi in his body, and he wouldn't need to worry about this consumption. If he could break through to the Qi Refining Stage, this attack would just be a casual strike.

Thinking of this, Sun Bing's eyes couldn't help but burn with passion. In Falling Cloud Town, even the people of Three Clans couldn't ignore Qi Refining Stage warriors. As for Sun Bing, who had the Qi Refining Pill, he had unknowingly eliminated the biggest obstacle in his path.

As long as he could break through to the peak of the Body Quenching Stage in peace, he would be able to reach the Qi Refining.

Before Sun Bing could finish his daydreaming, a scream came from his stomach all of a sudden, which made him feel a little awkward. When he looked at the time, the sun had already set. This meant that Sun Bing hadn't eaten anything for an entire day.

As time passed, cultivators could finally reach the state of fasting, but that was an unreachable dream for Sun Bing. At his current realm, he still needed a large amount of food to replenish his energy. Otherwise, he would starve to death before he could cultivate to become an expert.

Immediately, Sun Bing tidied up his belongings. He needed to keep the Pill close to his body. Even if this cliff was secluded and no one knew about it, it was still safest to keep such a precious item with him.

After Sun Bing confirmed that he didn't have anything left behind, he slowly walked down the cliff. It was dinner time. Since he extorted Steward Qin this morning and he had broken through to the next realm today, Sun Bing was in a very good mood. He directly walked towards the restaurant in Falling Cloud Town.

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